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Name Virgil
Actor Carlos Sanz
Dates Before humanity − 2020 (killed by God)
Location Alternate Universe
Occupation Angel
Weapons Keeper of Heaven
Episode(s) 6.15 The French Mistake


Virgil is an angel who describes himself as the "weapons keeper of Heaven." Sometime after Michael's imprisonment in Lucifer's Cage, during the anarchy that followed, angelic weapons were stolen by the rogue angel Balthazar. Virgil subsequently allied himself with Raphael during the angelic civil war and was given the task of tracking down the weapons he'd spent an eternity protecting.


6.15 The French Mistake

After arriving on earth and taking a vessel, Virgil tracked down Balthazar and injured him, but the other angel escaped. Virgil confronted him a second time while Balthazar was with the Winchesters at Bobby Singer's house. There, he witnessed the boys being transported into an alternate reality with the "key" to Balthazar's weapons stash.

Virgil followed them into an alternate universe where Sam and Dean were fictional TV characters portrayed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Virgil ambushed the boys on a sewer stage set and tried to obliterate Dean, only to discover his powers were cut off in the other dimension. The Winchesters fought back and overpowered the angel, but when studio workers intervened, Virgil escaped, stealing the key.

Virgil hid on set and waited for an opportunity to kidnap someone; as luck would have it, his eventual victim turned out to be Misha Collins, the actor who portrayed Raphael's chief opponent, Castiel. He forced the terrified Misha to drive to an alleyway where he expressed his disgust for humanity and this particular universe before killing Misha and using his blood to contact Raphael, who ordered him to return to the spot where he first crossed over at the time he crossed, so that Raphael could pull him back to their reality.

Virgil then visited a gun shop and acquired two Berettas and a shotgun, before shooting the clerk and a customer, Terminator style. Armed and dangerous, Virgil returned to the set and shot Supernatural creator Eric Kripke several times (in dramatic slow-motion) with the shotgun before going on an all-out rampage, killing everyone in sight as he made his way towards his point of exit. He was then briefly distracted by Sam, allowing Dean to get the drop on him, and together they beat Vigil into unconsciousness.

The brothers then retrieved the key from Virgil and used his exit strategy to escape the alternate universe and return to the "real" world, where Raphael was waiting. The key is revealed to be a decoy as Balthazar explains that he has given all the weapons to Castiel, who in turn threatens to use them to destroy Raphael.

Without Raphael's aid, Virgil remains stuck in the alternate reality.