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Changes in weather is often a harbinger of supernatural activity. Some beings also possess the ability to manipulate the weather, such as demons who can cause lighting storms / strikes as harbingers of their arrival. The arrival of reapers could cause gusts of wind.

Known Practitioners

  • Archangels
    • Michael: After possessing a young John Winchester, Michael's arrival was followed heavy gusts of wind.
    • Lucifer: Lucifer's presence could cause the temperature to drop by 20 degrees in a five block radius.
    • Raphael: Raphael manifesting on Earth caused an electrical storm that blacked out the entire eastern seaboard.
  • Angels
    • Castiel: On two occasions, Castiel's presence caused lighting storms and heavy winds.
  • Reapers
    • Death: Was capable of destroying Chicago with a massive storm. Though he chose not to, as he enjoyed the pizza.