Walter Dixon

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Name Walter Dixon
Actor Benjamin Ratner
Dates  ???? - 2007 (killed by vengeful spirits)
Location Hollywood, California
Occupation Screenwriter
Episode(s) 2.18 Hollywood Babylon


Walter Dixon is the original writer of Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning. He wrote a detailed account of how ghosts can be summoned and controlled, and included Enochian summoning rituals in the text. After the studio brought his script, they made numerous changes that Walter resented, with the only thing remaining from his original script being the authentic summoning rituals. In retribution, he summons the ghosts of dead studio workers to kills the executives working on the picture.


Walter Dixon being torn apart by vengeful spirits.

2.18 Hollywood Babylon

When confronted by Sam and Dean regarding the rituals he used in his script, Walter angrily destroys the talisman used to control the ghosts, believing that this would send the ghosts running wild against his enemies. In reality, removed from his control, the furious spirits turned on Walter, killing him.