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Wood Nymph
Powers and Abilities
Appearance Humanoid
Episode(s) 15.14 Last Holiday

Wood nymphs, it would seem, though naturally docile, react violently when home or family are threatened.

Cuthbert Sinclair, 15.14 Last Holiday


Wood nymphs are a type of minor nature deity known as dryads. Typically, as their name suggests, they are found in wooded areas. Wood nymphs are generally docile creatures, but when provoked by a threat to their home or family, they can become violently aggressive. One wood nymph, who went by the name Mrs. Butters, was known to have killed 200 Nazis after escaping their capture.

Powers and abilities

  • Healing – Wood nymphs have healing powers, as witnessed when Mrs. Butters heals Sam Winchester's hand after she pulled his fingernails out.
  • Magic – Mrs. Butters used her connection to magic to power the Men of Letters Bunker, and give it some "extra oomph."
  • Materialization – Wood nymphs can make objects appear out of thin air.
  • Super strength – A wood nymph is capable of overpowering an adult human easily, going so far as being able to remove a human head from its body with their bare hands.
  • Telekinesis – Wood nymphs are powerful telekinetics, capable of throwing people and moving objects with simple gestures.
  • Teleportation – With a snap of their fingers, wood nymphs can travel anywhere they please.



15.14 Last Holiday

Wood Nymphs in Lore

Wood Nymphs (also called Dryads in ancient Greek Mythology) are a type of nature deity that have often been confused with fairies since Medieval Times. Nymphs are a type of divine spirit that are famously depicted as young, beautiful maidens who love to dance and sing and are capable of animating nature based on their classification, which is identified by their type of dwelling.