Witch Mother

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Name N/A
Actor Keegan Conner Tracy
Dates  ???? – 2019 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 15.06 Golden Time


The unnamed Gaelic witch was mother to Jacinda and Emily. After news of Rowena's death spread, the witch and her daughters attempted to break into Rowena's apartment and steal Rowena's stash of most valuable magical items.


15.06 Golden Time

After her eldest daughter Jacinda dies from entering Rowena's apartment, Mother and Emily are able to spy Sam and Eileen entering unaffected through scrying. Planting a hex bag on the Impala, the two then strike. When Sam begins to succumb to the spell, he sends Eileen away to find his brother.

After restraining Sam, Mother learns of Rowena's resurrection spell and tells Sam her plans to use it to bring Jacinda back to life. When he suggests they both perform it for their own needs, she states that the spell can only be done once. She then has Emily craft a voodoo doll to keep Sam in line while they send him back to the apartment to gather the ingredients they need.

With the sudden arrival of Dean and return of Eileen, Mother, Emily, and the ghost of Jacinda attempt to fight off the Winchesters and Eileen. When Dean shoots Emily and kills her, Mother becomes enraged but Sam is able to restrain her to the ground. He places a hex bag in Mother's mouth which he'd crafted on the sly from various ingredients in Rowena's stash and recites an incantation, killing her.