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Wiener Hut Logo.


Wiener Hut is a hot-dog fast food restaurant.



8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Wanting to know what happened to Castiel in Purgatory, an angel named Samandriel takes a vessel called Alfie who works at Wiener Hut at short notice and goes to find Dean. When he finds Dean—still wearing his vessel's Wiener Hut uniform—he asks him what happened to Castiel, and Dean explains how they were sent to Purgatory after killing Dick Roman and that Castiel didn't manage to escape with him. Samandriel comments that, although Castiel made mistakes, too much heart was always his biggest problem.

8.10 Torn and Frayed

When Castiel appears in Rufus' cabin to tell Dean that Samandriel is missing, Dean refers to him as "the wiener-on-a-stick kid". After they rescue Samandriel from Crowley, Naomi takes over in Castiel's mind and orders him to kill Samandriel. Castiel obeys, stabbing Samandriel with his angel blade.

10.09 The Things We Left Behind

Wiener Hut location: Pontiac, Illinois

In order to earn money to help Randy pay off his gambling debts, Dustin Tate works at Wiener Hut. Sam, Dean, and Castiel ambush Dustin outside his Wiener Hut in order to find Claire Novak.