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Title Bobble Head
Episode # Season 1, Episode 3
First aired February 4, 2021
Directed by Randy Zisk
Written by Seamus Kevin Fahey
On IMDB Bobble Head
Outline Walker's life gets more complicated when his childhood best friend, Hoyt Rawlins, returns to town and people who are close have different speculations about why he returned.
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Flashback: 17 years ago

Emily is showing Walker how to drive stick on her 67'Red Mustang Convertible. Walker is having issues with the clutch and he is feeling defeated. Emily places a Bobble Head of a Texas Ranger baseball player figure on the dash and explains that everything takes time and that the bobble head is always smiling and has no judgement. Emily has the utmost confidence in Walker that he will he able to do this and has him drive to the Side Step (which is the name of the local bar). Walker takes deep breath, Emily gives him instructions and they take off, with Walker obviously pleased with himself.

Present day

In Micki's new truck, Walker and Micki's are on a stakeout outside a strip club. Walker wants to take this time to bond and learn about his partner, while Micki is focused on getting intel on an arms dealer selling guns called Torreto. Walker wants to talk about her middle name, favorite teams or favorite movies and believes that Torreto isn't making a deal in the club. Walker tries to guess Micki's middle name and she is not impressed with the joke. Micki then turns the tables and asks about Stella. Walker explains that things are good right now and he wants it to stay that way. Micki sshares that when she was young, she and a friend called Garrison had some crazy times and advises Walker that the easy route is not always the way to go.

In the strip club, Hoyt Rawlins who is shirtless, covered with glitter and wearing a cowboy hat. He makes his way to Torreto who is in the audience, and warns her that there are two "white hats" in the parking lot. They both leave through the back. Micki and Walker enter the club and question the manager who jokes with them about getting a VIP Room and then tells them that everyone left. Walker and Micki run outside and see Torreto and Hoyt they steal Micki's truck.

Stella and August are walking to school. August is making Stella smile by describing his fellow classmates in an Attenborough accent. Stella runs into her two friends and they talk about the upcoming bonfire. Stella is hesitant to go as she has a court date looming from her arrest. Her friend expresses that since her father is a ranger, he can get her out of it. Stella says that things are "cool" right now with her dad and she doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize that. August runs into Ruby who asks him if he planning to come to Bonfire. August becomes very shy and says that he doesn't plan on it. August finds out that Ruby is going and changes his mind quickly. '

Back at the Texas Ranger's office, Captain James is briefing on the case and the events of what occurred the night before. Micki is apprehensive as she and Walker lost the suspects and her truck. Walker reminds Micki that he and Captain have her back and that it will all be okay. Captain James then reviews the camera footage and Walker is in disbelief as he recognizes the getaway driver as his friend, Hoyt Rawlins. Micki then admits that Torreto and getaway driver stole her truck. Everyone is room chuckles and Captain James asks that they find her truck, Torreto, and the Hoyt, the "naked cowboy."

At the Family Ranch, Bonham and Abeline are preparing for a guest for dinner. Bonham is wanting to hide all the expensive items from Hoyt. Abeline asks Bonham to "give him a chance". As Walker arrives, he is tackled to the ground and thrown into truck but someone. Walker then tussles with this person and throws him to the ground, suddenly recognising the man as Hoyt. Walker shows his frustration and throws out accusations that Hoyt is involved with stealing the truck and working with Torreto. Hoyt is being a smart ass about it and denies any knowledge of what Walker is talking about. .

Abeline comes running outside and gives Hoyt a big hug and greeting. Hoyt refers to Abeline as "Abby Bear". At the dinner table, everyone is enjoying the Wagyu steaks that Hoyt borught with him. Hoyt is asked to say grace and during it appreciates the time and gratitude for Walker and his family. Walker and Liam have some fun with Hoyt naming the different prisons that Hoyt has been to. Hoyt then turns to Stella and calls her an "outlaw". Bonham is upset with this comment and excuses himself from the table and goes to the bunkhouse. Hoyt also tells Stella and August that it was their mother who that started the annual bonfire tradition.

Hoyt and Liam give Stella different views of advice on how to deal with the judge. Walker then reiterates what Micki had previously said in regards to "no one benefits from the easy route." Abeline then stops the conversation and presents a plate of chilli peppers and askes who will be the first participate in the "Muy Caliente Contest". Everyone points to Hoyt.

Micki has been tracking her stolen truck, and finds it in the driveway of the Walker Family Ranch, and sees that Hoyt is with Walker and his family. Bonham challenges her, thinking she is an intruder. After introductions, Micki questions why Hoyt is inside and Bonhman explains that he and Walker are old friends. Bonham and Micki bond while sharing some steak, bourbon and friendly conversation. He continues to explain the history of Hoyt and gives some advise that she should knock some sense into Walker about being blinded about Hoyt. Back at the house, Hoyt is leaving for the evening and Walker comes up with the idea that to spend the day with Hoyt and play "hookie". Hoyt is shocked to hear this and agrees. Hoyt wants to see Geri at the "Side Step". Walker chuckles at the idea that Hoyt still thinks there is something going on between the two of them. Walker ends the conversation with reminding Hoyt that if he is involved in the case that he will need to do his job and take him down.

The next day, Hoyt brings Walker to a storage facility in the middle of nowhere. Hoyts opens up the locker, and in it is Emily's '67 Mustang. Walker is shocked that he still has it. Hoyt wants Walker to "win" it back having lost it to Hoyt during a poker game years ago. Walker thinks back on the night, as it was the one where Emily told him she was pregnant.

In Captain James's office. Micki has an issue with how Walker in handling Hoyt. Walker rings to say that he will not be in work today as he is gathering intel on Hoyt.

At the "Side Step" Hoyt greets Geri, who is not pleased to see him. Hoyt is obvious smitten with Geri and he proceeds to get down on one knee and pretend to propose with a plastic tie that is shaped as a ring. Geri sets four glasses on bar and they all proceed to take a shot "for Emily". Later Micki arrives as the three are playing poker. Hoyt offers a drink to Micki and she accepts and then arrests Hoyt for "bribing law enforcement". Micki reminds Walker that there is a line and it shouldn't be crossed. Geri shakes her head and tells Walker that things have not changed.

At the station, Micki explains to Walker that Hoyt is playing him. Micki explains that he is a conflict of interest. She then interrogates Hoyt about the possible location that the arms deal is going down. Hoyt points to location and gives snarly remark about how Micki is the right partner for Cordell.

At the Bonfire, August is showing off for Ruby - drinking and even break dancing. He is about to walk across hot coals when Stella stops him. The drunk August accuses Stella of trying to drive away their father -- right before he starts throwing up. After their father doesn't answer his phone, Stella calls Liam to come and pick them up. Despite being in the the process of tasting wedding cakes samples with Brett, they leave for the bonfire. At the same time, August is being loaded into Liam's car. Stella asks Liam if he will be at court in the morning. Liam explains that he will not be there as this is something that her father needs to do. August starts eating the cake samples and puts on radio. The four of them start jamming to the music being played.

At the location that Hoyt designated that the arms deal would occur, Walker and Micki enter a shed, only to find the 67 Red Mustang Convertible with a note from Hoyt saying that he still loves them but that they all knew it was going to end this way. He is giving back the car as it always has been Emily's. Walker suddenly realises where Torreto and Hoyt actually are doing the deal.

AS the deal is going down, Hoyt calls Abeline, and explains that he will be out of town for a while and apologizes for being a disappointment. Abeline explains that as he saved Cordell once, she will never forget that and she will always be in his corner. As the rangers come storming in. Hoyt sees' Micki's truck again and piles in. He starts driving when all of a sudden Micki presses the kill switch on her phone. Hoyt is not pleased and says "Score one for Team Sassy Boots.".

Walker asks Micki about her friend Garrison and how he ended up. She explains that he never made it and that no one ever gave him the "tough love" he needed. Micki proceeds to say that tough love is the right thing to do sometimes. Walker realizes this and agrees.

The next day, Stella is ready for court. . Walker walks in and he is wearing plain clothes. Stella askes why he is not in uniform. Walker explains that he is going with her to court as her "father and not a ranger".

Abeline is in the kitchen getting a backpack readyto go on the a Mushroom hunt she had planned with Hoyt. Bonham asks if she wants company and apologizes about Hoyt. Abeline says she wants to be alone and Bonhman tells her that he misses her.

At the "Side Step" Micki walks in and tells Geri that before going away, Hoyt wanted Geri to have the ring. The two women have a shot together.

At the courthouse, Stella apologizes for her actions. Her punishment is 100 hours of community service, her license suspended, and a fine. They all get into car. Halfway down the road, Walker pulls over and asks everyone to get out. Walker tells Stella to get into driver's seat of Emily's 67 Mustang and tells August that he will be running after them to swet out his hangover. Walker places the Bobble Head on the dash and proceeds to explain step by step on how to release the clutch and put it in gear. Stella gets it on first try; Walker proceeds to tell her she is doing great.



  • "Trouble" by LA Edwards
(playing over flashback of Emily teaching Cordell to drive a stick shift)
  • "Way Over My Head (feat. Melika)" by Love Taps
(playing as Stella and August are at the party)
  • "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac
(playing as the Rangers take down Hoyt)
  • "Polyester" by John Evans
(playing as Micki and Geri have a drink)
  • "Kids these Days" by Shakey Graves
(playing as Walker teaches Stella to drive stick shift in Emily's car)


Walker: There must be something off with my motor skills.
Emily: Nobody gets it right away, it takes time.
Walker: Stella and me, we are in a good place, I think. She has a-a court date coming up for the thing. Possession of marijuana. Yes. And I would like to live in our good place a little bit longer.
Micki: No one benefits from the easy route.
Micki: Hoyt. Stella. Do we see a pattern here?

Walker: What's that supposed to mean?

Micki: It means you want to be everyone's friend even when they do something wrong.
Walker: Enough with the Devil and Angel over the shoulder routine.
Micki: Guess all it takes is a little bourbon, some good company and Wagyu.
Hoyt: Geri, if you're not gonna forgive me, then at least make me an honest man.
Geri: Honey, there is not a damn person in the state that can make you an honest man.
Walker: I tell you what, don't go anywhere on me because I need that voice, that "Make me feel like I can get thru anything voice." (speaking to Emily in flashback)
Walker: If he drew balls on that, I swear.
Micki: Dear Sassy Boots
Abby: Hoyt, just because your family's bad does not mean that you are. You saved my boy, and I'll never forget that.

Hoyt: You're a port in my storm, Abby Bear.

Abby: Well, I hope you find still waters one of these days.
Walker: Wake up Frat Boy!
Walker: You faced the music, what's done is done, we can't change that.

Trivia & References

Emily's car is a 1967 Mustang convertible.
Hoyt: Well, you see, Torreto, I spotted some White Hats out front.
"White hats" is a reference to the hats worn by the Texas Rangers.
Stella: Haven't heard the Attenborough in a while.
August is commentating on his fellow students in the style of nature documentarian David Attenborough.
Captain James: He is "gathering Intel from a CI". Meaning Hoyt Rawlins.
C.I. stands for "confidential informant".
Geri: You take a drink every time you have a good hand.

Walker: Seriously? Is that my tell?

A "tell" in gambling is a subconscious gesture or action that gives away something about the players thoughts on their position in the game.

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