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===[[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]===
===[[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]===
When Asmodeus attacks the Bunker, causing the power to go out and the emergency generator and alarm into action. Sam and Castiel, angel blades in hand, walk down the corridors, they see all the warding on the walls is illuminated. They enter the map room and demons attack them. Sam stabs one of the demons, killing him, but another one tackles him. Meanwhile, Castiel fights another demon, eventually getting the upper hand. He goes to assist Sam and kills the last demon.
===[[13.21 Beat the Devil]]===
===[[13.21 Beat the Devil]]===
Castiel brings up his angel blade and makes a small incision in Lucifer’s throat. His archangel grace flows out of his throat into the bowl with the spell ingredients. Once Cas releases his head, the wound closes a bit and the grace only drips out in small spurts.
===[[13.22 Exodus]]===
===[[13.22 Exodus]]===
===[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]===
===[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]===
On a [[werewolf]] hunt, Castiel is able to surprise one of the pack and stab him in the hear with his angel blade.
When Michael breaks into the Bunker, Castiel, in a futile gesture attacks him with his angel blade, but is quickly swatted away. Dean grabs another from his duffel and but is similarly overpowered by Michael.
===[[14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land]]===
Upon the entire bar being possessed by demons, Castiel drops his angel blade from his sleeve and attacks -- but is quickly overpowered and subdued. Used as bait to lure [[Sam]] by the demon [[Kipling]], Sam, [[Mary]], Bobby, Maggie and [[Jack]] go on a rescue mission, bringing angel blades with them. In the ensuing fight Mary is able to kill a demon, and is later saved from another by Maggie.

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Asa Fox Angel Blade.png
Name Angel Blade
Manufacturer Angels
Powers Can kill Angels, Hellhounds, Demons, Reapers, Nephilim and Humans.
Location/Owners Angels
Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
Episodes See below

The existence of the weapon is revealed when Uriel first attempts to kill Castiel.[1] In subsequent episodes many angels carry the blades, including Castiel himself.[2] Demons such as Meg, Crowley and Abaddon have also taken to carrying these blades[3][4][5] as well as Sam and Dean.[6][7][8]


Weapon Properties

Raphael brandishing his angel blade.

The weapon could be described as a long dagger or a short sword. It can be used to kill angels, demons, hellhounds, reapers, and regular Nephilim (Jack Kline being the product of an archangel makes him invulnerable to angel blades). It was revealed by Castiel that all angel blades have been touched by God, whether God actually created them is unknown. An angel blade can also drain an angel of their power, as shown with Castiel when he is wounded by Rachel's blade, which causes him to lose most of his angelic power. It is also an efficient tool for torturing an angel as shown when Crowley tortures Samandriel with one. It was shown in 6.03 The Third Man that angel blades briefly give off a blue spark of light when they clash with one another.

Although Uriel stated that the only thing capable of killing an angel is another angel, it seems that the blades are still effective in the hands of a human or demon. Castiel gives his blade to the Winchesters to use on Anna,[9] and Dean Winchester kills Zachariah with one as well[10] and later another angel to save Ezekiel.[11] Sam is later able to use Castiel's blade to kill two demons.[12] During an angelic fight, Rachel manages to pierce Castiel in the chest with her blade, but he survives, and he kills her. Meg is later able to use one to kill hellhounds, Hester and a demon with a blade.

In 8.19 Taxi Driver, it is shown that an angel blade can kill a reaper, as demonstrated when Crowley kills the rogue reaper Ajay with one of his angel blades. In 8.21 The Great Escapist, Crowley has a blade melted-down into bullets for a gun. As long as the wound is fatal, the bullets work just as well as the blade itself.

In 12.23 All Along the Watchtower, Castiel's attempt to kill Lucifer with a standard angel blade proved that archangels can only be killed with archangel blades. In 13.01 Lost and Found, Miriam's attempt to kill Jack shows that nephilim sired by archangels are also immune to angel blades.

The power of each angel blade appears to vary upon the rank of the angel who owns it. When an angel is killed by this weapon, they explode with an intense white light and their wings and halo are burned like ash onto the area where their body lies. Archangels may only be vulnerable to archangel blades, and are immune to regular angel blades. However, Dean and Bobby attempt to kill Raphael with an angel blade in 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much, which fails when he grabs it before it hits anything. Kali refers to Gabriel's blade as "an archangel's blade." Gabriel's blade was capable of killing archangels, including himself. After 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much the angelic blade is ineffective against Castiel after he becomes the new God.


4.16 On the Head of a Pin

Uriel, a supporter of Lucifer, is trying to recruit angels to his cause, which is to help free Lucifer from Hell. When they refuse, Uriel kills them with his angel blade. When Castiel realizes Uriel's betrayal, he draws his blade from his sleeve, but quickly loses it in the ensuing fight. Anna eventually picks it up and stabs Uriel through the throat with it, killing him.

Uriel has something up his sleeve.
Uriel is killed by Anna.

5.01 Sympathy for the Devil

As Zachariah tries to coerce Dean into agreeing to be the archangel Michael's vessel, Castiel arrives, and attacks the angels, killing them.

An angel blade goes through the neck of a henchman.
Castiel kills one of Zachariah's henchmen.

5.13 The Song Remains the Same

Castiel carries the blade with him when he meets with Anna. It is also one of the items that Castiel puts in the bag he gives to Sam before they travel through time. A young Mary Winchester uses this blade to defend herself against Anna, but it is knocked out of her hand.

Castiel's blade

5.18 Point of No Return

Castiel uses the blade to kill two fellow angels who are also carrying blades at Adam Milligan's grave. He later brings them to Bobby's house. Castiel later uses his blade to kill an angel who is guarding the Green Room, but drops it before banishing himself and four other angels (all carrying their own angel blades) with an angel banishing sigil cut into his chest. In the Green Room, Sam fails to kill Zachariah with a blade, presumably one of the ones Castiel got from the angels he killed, but Dean, after nearly assenting to Michael, tricks Zachariah into getting close and kills him with another blade by stabbing it through his head.

Dean stabs Zachariah with an angel blade.
The death of Zachariah.

5.19 Hammer of the Gods

After casting a blood spell on Gabriel to bind him to her, Kali takes what she believes to be Gabriel's blade and stabs him with it, killing him. However, this is merely a trick on Gabriel's part as he is still alive and hiding in the Impala, having given her a fake "made out of a can of diet orange Slice." Despite the trick, he does confirm that the blade of an archangel can kill him and Lucifer. Gabriel confronts his brother with the blade to buy Sam and Dean time to escape the Elysian Fields Hotel with Kali, but is himself killed (for real this time) when Lucifer turns it on him.

Years later it was revealed by Gabriel that he had faked his death, Lucifer having stabbed the fake Gabriel with a fake blade.

Kali steals Gabriel's fake archangel blade.
Gabriel's "death" after confronting Lucifer.

6.03 The Third Man

A number of angel blades are seen in this episode. Castiel and the soldier of Raphael use them in the fight in the Winchester's motel room, though the fight ends with a fall out a window, rather than in death. At Balthazar's house, Sam threatens another soldier, who has his own blade, with one of the weapons to distract him. The angel holds his blade to Sam's throat, but Dean banishes him instead of trying to kill him. Castiel throws his blade into the chest of a third armed soldier after pleading with him to lay down his weapon. Finally, Raphael intends to kill Castiel with a blade, but is stopped by Balthazar who uses Lot's Salt to destroy his vessel.

Castiel crosses blades with a soldier of Raphael.
Castiel kills one of Raphael's soldiers.

6.10 Caged Heat

Meg takes an angel blade from Castiel and uses it to fight off and kill a group of hellhounds.

Meg with an angel blade.
Meg delivers the killing blow to a hellhound with an angel blade.

6.18 Frontierland

Rachel confronts Castiel in a warehouse over his tactics. She attacks, and stabs him in the abdomen with a blade. He manages to pull it out and fight back, eventually killing her with her own blade. His wound does not immediately heal, and light emanates from it. He seems severely weakened by the injury.

Rachel is stabbed by Castiel after confronting him about his "dirty little secret."
Rachel's death.

6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much

Castiel uses a blade to kill Balthazar after he finds out that he has helped the Winchesters. Then Dean tries to throw a blade and kill Raphael, but he fails as Raphael easily catches it with his back turned. Later Sam stabs Castiel with the same blade, but Castiel pulls it out of his back and tells them that the blade won't kill him as he is not an angel anymore, but their new God.

7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

When Hester orders Inias to attack her, Meg reveals that she has acquired one of these blades and slashes Inias' palm with it. Before the situation can deteriorate too far, Dean banishes the angels and Meg reveals that she got the blade as "a lot of angels have died this year," but is cut off by Kevin Tran before she can explain further. After finding the group, Hester attacks Castiel and beats him badly while holding a blade in her grasp. As she prepares to kill him with her blade, Meg stabs Hester from behind with the blade she acquired, killing her.

Crowley with a bloody angel blade, from torturing Samandriel.

8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

Crowley has acquired one of these blades and uses it to torture the locations of the future prophets out of Samandriel. He eventually stops the torture when he learns the next generation of prophets hasn't been born yet, but doesn't kill Samadriel as he may still be useful.

When confronting Crowley, Castiel draws his angel blade to use on the demon and Crowley summons his own, believing that in Castiel's weakened state he doesn't stand a chance against him. Holding the blade, Castiel starts to use his powers on Crowley who believes he is bluffing but ultimately flees instead of attacking, getting only half of the demon tablet as Castiel breaks it and gets the other half.

8.10 Torn and Frayed

When invading Crowley's base, Castiel gives his angel blade to Sam, telling him it can kill demons too. While Dean distracts a demon, Sam stabs it from behind with the blade, killing it. He later kills another demon with the blade after it attacks him. Sam gets attacked by a third demon, but is unable to break free and stab it with the blade, but Dean kills it with Ruby's Knife. After seeing how weakened Castiel is by the Enochian symbols in the building, Sam gives him back his blade to protect himself with.

Later, on Naomi's orders, Castiel stabs and kills Samandriel with his blade for being a traitor for revealing the existence of the angel tablet.

Castiel stands over Dean, prepared to kill him.

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

During a test by Naomi, Castiel ruthlessly stabs and kills a copy of Dean with his blade, proving the changes Naomi has instilled in him and her control over him. Hundreds of other Dean copies are seen dead of blade wounds as well.

While interrogating a demon that has possessed a woman who knows a lot about a certain town, Castiel stabs her in both hands to torture her for information. The demon eventually breaks and tells them that they are looking for Lucifer's Crypts and that they are getting the locations from a hostage at the Murray Hotel. As the demon is about to reveal that the demons are actually searching for the angel tablet rather than a translating parchment as Castiel claims, he kills her with his blade on Naomi's orders.

After learning that a demon has failed him in the search for the angel tablet and that he has also lost Meg, Crowley kills the demon with an angel blade.

When two demons attack her and Sam outside the warehouse where the crypt is, Meg pulls her angel blade to fight and eventually kill one of the demons. Eventually Crowley shows up and he and Meg face off armed with their blades.

After finding the angel tablet, Castiel, under Naomi's orders, beats Dean to get the tablet while holding his blade, but resists killing him with it. Ultimately Dean breaks through to Castiel who drops his blade and picks up the tablet which breaks Naomi's control over him.

Crowley easily defeats Meg, but after seeing that Sam and Dean are leaving without Castiel who she realizes has the tablet, Meg stabs Crowley in the shoulder with her blade, only slightly injuring him. In retaliation, Crowley stabs Meg with his own blade, killing her.

8.19 Taxi Driver

After interrogating rogue reaper Ajay, Crowley kills him with his angel blade to ensure that he doesn't get Sam out of Purgatory after he is done sneaking into Hell.

8.21 The Great Escapist

Ion and another angel capture Castiel and hold him with their angel blades. When Crowley arrives, he possesses a gun that has bullets made of a melted-down angel blade and he is able to kill an angel and force Naomi to retreat. Crowley shoots Castiel in the gut and gets the angel tablet from inside him, but must leave when Kevin Tran figures out the truth. Castiel digs the bullet out of himself and uses it to escape by knocking Ion down and shoving the bullet through his eye, killing him. Castiel is left badly wounded by the bullet.

8.22 Clip Show

Castiel still hasn't fully recovered from the angel blade bullet Crowley shot him with, saying he's healing from the wound slower than he expected.

When Castiel and Metatron go after a Nephilim to kill her and cut out her heart as part of the first trial to seal off Heaven, Castiel arms himself with his angel blade. The Nephilim overpowers both Castiel and Metatron, but while she is distracted with Metatron, Castiel stabs her through the throat from behind with his angel blade, killing her.

Naomi and her foot soldiers kidnap Metatron.

8.23 Sacrifice

Naomi appears in a bar with two other angels to confront Castiel and Metatron. Naomi holds Metatron at blade-point while Castiel and the other angels all point their own blades at each other. Naomi orders an angel to kill Castiel, but the situation is diffused when the bartender shoots the angel with a shotgun to no effect and Metatron tells Castiel to stand down. The angels leave with Metatron without a further fight.

After learning that Gail is the Cupid they are after, Castiel draws his blade to confront her, but Dean convinces him to talk first. As Heaven is in such chaos, Gail willingly gives them her bow, but Castiel must cut it out of her hand with his blade.

After learning what Metatron is really planning, Naomi comes to Earth to warn Castiel who immediately draws his blade. Naomi doesn't and insists she is just there to talk, not fight, so Dean gets Castiel to hear her out, though he keeps the blade out the whole time.

Upon returning to Heaven, Castiel finds Naomi dead and Metatron armed with her blade. Metatron holds Castiel at blade-point and tells him Naomi was telling the truth. He later uses the blade to make a small cut on Castiel's neck to remove his grace and use it as the final ingredient in his spell to expel all angels from Heaven.

9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

After Dean sends out a distress prayer looking for any angel to help the dying Sam, one shows up and holds Dean at blade point, demanding to know where Castiel is. Ezekiel shows up and tries to defuse the situation, but the angel attacks him. In the fight that follows, the angel drops his blade and Dean picks it up and stabs him through the back with it, killing him.

When another angel shows up looking for Castiel, Dean confronts him with the blade he took from the first angel, but is disarmed by another angel that was behind him. As the angels beat him up and menace him with their blades, Dean manages to banish them instead.

After abducting Castiel, Hael keeps her angel blade on her lap as she drives. Castiel eventually causes the car to crash, incapacitating Hael and causing her to lose her blade which he picks up. After Hael threatens to let all the angels looking for him know where he is unless he allows her to possess him, he kills her with her own blade.

9.02 Devil May Care

While informing Irv Franklin about the angel situation, Dean tells him to take an angel blade if an angel drops it stating that the weapon can come in handy. He also informs him to spread the word knowing that the more hunters that know about this the better.

Going after Abaddon and her demon minions, Dean arms himself with an angel blade. After devil's trap bullets fail to affect her due to a bullet-proof vest, Dean tries to use the blade on Abaddon, but she knocks it from his hand.

9.03 I'm No Angel

Sensing an angel nearby, Castiel draws an angel blade to confront him. The angel slashes Castiel in the shoulder with his own blade and is surprised that Castiel bleeds and is thus human. Castiel uses the moment of surprise to kill the angel with his blade.

After capturing the rouge reaper named Maurice who is hunting Castiel, Dean uses an angel blade to torture him. After he reveals all he knows, Dean stabs the Maurice through the neck with his blade, killing him.

When cleaning Castiel's clothes, the reaper possessing April Kelly takes his angel blade and uses it to torture him for information on Metatron. When Sam and Dean arrive, the reaper kills Castiel with the blade, causing Dean to draw one of his own. The reaper tosses Dean across the room and kicks the blade away from him, however, while she is distracted with Sam, Dean takes the blade impaled in Castiel and uses it to kill the reaper.

9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

Going after Ephraim at Nora's house, Dean arms himself with an angel blade, but is thrown into a wall before he can use it. As Ephraim starts to kill Castiel, Dean tosses him the blade and Castiel stabs Ephraim with it, killing him.

Bartholomew's henchmen are killed.

9.09 Holy Terror

Angels possessing a church choir working for Malachi enter a biker bar where angel-possessed bikers working for Bartholomew are and slaughter the bikers with their angel blades.

Meeting with three of Bartholomew's followers, Malachi and two of his soldiers to kill the other angels with blades when they refuse to negotiate, marking the start a civil war between the angels on Earth.

When the head of the choir angels is recruiting vessels from a college church group, angels working for Bartholomew kill her with a blade and proceed to use their powers to smite the humans.

After being captured with Muriel by Malachi and Theo, Castiel is tortured with an angel blade. On Malachi's order, Theo uses it to kill Muriel. However, when left alone, Theo reveals he wants to work for Metatron and is hoping Castiel, who he believes works for Metatron willingly, will get him in. Castiel gets Theo to release him, then slits his throat with his own angel blade, allowing Castiel to inhale Theo's grace, restoring his powers. Theo doesn't die of his wound immediately and Castiel tests out his restored powers by smiting him rather than stabbing him. He then proceeds to slaughter all of the other angels he encounters on his way out.

9.10 Road Trip

Gadreel confronts Thaddeus who goes for his hidden angel blade only to discover it missing. Gadreel reveals that he has it and then kills Thaddeus with it.

When planning to hunt Gadreel down, Dean packs an angel blade to kill him with.

After being sent to kill a man, Gadreel goes to pull out his stolen angel blade until he discovers that he is his friend Abner and stops. After discussing how you have to be willing to pay any price to achieve happiness, Gadreel slits Abner's throat with the blade, killing him. Soon after, Dean confronts him with one of his own, but is knocked out and disarmed before Castiel knocks Gadreel out.

After learning that Cecily is playing both sides in her fight with Crowley, Abaddon kills her with an angel blade.

9.11 First Born

While inside Cain's house, four demons break in, three through the front door and one through the back. While Crowley leaves Dean to fight the demons that came in through the front, when the one who came in the back attacks him, Crowley pulls an angel blade and easily kills the demon with it.

Castiel is captured by Bartholomew's followers.

9.14 Captives

When captured by angels working for Bartholomew, Castiel is held at blade point and taken to Bartholomew who takes away his angel blade as a precaution.

After capturing one of Rebecca's followers, Eliah, Bartholomew uses an angel blade to torture him for information on the location of any remaining members of the faction. After being convinced that there is no more, Bartholomew offers Castiel the blade to kill Eliah, but he refuses. Instead, Bartholomew kills Eliah himself and turns on Castiel, trying to kill him. Castiel quickly overpowers Bartholomew and holds him at blade-point, but refuses to kill him as he wants there to be no more violence between angels. Castiel tosses the blade away, but Bartholomew pulls another one and attacks Castiel from behind. With no other choice, Castiel grabs Bartholomew and drives the angel blade into his abdomen, killing him.

9.16 Blade Runners

After learning that Lola betrayed him to Abaddon, Crowley kills her with an angel blade.

9.18 Meta Fiction

After finding a lot of dead angels, Castiel is attacked by Hannah with an angel blade but he disarms her. After capturing Gadreel Dean tortures him with an angel blade and comes close to killing him when Gadreel taunts him with what he claims Sam really feels about Dean. However, Dean stops himself.

When angels working for Metatron come after him and Gabriel, Castiel and Gabriel arm themselves with their blades, but realizing that its an illusion, Castiel stabs Gabriel, proving his theory as it has no effect on him. After their holy fire trap fails to hold Metatron, Sam and Dean pull out angel blades, but Metatron telekinetically pins them to the Impala, disarming them.

9.21 King of the Damned

While questioning Ezra, Dean is armed with an angel blade and goes to torture him with it, but Sam stops him as they need Ezra alive. Instead of torture with the blade, Sam and Dean trick Ezra into talking as he's stupid.

Later, an angel enters Ezra's cell and finds him dead of an angel blade stab wound to the heart.

While Castiel is meeting with Gadreel, two angels attack Castiel and his assistant with their blades. Castiel quickly kills one, but the other one kills his assistant before attacking him. Castiel is able to overpower the angel and kill him however.

9.22 Stairway to Heaven

After being brainwashed by Metatron as part of his plot to bring all angels onto his side, Oren enters an ice cream parlor with an energy focusing sigil on his chest and plunges an angel blade into it, killing him and releasing his grace in an explosion that kills all the humans in the parlor and atomizes the angel Ester.

Metatron and Gadreel visit Tyrus in a bowling alley to recruit him to their side and when he refuses, Gadreel draws an angel blade at a signal from Metatron. However, after Tyrus points out that his followers will go to Castiel's side if they kill him, Gadreel doesn't use it. When Metatron and Gadreel go to leave, Constantine, brainwashed like Oren, uses an angel blade and another energy focusing sigil to create an explosion that kills Tyrus and wounds Gadreel. It also has the effect Metatron wanted and brings Tyrus' followers to his side.

Wanting information on Oren, Dean interrogates Flagstaff for information. When she is rude to him because of his being a hunter, Dean pulls an angel blade on her and forces her to tell him about Constantine and Tessa being Oren's friends.

After Dean captures Tessa, he uses an angel blade to destroy the energy focusing sigil she carved into her chest to effectively "disarm" her. However, when Dean goes to interrogate Tessa, Hannah insists that Castiel must be the only one to punish her and forces him to give up the blade before he enters the room. Despite this, Dean sneaks the First Blade in and Tessa commits suicide with it, making it look like Dean killed her. As a result of this framing and a speech by Metatron, Hannah hands Castiel an angel blade and demands he kill Dean with it to punish him for Tessa's "murder" and prove that Metatron is lying about using them. Castiel can't do it and Hannah and his other followers leave him as a result to join Metatron.

9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?

When confronted by an angel in a homeless camp, Metatron starts to draw his angel blade when the angel accuses him of being a fraud, but stops as the homeless people, now seeing him as their savior, confront the angel. The angel draws a blade of his own and charges Metatron, but is beaten down by the homeless people. Metatron kicks them his blade and George kills the angel with it.

Trying to get the location of the angel tablet in order to stop Metatron, Hannah holds Ingrid at blade-point while Castiel demands its location. However, she refuses to tell and Castiel has Hannah lead Ingrid away instead of killing her.

Dean loses his fight with Metatron despite having the Mark of Cain and the First Blade due to Metatron's power from the angel tablet and after beating him severly, Metatron stabs Dean through the chest with an angel blade, mortally wounding him. Before he can finish Dean off or kill Sam the same way, Castiel finds and shatters the angel tablet, shattering Metatron's power and forcing him to flee when Sam swings an angel blade of his own at the now-vulnerable Metatron.

In Heaven, Metatron confronts Castiel, handcuffing him to his chair. After admitting that he was using the angels and planned to rule humanity, Metatron prepares to stab Castiel with his angel blade, but Castiel reveals that he used a device in Metatron's office to broadcast the whole thing over angel radio. Metatron's followers turn on and overpower him, holding him at blade-point. Castiel takes Metatron's blade from him but doesn't kill him with it, instead locking him in Heaven's dungeon.

10.01 Black

A demon loyal to Abaddon confronts Dean armed with a blade, but Dean easily kills him with the First Blade.

When confronting Daniel, Hannah draws her blade, but Castiel convinces her not to kill him right away. As the three talk, Hannah keeps her blade out and when Adina arrives, she draws her own and refuses to put it away until Hannah does. Hannah and Adina get into a fight and when Hannah overpowers Adina after getting slashed in the arm, Daniel goes after her with a blade of his own, forcing Castiel to kill him from behind. After Adina slashes Castiel, she flees and Castiel lets her go.

10.03 Soul Survivor

Crowley has demons who have committed crimes against him executed with an angel blade.

Ambushing Hannah, Adina holds a blade to her throat to force Castiel to stay back. Castiel draws his own blade, but is too weak to fight in his near-death state from his fading grace. As Adina tortures Hannah with her blade, Crowley arrives and slashes open Adina's throat with a blade of his own, stealing her grace to save Castiel. Crowley then impales the now-human Adina with his blade, killing her.

Crowley stabs Gerald through the neck with an angel blade.

As Sam completes the demon cure on Dean, Castiel holds his blade out cautiously, ready to use it if the cure fails. However, it works and Castiel lowers his blade.

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

After finding out about the demonic brothel from Sheylene Johnson, Sam and Dean trick the demon she is working for into a devil's trap and confront him for information. However, after he makes disparaging remarks about her, Sheylene grabs an angel blade from Dean and stabs the demon with it, killing him.

10.09 The Things We Left Behind

When Gerald attacks Rowena after she and another demon claim that he was the one smuggling demons to Earth, Crowley stabs him through the mouth with an angel blade, killing him.

10.10 The Hunter Games

After Rowena tricks Guthrie into getting the First Blade, she kills him with an angel blade but is caught by Crowley and is able to use Guthrie attacking him in his dream to make him believe her story that Guthrie was working against him.

10.14 The Executioner's Song

Castiel captures a demon and tortures him with an angel blade for information on Cain. After the demon gives it to him, Castiel kills the demon with his blade.

After finding Cain's burial ground, Castiel draws his blade when Cain shows up, but Cain dismisses the threat, saying Castiel is not his list of people to kill and leaves without a fight.

When confronting Cain as part of their plan for Dean to kill him, Castiel confronts him with his blade again but uses his white light on him instead to no avail. Cain disarms Castiel with telekinesis before throwing him into a fence.

10.17 Inside Man

When Sam and Castiel confront Metatron about a possible cure for the Mark of Cain, Castiel slits his throat with an angel blade and removes his grace, putting it into a vial before healing the wound. This leaves Metatron human and mortal and gives them leverage over him.

10.18 Book of the Damned

Castiel and Metatron come across an angry cupid, who blames them for corrupting Heaven. The cupid and Catiel produce their angel blades and engage in a fight, as Metatron attempts to escape, the cupid advances on him, but is tackle to the ground by Castiel, which causes the cupid to lose his blade. As the two struggle on the ground, the cupid is able to take Castiel's blade from him and just as he is about to kill him, the cupid is stabbed in the back by Metatron, and dies.

10.20 Angel Heart

At first its believed that Ronnie Cartwright was killed with an angel blade, but with strange markings around the wound. Dean and Claire Novak eventually realize that the wound is from an angel sword not an angel blade and are able to identify the angel as a Grigori.

When confronting Tamiel, Castiel arms himself with his angel blade, but proves no match for the Grigori. During the fight, Dean also attempts to use the blade, but fails and Tamiel gets it himself. However, before he can use it, he is killed by Claire with his own angel blade.

10.21 Dark Dynasty

After learning that his mother Rowena has disappeared, Crowley grabs an angel blade and kills the demon that brought the message. He then threatens to do the same to another demon if he comes back without good news.

10.22 The Prisoner

Under the influence of the Mark of Cain, Dean badly beats Castiel when he tries to stop him from leaving the Men of Letters Bunker. After the beating, Dean spots Castiel's angel blade sticking out of his sleeve and pulls it out and nearly stabs Castiel with it but instead stabs a book next to him with it. Dean tells Castiel that while he chose not to kill him that time, he will if Castiel doesn't leave him alone. As Dean leaves, Castiel is left staring at his blade.

10.23 Brother's Keeper

After Rowena gets her self free of her iron shackles, she freezes Crowley and Castiel where they are standing and performs the impetus bestiarum spell on Castiel, and orders him to attack Crowley. Castiel produces his angel blade from his sleeve and advances on Crowley.

11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

As Castiel advances on Crowley, he raises the angel blade to strike it down on Crowley, but Crowley is able to block the attack. As he begins to tell Castiel how he can't be killed, Castiel knocks him to the ground, and proceeds to stab Crowley in the back. However, Crowley was able to vacate his meatsuit and escape through a drain near his head.

Later on two angels answer Castiel's prayers and escort him at knife point to an abandoned building, where they proceed to string him up and place a bag over his head.

11.02 Form and Void

Castiel is being tortured with an angel blade by Efram and Jonah, seeking information on the whereabouts of Metatron. As Castiel reiterates that he is unaware of Metatron's location, Efram threatens castration before Hannah arrives and puts a stop to them.

When Castiel realizes that Hannah is working with Efram and Jonah, Efram decides they are going to hack his brain. As spikes are being pushed into Castiel's head, Hannah protests which angers Efram, who begins to attack Hannah. The attack begins to anger Cas that he is able to break free from his chair and knock Efram down. When Jonah advances on Castiel, he is quickly able to kill him with an angel blade. However, Efram is able to get the drop on Hannah and kills her by stabbing her in the back of the head. A short fight ensues between Castiel and Efran, with Cas getting the upper hand and killing him.

After Crowley throws him around once again, Dean pulls out an angel blade and stabs him through the hand with it while he's distracted with boasting, temporarily immobilizing Crowley. Dean pulls out Ruby's Knife, but ultimately chooses not to take the opportunity to kill Crowley and goes after Amara instead. When Dean returns to Crowley, he finds him gone and the angel blade still impaled in the wall.

11.03 The Bad Seed

A suited man enters a bar, prompting another man in a suit to stand up and reveal black eyes. The suited man goes on to produce an angel blade from suit jacket sleeve, revealing himself as an angel. However the angel and demon do not engage in a fight, but rather sit and commiserate about the current situations in Heaven and Hell over a drink.

11.06 Our Little World

When facing two demons, Sam pulls out an angel blade, but decides to restrain the demons rather than kill them. One demon starts strangling Sam and with no other choice, Sam pulls out his angel blade again and kills the demon with a stab to the side. Sam then defeats the second demon, but chooses to restrain him rather than kill him with the angel blade.

After defeating the demon guards, Sam tries to go after Amara with his angel blade but she simply throws him with telekinesis before leaving.

11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?

A trio of angels interrupt Dean and Amara, and demand that Amara give herself over to them or feel the wrath of every angel in Heaven come down upon her. Unimpressed, Amara smites the head angel, forces the second angel to stab himself in the head with his own blade and atomizes the third.

11.10 The Devil in the Details

When Castiel searches for any signs of Amara, he hears a noise coming from the woods and produces his angel blade. When investigating he finds the angel Ambriel, worried he will kill her, Castiel assures her he won't and puts his blade away. Later when Ambriel is attacked by Amara, Castiel takes out his blade in a vain attempt to fight the Darkness, the fight lasts seconds before Amara sends Castiel away.

In Hell, when Dean and Castiel find themselves in the holding cell with Lucifer and Sam, Castiel brandishes his blade and attacks Lucifer while Dean goes to check on Sam.

11.15 Beyond the Mat

As Crowley attempts to escape, two demons attack him with angel blades. Crowley is able to drive one of the demons own angel blades into their chest, killing him before using the blade to kill the other demon.

11.18 Hell's Angel

While Crowley talks to Dean about having acquired the Horn of Joshua, an SUV of demons wielding angel blades drives down the street, searching for him.

12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On

Following Jervis and another demon in hopes of finding Lucifer, Crowley draws an angel blade but ultimately doesn't use it. Crowley later draws the angel blade after the demons mock his desire to kill Lucifer and quickly uses it to kill them both.

When Ms. Watt attacks, Castiel draws his angel blade to use against her, but her enchanted brass knuckles enable her to overpower him and make him drop his angel blade. As Ms. Watt goes to kill Dean with his own gun, Mary Winchester retrieves Castiel's angel blade and stabs Ms. Watt through the back with it, killing her.

12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

At the wake for Asa Fox, Dean finds an angel blade in a display case and remarks to Sam that its a real angel blade and is surprised that Asa had gotten hold of one. Later, when the crossroads demon Jael starts killing people, Mary retrieves Asa's angel blade and attempts to use it against the possessed Jody Mills to no effect. After Jael is exorcised from Jody, Bucky explains that the night of Asa's death he'd tried to get Asa to turn back from hunting Jael as they didn't have the angel blade with them.

12.09 First Blood

In order to break Sam and Dean's deal with Billie, Castiel stabs her through the back and kills her with an angel blade.

12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)

While battling Ramiel, Castiel attempts to use his angel blade on him only to get stabbed by the Lance of Michael. Outside, Dean kills one of Crowley's demons with another angel blade.

During the final battle with Ramiel, Mary wields an angel blade. While Sam struggles with the demon over the Lance of Michael, Mary stabs him in the back with her angel blade. While it has no effect on the powerful demon, it distracts him long enough for Sam to grab the Lance of Michael and kill Ramiel with it.

Eileen Leahy brandishes her angel blade.

12.17 The British Invasion

When confronting the demon Dermott Culp, hunter Eileen Leahy draws an angel blade to fight him. She later tells the Winchesters she killed the demon by stabbing him in the heart with her angel blade, but not before he told her about his work for Dagon and gave her Kelly Kline's phone number.

12.19 The Future

The angel Hozai has an angel blade when he engages in a fight with Dagon.

12.21 There's Something About Mary

After Lucifer frees himself from Crowley's hold, he toys with him the throne room in front of other demons by tossing him about. After his display of power, he produces an angel blade and telekinetically brings Crowley to him, first slicing along his cheek and the nose before kncking him to the ground and driving the angel blade into Crowley's chest. Unbeknownst to Lucifer, Crowley had vacated his vessel and into a nearby rat, which he used to follow the demons who were disposing of his body.

12.23 All Along the Watchtower

While facing down Lucifer in the Alternate Universe, Dean uses a machine gun equip with bullets made from discarded angel blades which that universes Bobby Singer lent to him. The bullets are able to temporarily stun Lucifer, but not kill him. After the gun jams Lucifer is able to take it from Dean and break it.

Soon after Crowley completes the spell to close the rift, Castiel charges through and stabs Lucifer in the gut with an angel blade and Sam and Dean go back to their universe. Moments later Castiel appears in front of the rift, however he is quickly stabbed in the back by Lucifer, killing Castiel.

13.01 Lost and Found

While hunting for Jack Kline in order to gain access to his power, Miriam uses her angel blade to hold Clark Barker hostage. Miriam demands that Sheriff Christine Barker kill Dean in exchange for her son's release, but stabs him in the side instead when Conrad informs her that they have found Jack. In the fight that follows, Dean disarms Miriam of her angel blade and holds it to her throat before she breaks free and takes it back.

At the same time, after beating up Sam, Conrad draws his angel blade as he prepares to leave with Lily and Jack. Sam is able to use an angel banishing sigil to banish Conrad and Lily, resulting in Conrad's angel blade being left behind and falling to the ground. As Miriam enters, Sam grabs the fallen angel blade and threatens her to leave Jack alone. Surrounded by the Winchesters, Miriam holds out her blade in an apparent surrender before stabbing Jack in the heart with it. Sam then kills Miriam with Conrad's angel blade.

After Miriam's death, Jack removes the angel blade and is completely unharmed to the Winchesters' shock.

13.02 The Rising Son

As the demon Sierra attacks Dean, Sam stabs him through the heart from behind with an angel blade, killing Sierra.

In the hallway outside, the Winchesters find the demon Harrington attacking the prophet Donatello Redfield. Unable to reach Harrington in time, Dean flings his angel blade at Harrington like a throwing knife, impaling him through the neck and killing Harrington. Dean's move of throwing the angel blade in such a manner is shown to deeply impress Sam and Donatello.

13.07 War of the Worlds

Kevin explains that archangel grace is required to use a spell from the angel tablet to open an interdimensional rift, prompting Michael to use an angel blade to perform a small incision on Lucifer's throat, allowing him to siphon off the majority of his grace to use in his rift opening spell.

13.09 The Bad Place

After Kaia Nieves is abducted by a pair of angels, Sam, Dean and Jack get her location and are able to get the jump on one of the angels, taking him at blade point. When Jack refuses to leave with the angels, the male angel is able to break free and take back his blade, while the female angel produces one from her sleeve. In the ensuing fight, Jack hits the female angel with a blast of celestial energy, suspending her in the air and throwing her back, losing her blade. The male angel gets his blade back, but is stopped by Jack before he could kill Dean, and forces the angel to stab himself with his blade.

The female angel soon returns with a contingent of five other angels, who pursue the Winchester, Jack and Kaia into an abandoned ship. As Sam has placed warding sigils in the ship, the angels can not enter. In unison, the six angels drop to one knee with their blade points to the ground and begin begin pounding energy into the ground to alter the sigils. When Kaia and Jack cause a blast of energy opening a portal to Apocalypse World, the angels are all disintegrated with their blades having been melted into the ground.

When Sam and Dean wake up in the Bad Place, they are only equipped with a pair of angel blades.

13.10 Wayward Sisters

As Donna and Jody enter the abandoned ship where Sam and Dean were last seen, they walk past the angel blades melted into the ground.

In the Bad Place, after Kaia Nieves is killed by a hooded figure, the Winchesters draw angel blades to defend themselves. However, the arrival of the Kaiju forces the Winchesters back through the portal to their universe without ever fighting.

13.12 Various & Sundry Villains

While guarding and taunting Castiel and Lucifer, the demon Dipper carries around an angel blade. After Castiel and Lucifer break free and kill Dipper, Lucifer takes Dipper's angel blade for himself. The two are then attacked by four more demons and kill them, leaving Castiel and Lucifer both with bloody angel blades in the aftermath.

Dean's angel blade is shattered by Magog's sword, which was forged by a god.

When Castiel refuses to give some of his grace to him, Lucifer attacks Castiel with his angel blade, mildly wounding him. In response, Castiel impales Lucifer with his own angel blade, causing Lucifer's glowing red eyes to flicker a few times and go out.

13.14 Good Intentions

Believing they need weapons "touched by God" in order to kill Gog and Magog, Dean and Castiel uses angel blades. However, in their ensuing fight with Gog and Magog, they lose their weapons, with Dean's blade being shattered by Magog's sword. Dean is able to get a hold of and use Magog's sword to kill the two after learning their weapons were forged by a god.

13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive

When Asmodeus attacks the Bunker, causing the power to go out and the emergency generator and alarm into action. Sam and Castiel, angel blades in hand, walk down the corridors, they see all the warding on the walls is illuminated. They enter the map room and demons attack them. Sam stabs one of the demons, killing him, but another one tackles him. Meanwhile, Castiel fights another demon, eventually getting the upper hand. He goes to assist Sam and kills the last demon.

13.21 Beat the Devil

Castiel brings up his angel blade and makes a small incision in Lucifer’s throat. His archangel grace flows out of his throat into the bowl with the spell ingredients. Once Cas releases his head, the wound closes a bit and the grace only drips out in small spurts.

13.22 Exodus

13.23 Let the Good Times Roll

On a werewolf hunt, Castiel is able to surprise one of the pack and stab him in the hear with his angel blade.

When Michael breaks into the Bunker, Castiel, in a futile gesture attacks him with his angel blade, but is quickly swatted away. Dean grabs another from his duffel and but is similarly overpowered by Michael.

14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land

Upon the entire bar being possessed by demons, Castiel drops his angel blade from his sleeve and attacks -- but is quickly overpowered and subdued. Used as bait to lure Sam by the demon Kipling, Sam, Mary, Bobby, Maggie and Jack go on a rescue mission, bringing angel blades with them. In the ensuing fight Mary is able to kill a demon, and is later saved from another by Maggie.


  • This angelic weapon is referred to as the "Sword of Lucifer" in the official episode summary released by The CW, although it is never referred to as this in canon.

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