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Name Violet
Actor Panta Mosleh
Occupation Reaper
Episode(s) 14.10 Nihilism


Violet is one of a group of reapers assigned to watch over Sam and Dean Winchester.


14.10 Nihilism

When Michael's monsters begin to descend on the Hitomi Tower office, a desperate Sam calls on the reaper Jessica for help, only to be greeted by Violet who reveals herself only to Sam and tells him that reapers now take shifts in watching the Winchesters due to how much they screw things up. When Sam asks Violet to teleport everyone away, Violet tells him he has her "emotional support" but she is unable to help. He tries to persuade her by reminding her that Death owes them one for stopping Rowena. In the middle of telling Sam she wouldn't be able to help even if she was inclined, she stops as if listening to someone else talk when suddenly everyone is teleported to the Men of Letters Bunker. When Sam tries to thank Violet, she tells him it was not her doing. She wishes them luck before leaving.