1.03 You're Lost Little Girl

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Title You're Lost Little Girl
Episode # Season 1, Episode 3
First aired October 25, 2022
Directed by Claudia Yarmy
Written by Gabriel Alejandro Garza
On IMDB You're Lost Little Girl
Monster Demons
Bori Baba
Location(s) Lawrence, Kansas
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Dean: There's no map to being a hunter. No playbook. You gotta follow your gut. But that can only take you so far. Truth is, you can't do it all on your own. You need other people to help guide the way... Your friends, your family. Otherwise you just end up lost.

A young girl, Carrie, calls her mom on a CB radio, sad that she has lost her stuffed bunny Bernice. Suddenly a hessian sack appears on the floor in the girl's bedroom, along with Bernice. As Carrie grabs the toy a figure appears from the sack and pulls her into it before disappearing.

Mary is still worried about finding her dad, and confesses to John that last time they were together they argued about her desire to leave hunting. John suggests she take a break and see a movie, but she refuses and goes to talk to Ada, As a result of her automatic writing, Ada has accessed the memories of the demon that possessed her, and has a location with his demon accomplice may be. Carlos and Ada head off to take it out.

Getting a call that a Carrie, her neighbor, has gone missing, Mary arrives to see what has happened. At the house, a police officer Betty Donelon in attendance turns out to know John. She has contacted the kids' mother, who asked that Mary look after Ford. The kid tells Mary what he didn't tell the cops - that he saw something emerge from a sack and grab Carrie. In Carrie's bedroom, John asks Mary how she imagines her life after hunting, but she reveals that hunting is all she has known. they find a scrap of a hessian sack, that may be a clue. In the Campbell home, Mary shows John how to ward the house with hex bags,. They tell Ford that monsters are real and that they are part of a 'monster club' that hunts them. They warn Ford to stay inside and head to the clubhouse.

Carlos is getting bored at the stakeout, although he comments that he likes the music being played by new pirate radio DJ Rockin' Roxy. Ada calmy prunes a bonsai tree. When the demon appears they fight it, and manage to throw it into the back of Carlos' van, which has a devil's trap on the roof.

Lata identifies the sack as being from Northern India, adn over 1000 years old based on the writing on it. She identifies the creature as Bori Baba or Father Sack which lures its victims with an item they are emotionally attached to. John asks if her parents might be able to help, but Mary reveals that Lata's parents died years ago. However she agrees to phone some relatives in India to see if they have any information. mary notes that this is the second unusual monster they have encountered.

Back at the Campbell house, Ford thinks he hears Carrie's voice calling to him, and goes outside, beyond the protective warding. He sees one of Carrie's pink hair clips, next to a sack, and as he retrieves it, he too is taken! Mary and John arrive to find him gone, and John has to hurriedly make up a cover story when Betty arrives to check on the kid. As they chat it becomes obvious that they were in a relationship which Betty broke off before John went to Vietnam. After Betty leaves, Mary calls John on the CB in Carrie's bedroom. She's decided she must go and protect the children - inside Bora Bani's lair. Despite John's protestations, she thinks of her father, and the sack appears with his hat in it. As she picks up the hat, Bori Baba pulls her in.

Carlos and Ada have the demon trapped in a circle of salt. Ada reminds him that a demon can possess any living thing, and threatens him with a spell that would trap him inside the bonsai. The demon tells them that they made a deal with the akrida, and that they know the leader is hiding inside a woman. Ada then uses a spell to trap the demon inside the small tree, pointing out that this gives them access to him if they need him again, and it prevents him from talking to other demons in hell about what has happened.

At the clubhouse, Lata hasn't found any answers. John is desperate, and she admits there is one more call she can make. She makes the call, and speaking Urdu gets the information they need, and tells the caller to tell her mother that she's okay. Lata tells John that the creature is vulnerable outside the sack, but to get Mary and the kids out first,m they must let go of their attachment to whatever drew them in. Trying to figure out how to contact them, John figures that maybe in all the things its collected, there might be a CB radio.

In the monster's lair, which is a labyrinth filled with all the objects it has collected over the centuries. Mary finds Ford and Carrie and then hears John's voice. She finds a room filled with electronics, and finds a CB radio that lets her communicate with John. He tells her that they must give up the thing they are attached too, and the kids easily do this. However when Mary tries to destroy her father's hat, nothing happens, John coaches her, telling her let go of being afraid of what her life will be like after hunting. With that the hat burns, and MAry returns to Carries' bedroom. Bora Babi, enraged, crawls out of the sack, but is headed by John. Carrie stomps on the head "Stupid Monster!".

The kids are reunited with their mom, and Betty thanks John, apparently buying their story that Carrie had just wandered off. She also returns to John a ring - they were engaged. Betty says she's like to continue as friends and John agrees. Mary has decided to have a break, and goes to the movies. She's short on ticket money, and a guy pays for her, suggesting they see the movie together, and she agrees.

Outside where she is running her pirate radio station, and Akrida skuttles up and drops a piece of Bora Babi's sack at her feet. Roxy is the one possessed by the Akrida, and she extracts some more monster essence from the scrap of material.




  • "Restless Feeling" by Elderberry Jak
(playing on the radio during Carlos and Ada's stakeout)
  • "Something Got Into Your Life" by Spooky Tooth
(plays as John races to stop Mary from making her wish)
  • "Woke Up This Morning" by Morgen
(plays as Mary buys a ticket to see The Omega Man)
  • "Spooky" by Percy Sledge
(plays over the ending montage)


Mary: Last time I talked to my Dad, we got into a really huge argument about quitting hunting. And I don't know, I just feel like him being out there, him leaving me behind to worry, it just feels like he's giving me the silent treatment.
Mary: My parents never let me dream like that. Being a kid who killed monsters was my only option.
John: You know, when I was a kid, I, um... I made this list of all of these places I was gonna go to look for my dad. Kept it for years, crossing off destinations, adding more. Enough time goes by... all you see is a list, you know?
Mary: Hey. Ford, can you keep a secret? Okay. My friends and I, we take care of things like you saw.

Ford: Like a monster club?
John: Absolutely like monster club.
Ford: Can I be in the monster club?

Mary: Yeah, but as long as you remember the first rule: monster club is a secret. Got it?
Carlos: Muchas gracias for ending my pain, amigo. Allow me to start yours.
Ada: Amazing. That little tree can live for hundreds of years. Imagine being trapped that long, unable to scream or fight for centuries.
Carlos: Don't look at me, dude. This one's full of surprises today. I mean, she could have a hundred demons in that tree, for all I know.
Demon Jack: The Akrida can't be stopped. Even with that thing working, there's too many of them. Me and my buddy, we went AWOL from hell. Crossed lines to make a deal with the Akrida. We get them that box, they let us live when they destroy all life on the planet.
John: Hey, this morning, I saw the look in your eyes when I asked you about life after hunting. You couldn't even look me in the face. Why?

Mary: Because... because, uh, if we find my dad, then I'm done hunting, and hunting... hunting is all I have. I'm not like you, John. I never dreamed I could do anything else. I was raised to hunt, and... if I give up hunting, I don't know who I am.

John: Yeah, I know the feeling. I spent my entire life looking for my dad. Maybe... Hey, but I'm trying to find a new way. With the monster club.
Rockin' Roxy: This is Rockin' Roxy, coming at you in the witching hour with a new dark and dangerous sound. It's guaranteed to bring the rarest of hell-raisers from near and far to our beloved Lawrence. So raise the volume and tune in.

Trivia & References

"You're Lost Little Girl" is taken from the second track from The Doors' sophomore album Strange Days.
The kids' names of Carrie and Ford are references to Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford who played Princess (later General) Leia and Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise.
Carrie: Breaker, breaker one three. Come in, Big Rig Mama. This is Twinkle Star calling.
"Big Mamma" and "Twinkle Star" are examples of handles that people using CB radios use, in 13.11 Breakdown Dean uses the handle "Midnight Rider" when going undercover as a trucker. There is a whole specific vocabulary of terms used on CB radios, for example "breaker, breaker" is used to signal the start of a transmission.
Carlos: This new pirate radio DJ cooks up a tasty ear palate.
A pirate radio station is one that operates without a valid broadcast license. Also called Free Radio in the 1960s, they are often part of political movements.
Mary: Well, you can take a break if you need to. You can see "The Omega Man." But I'm gonna check in with Ada, see if she knows something.
The Omega Man is a 1971 thriller, based on Richard Matheson's book "I Am Legend", set after biological weapons kill most of humanity starring Charlton Heston and Rosalind Cash. A kiss between Heston and Cash was one of the first interracial kisses to appear in a movie. Cash's character Lisa was inspired by the members of the Black Panther movement. Dean referenced the movie in 2.09 Croatoan.
Carlos: Just drove by your place. And cop cars everywhere at your neighbor's house. Looked like an episode of "Dragnet."
Dragnet was a 1950s cop show that ran for 8 seasons. Narrated by the lead character Sergeant Joe Friday (played by Jack Webb) it claimed that "The stories you are about to see are true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent."
John: I mean, what did Mary Campbell want to be when she grew up? Doctor? Lawyer? An astronaut. I mean, come on. There had to be something. See, I wanted to be a catcher for the Kansas City Athletics.
Kansas City Athletics are a baseball team. In the Wishverse from 2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be, John played in a softball team.
John: Okay, so not something you'd find in a Woolworths catalog?
Woolworths began as a 'five and dime' store and grew into a department store chain. It closed its last US store in 1983. It is not related to the Australian supermarket chain of the same name.


We find out that Deanna and Samuel Campbell were separated before he went missing.
Demon Jack: Holy water? Way out of your league, slick.
This is similar to Azazel telling Sam "You think something like that works on something like me?" in 1.22 Devil's Trap. However, Azazel showed no visible effects from contact with holy water unlike this demon, who simply didn't react to the burning.
Mary: My dad taught me how to use one when I was Carrie's age. Had me scan the dial and listen for hunter code words in the chatter.
Mary learned how to use a CB from Samuel, and John uses one to communicate with Mary in the Bora Baba lair. In 13.11 Breakdown, when Sam complains about Dean using a CB radio, Dean mentions that "Dad used it all the time."
When Mary wakes up inside Bori Baba's bag, a mannequin head that bears a striking resemblance to Jensen Ackles can be seen in the foreground.

Mary: A Colombian hag and now North Indian bogeyman. Do you guys find it weird that we're coming across so many wayward monsters?
The term "wayward" may be a reference to the Wayward Daughters fan movement, and the previous attempted Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters.
The theatre in Lawrence called the "Carver" is the name of the actual theater in New Orleans used for filming, and may be also a nod to Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver .

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