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Sparkle the manicorn.pngNickyMermaid.png
Powers and Abilities Invisibility, teleportation, telepathic link to other zanna
Vulnerabilities Special knife etched in sigils
Appearance Varying
Episode(s) 11.08 Just My Imagination

In Romanian lore zanna are creatures who guide and protect lost children. Zanna intentionally appear as figments of the child's imagination, allowing the child to move on with confidence once guidance is no longer necessary.

Sam Winchester, 11.08 Just My Imagination


Zannas are creatures in Romanian folklore, and appear to children as "imaginary friends." The purpose of the zannas is to protect children and give them guidance, once they feel the child is a good place and see their guidance is no longer needed they will move on to another child and begin the cycle again.


Zannas appear in many shapes, sizes and configurations. Some may appear simply human, others as mermaids and half-man, half-unicorn hybrids.

Powers and Abilities

  • Invisibility
  • Teleportation
  • Telepathic link to other zanna.
  • Give children confidence.


  • Spells - certain spells can allow a human to see zannas well into adulthood.
  • Special knife - a special knife, etched in sigils has the ability to kill any zannas.

Featured Zanna


11.08 Just My Imagination

Sully is the zanna for Reese and her sister Audrey While playing tag with Audrey, a car hits and kill Audrey. After Audrey's death, Sully stopped interacting with Reese, which caused Reese to resent him, leading to years of therapy. When Reese got older, she became obsessed with folklore and while studying abroad in Romania she learns that Sully is a zanna. She then sought out a witch, who sold her a spell that would allow her to see the zanna, as well as a knife capable of killing them -- despite the witch's protests that the zanna were good.

On her return to America, Reese begins killing zanna. She eventually confronts Sully and explains the pain he caused her. Dean talks her down, convincing her that revenge wont take away her grief.

Zână in Lore

In Romanian folklore, zânăs are seen as the polar opposite of monsters in fairy tales. Zânăs live in the woods, and will act as a guardian angel to any children who enter. They are believed to give life to fetuses in utero and give gifts such as luck and beauty to the child. While they are typically seen as benevolent creatures, if angered they have the ability to place a curse on the person that wronged them.