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始まりの場所 (Hajimari no Basho)
Directed by Atsuko Ishizuka
Written by Eric Kripke
Naoya Takayama
Based On Home
Voice Actors
Yuuya Uchida
Hiroki Touchi
Takaya Hashi
Mabuki Ando
Makoto Tsumura
Atsushi Abe
Emi Shinohara
Seiko Tamura
Motoi Koyanagi
Ai Horanai
Miho Miyagawa
Voice Actors
Jared Padalecki
Andrew Farrar
Alain Goulem
Liz Macrae
Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Michael Yarmush
Jennifer Seguin
Lucinda Davis
Mark Camacho
Outline Sam and Dean go back to Lawrence, Kansas, following a vision Sam has of their old home.
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Immediately after Sam's vision in Roadkill, Dean and Sam head to their childhood home in Lawrence, Kansas. Dean doesn't want to make the trip and questions Sam's sudden psychic powers, but Sam insists that he saw a woman there crying for help. As they drive, Sam starts to ask Dean about their mother, but he refuses to talk about her.

When they arrive at their old home, they are welcomed inside by the new owner, Jenny. She moved in with her two children, Sarry and Ritchie, and she recently found a box of things that belonged to the Winchesters, including an old family portrait, in her basement. They ask her how she's settling in, and she mentions the need for repairs: there have been flickering lights and noises in the walls and ceiling. Her daughter, Sarry, then mentions that there's something in the closet. Jenny tries to wave it off, saying that Sarry isn't used to the new house, but Sarry insists that she saw something.

After they leave, Sam tells Dean that there must be a poltergeist in the house, but Dean isn't convinced. Sam says that he can't understand why Dean won't face the truth, and then asks him what exactly happened in their house twenty years ago. Dean reveals that, when he was just a child, he heard their mother screaming and ran in to Sam's nursery to see what was going on. She was pinned to the ceiling and on fire, and their father, John, stepped between them. He handed baby Sam to Dean and told him to go—to take his brother and not look back. Dean says that he ran for his life carrying Sam, and that John tried to save Mary, but couldn't.

When Sam learns that their mother was killed by the same thing that killed his girlfriend, Jessica, he tells Dean that they have to find out what happened twenty years ago. They start by questioning a mechanic whose father was friends with John. They learn that before John left Lawrence, he started visiting a psychic named Missouri Mosley, so they go to see her. She is a true psychic, and she tells them that after Mary's death, she went to read their house. She felt a sinister presence there, but it wasn't a ghost. When Sam insists that something is there now, she tells him that she's sure it isn't the same thing that killed Mary. Shortly after this announcement, Dean excuses himself and goes to call John, but John doesn't answer his phone. Dean hangs up without leaving a message.

Back at their old house, the poltergeist lures baby Ritchie towards a hot iron and injuries him. Sam and Dean rush to the emergency room to speak to Jenny, who is distraught. She tells them that she doesn't know what's going on, so Sam takes Missouri to the house. She senses an evil spirit and says that it was attracted to their house by the evil that killed Mary. In Sarry's room, she also senses a second ghost, the one that Sarry has seen emanating fire in her closet.

Meanwhile, outside the house, Dean tries to call John again. He leaves a message telling John that they're in Lawrence investigating Mary's death, and that they need his help. He also tells him that he misses and loves him.

That night, Dean and Sam wait outside the house—Sam wants to be there in case something else happens. Inside, the poltergeist starts shaking the house and making objects float around Sarry's room. Then the ghost in her closet makes an appearance, and Sarry screams. Jenny tries to get to her, but the door to her room is stuck, and a couch soon flies through the air at her. Jenny ducks and it shatters an upstairs window that leads out onto a balcony, so she leans out the balcony and screams for help. Sam and Dean jump out of the Impala and climb up to the window. Dean helps her while Sam runs inside to find the children. He grabs Ritchie and then kicks down the door to Sarry's room. The ghost from her closet, the one on fire, is nearby, but doesn't move to stop them, so he picks Sarry up and heads for the stairs. Before he can get downstairs, though, he sees the fiery ghost in front of him, and the chain from a ceiling light wraps around Sam's neck and pulls him off the ground. He drops Sarry and then hands her Ritchie and tells her to run. She goes back up the stairs with Ritchie and out the broken window, where Dean is waiting to help.

Dean then runs inside and gets to Sam just as the fiery ghost is closing in on him. He raises his gun, but Sam stops him from shooting, and the fiery ghost suddenly transforms... into the spirit of their mother, Mary Winchester. She has been protecting the children from the poltergeist the whole time. As Sam and Dean stare at her, stunned, she tells them that wasn't the one who called them to Lawrence, and that it was "the evil one" who killed her. She also tells Sam to remain strong, and then tells Dean to take care of Sam and that she is proud of him. When the poltergeist tries to return, she destroys its darkness with her light, and then says goodbye to Sam and Dean before disappearing.

The next morning, Jenny thanks them and leaves in an ambulance. Missouri then walks out of the house and confirms that she no longer senses anything there. When Sam asks if their mother's spirit is dead, Missouri says that she does not know, and Sam and Dean leave in the Impala. After they're gone, Missouri walks around the side of the house and speaks to a man there in the shadows. It is John, and when Missouri asks him why he hasn't seen his sons yet, he says that it's "too soon."

As they drive away, Sam asks Dean if he thinks Mary's spirit died in the house. Dean says he doesn't know, but that she saved them and the kids. In answer, Sam tells Dean that he thinks her spirit is still alive.



(plays during the end credits)



Dean: We're not talking about Mom.

Sam: Why?
Dean: Don't feel like it.

Sam: Why don't you or Dad tell me anything? You guys are always leaving me out of things. It's just further proof that you're Dad's favorite.
John: Dean, go. Take your brother and don't look back!

Dean: Okay, Dad...

John: Hurry - run! Run as fast as you can!
Dean: I ran for my life carrying you. Dad tried to save Mom, but... there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about it. I wish I never saw what I did that night.

Sam: So the thing that killed Jessica killed Mom, too?
Dean: I'm not sure.

Sam: We have to look into this, Dean. We have to find out what happened in that house twenty years ago!
Dean: Dad, it's Dean. We're back in town to investigate about Mom. We need your help. Please get in touch with me when you get this message. I miss you. Dad, I... I love you, Dad. Bye.
Sarry: Sam!
Sam: Run, Sarry, fast as you can! Run and don't look back!
Dean: Sam! Get away from him. You hear me?!

Sam: Dean! Don't shoot!
Dean: Why?
Sam: I know it sounds crazy, but I think that might be...

Dean: Mom?
Mary: I want you to know that I am not the one who called you here. And that it was the evil one who killed me.

Sam: What?

Mary: Listen to me, you must continue to be strong, Sam. And Dean, take good care of your brother. You've done well thus far, and I'm proud of you.
Mary: I'm afraid my time grows short, my sons, and I must say goodbye. But I'm so glad I got the chance to see you both again. You're so dear to me. Sam and Dean, I love you both.
Missouri: Awfully strange. Sam has all those powers and still doesn't sense you're here. Are you certain you're really going to let them go like that? Do you not want to see your sons again?
John: It's still too soon.
Sam: I think her spirit's still alive, but Missouri said she couldn't feel anything anymore.

Dean: Well, I guess she must have gone to a better place, then. That's what you said. You still believe that, don't you?

Sam: Yeah, I still do. I have to believe that.

Trivia & References

John's voicemail message says: "You've reached John Winchester. If this is an emergency, please leave a message. If this is in regards to 11-2-88, please leave your present latitude and longitude."

Lost in Translation

The picture of the Winchesters that Jenny finds in her basement has writing on the back. It is in English and reads:
Loving wife Mary Winchester
Dean & Sam Winchester
When Jenny reads it aloud, however, she says: "With mom and Mary... the last name is smudged. Winchester?"