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Name Zeus
Actor John Novak
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Prometheus)
Occupation Greek god
Episode(s) 8.16 Remember the Titans


Zeus is a Greek god (and father of Artemis) who cursed the Titan Prometheus to die everyday as revenge for him giving fire back to mortals after Zeus took it away from them. By doing this it allowed them to have some kind of protection from the creatures of the dark. This caused the Greek gods to lose their hold over the mortals and the world, making Zeus bitter. At some point, a hunter named Drakopoulos managed to figure out how to trap and kill Zeus; however, Drakopoulos was unable to succeed in enacting his trap.


Powers and abilities

  • Cursing – Zeus had the power to create and break curses. His curses, such as the resurrection curse he placed on Prometheus, could be passed on to Prometheus' children.
  • Super strength – Zeus was able to severely beat Prometheus, a Titan, with has bare hands.
  • Telekinesis – Zeus was a power telekinetic, able to torture and overpower any being with general ease.
    • Biokinesis – Was able to inflict bodily harm, such as choking with a gesture.
    • Electrokinesis – As the God of Sky and Thunder, Zeus had the ability to channel strong lighting bolts from his hands or with a simple stomp of his foot. His presence in an area could also cause electromagnetic interference.
  • Teleportation – Zeus was capable of teleporting, manifesting himself through lighting strikes.


  • Infinity trap – A special trap discovered by the Greek hunter Drakopoulos was able to trap Zeus, after being summoned using a ritual involving a bone of one of his followers, and frozen energy from the hand of Zeus (Fulgurite).
  • Wood from a tree struck by lightning – A simple stake from a tree that has been stuck by lighting can kill Zeus.
  • Weapons of Artemis – Zeus was struck down when a arrow from his daughter, Artemis, pierced through Prometheus and was driven into his heart.


Zeus manifesting.

8.16 Remember the Titans

When Prometheus escapes from his prison on the mountainside, Zeus dispatched Artemis to hunt him down but for seven years she was unsuccessful.

After learning that Prometheus' son Oliver also possesses his curse, Sam and Dean summon Zeus into a trap to get him to break the curse on the boy. Zeus tells them that he will if they break the trap, but Sam and Dean don't believe him and refuse to. When they start to leave him in the trap to rot, Zeus appeals to Hayley to free him to save her son and she does. Instead of helping, Zeus incapacitates everyone and reveals he plans to kill Oliver over and over again to cause Prometheus great pain and to catch up to the time he has lost torturing Prometheus for what he did. Sam and Dean try to kill him, but Artemis intervenes and Zeus has her take them away.

Prometheus kills himself and Zeus with Artemis' arrow.

Zeus brutally beats and shocks Prometheus in front of Oliver and Hayley, greatly enjoying himself. Finally he stops and prepares to kill Oliver to further torture Prometheus, but Artemis intervenes and threatens to shoot him with one of her arrows if he doesn't relent, as she is secretly in love with Prometheus. Zeus refuses and demands Artemis stand down, reminding her that she is his daughter. However, Artemis tells him he is not her father anymore and fires at him. Zeus quickly pulls Prometheus in front of the arrow and taunts him about enjoying seeing him die and how he will replace him on the mountain with his son. Mortally wounded, Prometheus takes the opportunity to push the arrow through himself and into Zeus who is standing behind him, killing Zeus in a blast of electricity. Zeus' curse is broken and Prometheus dies permanently while Oliver is set free. Artemis, after briefly mourning Prometheus' death, disappears with Zeus' body.

Zeus in Lore

Zeus is the god of sky and thunder as well as the father of gods and men in Greek mythology. The son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea he led the overthrow of his father to become the ruler of Mount Olympus. After the overthrow of the Titans, he shared the world with his brothers giving control of the seas to Poseidon and the underworld to Hades, while claiming dominion over the sky and air for himself.


  • In Supernatural: Bone Key, Bobby briefly mentions Zeus to Sam and Dean in response to their comment about killing two gods:

"Only reason the stake worked was 'cause nobody'd worshiped those two for centuries. Gods're only powerful when people believe in 'em. You meet Zeus in a dark alley, he can probably muster up a lightning bolt, but a couple of thousand years ago? He'd fry you as soon as look atcha."