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Name Yokoth
Actor Magda Apanowicz
Dates  ???? − 2020 (killed by God)
Location Alternate Universe
Occupation God
Episode(s) 13.17 The Thing


Yokoth, also known as the Star of Madness, Ravager of Galaxies, and Mother of Faceless Hordes, is a god from an alternate universe who, along with her mate Glythur, consumed most of the life in it. Yokoth was brought through a rift by a rogue sect of the Men of Letters in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, led by Diego Avila to cleanse the Earth. Upon being brought through the rift, Yokoth took possession of a young woman, Sandy Porter, before consuming most of the Men of Letters at the ceremony. The few remaining closed the rift, bound Yokoth to the altar, and sealed up the chapterhouse to prevent her release.


Powers and abilities

  • Biokinesis – Prevented Dean Winchester from speaking with a simple gesture.
  • Immortality – Yokoth was able to survive from 1925 to 2018 being locked away and starved, as well as being able to survive conventional weaponry upon her escape.
  • Possession – Yokoth was able to crossover into the the prime universe by possessing the body of Sandy Porter.
  • Super strength – As a deity from an alternate universe, Yokoth could easily overpower humans to feed on them. In her true form, Yokoth along with her mate Glythur was powerful enough to consume nearly all life in their home universe.


  • Glythur – Glythur was able to overpower Yokoth and pull her back into their home universe.
  • Spells – Yokoth was bound and restrained in the Men of Letters Capitulum in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with spellwork.
  • Starvation – While keeping Yokoth locked away and starved didn't kill her, it did severely weaken the deity.


Yokoth possesses Sandy Porter.

13.17 The Thing

In searching for ingredients for the spell which they need to open a portal to Apocalypse World, Dean uncovers information that the Seal of Solomon was taken from Jerusalem by Men of Letters and placed in a chapterhouse in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. They travel to the chapterhouse and find a young woman, Sandy Porter, chained to an altar. An annotated photo they find informs that she was born in 1903 and has been there for almost 100 years. Sam and Dean rescue Sandy, unaware that she is possessed by Yokoth. When the local legacies arrive to recapture her, she kills and feeds on many of them, and kidnaps Dean. She returns with him to the chapterhouse and restrains him on the altar. She tells him she intends to open the portal and allow her mate, Glythur, through the portal to possess him, so they can breed and devour our universe.

Yokoth does the ritual to open the portal and Glythur's tentacles enter and attack Dean, trying to possess him. Sam, Ophelia, and Marco arrive and manage to get the Seal of Solomon from her. Ophelia uses it to close the portal. Just before it closes, Glythur grabs Yokoth, returning her, screaming, to their universe.