1.13 Defend the Ranch

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Title Defend the Ranch
Episode # Season 1, Episode 13
First aired June 10th 2021
Directed by Alex Pillai
Written by Seamus Kevin Fahey Anna Fricke
On IMDB Defend the Ranch
Outline Walker’s past comes back with a vengeance and it threatens the very thing he loves the most – his family.
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Things pick up right where last episode ended. The Rodeo Kings have the Walker Ranch surrounded. Liam has just been shot is on the ground bleeding. Walker is at gun point with Clint. The rest of the Walker clan, including Hoyt runs outside and Abeline screams when she sees Liam on the ground. Clint tells everyone not to move. Walker is asked to take off his holster. Walker pleads to take Liam inside and Clint tell him that he is dead now and wants everyone to go inside for a chat. Trevor can't even look Stella in the eyes for what had just happened. Clint promises that no one else will get hurt if everyone just does what he wants. Clint extends a hand to Abeline to help her up and she refuses. Everyone is sitting at the kitchen table and Trevor ties everyone up. Walker wants to know what Clint wants. Clint wants his wife back. Clint and Hoyt have exchange of words and Walker askes again what he wants. Clint's first request is to get Adrianna(aka Micki) to bring Jaxson to the Walker ranch. Walker calls Micki and is asking about Jaxson and thinks its a good idea to question him. Micki tells him that everyone is working on it and reminds of his DPS hearing at 4:00pm. Walker is unable to bring a fugitive to the ranch as it will raise flags. Clint's 2ndd request to for Walker to show him all the pretty horses they have. Walker, again tries to reason with Clint expressing that he already killed Liam. Clint is adamant that action does not make them square and that he wanted to look around to see everything that Walker could potentially lose. Walker is angered by this. Bonham pulls up to ranch, oversees Hoyt's truck. Bonham is walking towards the compound with gun in hand when he sees Liam on the ground. Bonham tells Liam that he is going to get him out of there and brings him to a safe place.

Bonham tells Liam to put pressure on the wound and gives him some pills that he just picked up for himself. Liam questions where these came from. Liam is weak and tells Bonham about Clint West having everyone inside. Bonham calls Micki and in a cryptic way asks Micki for some help on the ranch. Micki tells him that she is pretty busy at the moment and will check in later. As this is happening, Clint shows up with Abeline at gun point. Clint tells Bonham to take his son and follow him. Clint takes the pills and cell phone away. Walker is pleading with Trevor regarding his mother's death and how Clint has been lying. Hoyt has successfully untied himself and tells Stella to not do the same. Clint walks in with Bonham and a weak Liam. Liam is taking to one of the back rooms. Clint points the gun towards Bonham's head as he questioned how a father could have his boy mixed up in all of this. Hoyt comes to the aid to distract Clint. Clint is not happy and pushes Hoyt down to the ground. Walker has had enough and demands Clint to tell him what he wants. Walker will do anything as long as he stops. Clint wants Walker to rob a bank. Clint tells Walker that he is sitting this one out as he wants to get to know the family better and that Walker will be doing the robbery with some help. The help will come from Hoyt. Hoyt gives a smirk to Clint as pulls himself from the floor as he escaped from the rope. Clint is outside now with Walker(who has just gotten changed) and Hoyt. Clint reminds them that they need to do exactly what he says as someone will be watching. Hoyt suggests that they take the '67 Mustang as they should break the law in style. Clint is wearing Walker's holster and proceeds to give an unloaded weapon to use in the heist. Micki, back at the police station, talks to James about the phone call that she received from Bonham and is concerned. James calls Walker, who is reminded by Clint to not speak in code as he can tell. Walker is cool and calm speaking with James. James is checking in and reminds him of his DPS hearing at 4:00pm. James doesn't really sense that thing are off with Walker but Micki thinks otherwise. Clint tells Walker that he will watch his family and someone will be watching them during the robbery. Walker and Hoyt leave the ranch. Liam is screaming in pain. Stella and August are pleading with Trevor. Trevor tells them that no one was suppose to get hurt and they should just follow his father's directions. Stella tells Trevor that the situation will get worse if he does not let them help Liam. Clint walks back in and Trevor convinces his father to have Stella and August go and check in on their uncle. Clint agrees and reminds Trevor to remember what side his is on. Walker and Hoyt pull up to Texas Saving and Loan bank. Hoyt is observing what they have in front of them. Walker apologizes for getting Hoyt mixed up in all of this and the only reason why is that he betrayed the trust by kissing Geri. Hoyt reminds him that they are best friends and that he will always be here and that because he is an outlaw is the only way they get this job done. Hoyt tells Walker to follow his lead. Back at the ranch, Stella has the first aid kit and Liam is losing a lot of blood. August pulls away the blood soaked gauze and they put a new one on. Clint tells Trevor to keep an eye on them and hands him a gun. Clint is speaking with Abeline and Bonham about betrayal and trust. Clint receives text that they are going into the bank and Clint proceeds to call 911 to report a robbery in progress so Walker can feel the same pain as what he and his wife went through. Walker walks into the bank first, then Hoyt as they are about to put on a show. Walker approaches the teller, and Hoyt then puts a gun to his side and askes very nicely for the bags of money in the vault. Walker has a stunned look on his face. Hoyt tells the security guard to kick his loaded weapon over to him and puts it in his belt buckle. They take the money and overhear the police sirens and they high tail it out of there with a police car chasing after them.

Hoyt and Walker have lost the police trail. Hoyt jokes that he will write him a note as why he is missing the DPS hearing. As they cross the bridge, Micki's truck approaches. Micki is concerned on what is exactly going on. Hoyt jokes about "Team Sassy Boots" being together again. Micki is upset and angered and approaches the car to see the bags of money. She threatens to call it in but Walker tells her that they need to follow through with this as his family is all in danger and it is his fault and he needs to fix this. Micki lets Walker and Hoyt leave but will keeping a close eye. Clint is still talking to Bonham and Abeline but this time about Wyatt Earp, as he was both a criminal and lawman just like Walker. Clint opens up a drawer and see a fancy looking pocket knife(that Abeline uses for mushroom hunting) and puts it in his pocket. He pulls out the pain pills that he took from Bonham and wonders what they are used for. Clint figures out that Bonham has cancer and has not told anyone. Clint confronts them that they should be telling each other everything. In the back bedroom, Liam is getting weaker and paler, he is joking to Stella about the biggest worry was the headscar and that he was thankful that he ended up staying when he did. Liam tells August that he knows this is hard but that he will need to be strong and be here for everyone. They tell him to stop saying "goodbye". Stella and August plead once again to Trevor to call for some help. Stella reminds Trevor to try to remember the person he wanted to be when he wanted to get away from his father and all of this. Stella is in tears looking at Liam and August assures her that it will be okay Trevor hands over his cell phone to Stella, who then calls Trey, who is watching soccer highlights. Stella tells Trey he can't call the police and that Liam got shot in the chest. Trey askes who shot him but Stella can't tell him. She turns the camera around towards to wound and Trey walks her and August through how to help him. Trey tells them that they need to stop the bleeding by cortorizing it. There is branding iron in the barn. Trey tell them to make sure it is hot. Trey is walking Stella through the procedure where she needs to sterilized the wound and the blade. Trey tells her to cut to relieve the pressure all the way to the wound. Stella puts pressure on it and Trevor walks in with the hot Iron. Stella jokes that Liam will now have a new tattoo. August proceeds to place the hot iron on the wound. Liam screams in pain, alerting Clint, who runs back into the room and is wondering what is going on. He sees that Trey is on the phone and take its and smashes it to the ground. Trevor apologizes but that he had to help because he was dying. Clint reminds them that that was the whole point.

Walker and Hoyt pull up in the ranch. Clint, Trevor, Walker's family and the Rodeo kings are all outside. Walker wants this to finally end and Clint tells him that since the family went rogue, he has not gotten what he came her for. He wants Walker to suffer. Again, Clint tells Trevor that Walker is the reason why his Crystal is dead. At the same moment, Hoyt get a shot off and everyone scatters. Gunfire is exchanged and Stella jumps into the Mustang and runs over one of the Rodeo Kings. Bonham shoots one of them down and is protecting Stella. Hoyt sees Clint throw his and thinks that he has gotten him. He approaches the truck. Clint, takes out the knife that he had taken before and Clint jams the blade into Hoyt's abdomen. Clint runs away and Walker sees Hoyt stumbling and runs towards him catching him as he is falling to the ground. The rest of the Walker family, runs towards him as well and Abeline and Stella scream. Bonham is filled with sorrow. Hoyt, as he is dying. tells the Walker family how much he loves them. Hoyt takes Walker's hand and holds it while he dies. Walker is not only feeling sadness but now guilt and anger. Walker, in the same way that Geri closed Emily's eyes when she died, he closes Hoyt's eyes. Clint, points the gun at Walker's head and tell him that he needed to take someone close to him. Walker finally realizes what Clint wanted and is now feeling the same...Revenge. Walker takes Clint by the arm and they struggle. Walker gets some kicks and punches in. Trevor takes his gun and shoots a warning shot up in the air. Micki runs towards the direction, calling for backup. Trevor is asking why Clint didn't come home. Clint tells him that Walker(Duke at the time) talked him out of it. Walker admits to this but that he was doing this as part of his job and it's all about humanity. Micki shows up and tells Trevor that his mother cared about him so much as she was trying to go see him and that the person to not blame is the one who tried to stop it but the one who has killed before. Trevor puts down the gun as he just wants all of this to end. Clint, sees a gun on the ground and points it towards Walker's direction. A gunshot goes off and thinking that Clint got his shot off, Walker checks himself and is stunned when he sees Liam standing with his newly branded tattoo with a gun in hand as his shot hit Clint, killing him. Walker runs to Liam and hugs him, they fall to the ground and Stella and August join in. Police backup has just arrived and pans out to Abeline and Bonham next to Hoyt's body, Micki consoling Trevor.

At the police station, Walker is still shaken and distraught. Captain James extends his condolences regarding Hoyt and also askes about Liam. They both agree that what Trey did saved his life. Walker askes about the DPS hearing and due to recent events is only giving Walker 2-weeks of probation. Walker, angered tells James that this is not right and that his past caught up to him and he got his best friend killed, brother almost killed and endangered his kids and parents. Walker tells James that he needs to do better and that right now he can't do this(meaning the job). Walker places his Texas Ranger badge on the desk and walks out.



  • "I Feel A Good One Coming On" by Jimmy Hunsucker And The Truck Drivers

(Bonham carries Liam to safety)

  • "Aim for the Heart"(Instrumental Version) by Federale

(Hoyt and Walker take the Mustang)

  • "Troubled Tracks" by Cowboy and Indian

(Hoyt and Walker get ready in the Mustang and follow Hoyt's lead; and James gives Walker his condolences; Walker asks about his DPS hearing)

  • "Brass Tacks" by Not in the Face

(Walker and Hoyt rob the bank)

  • "Willow" by Blackwater Holylight

(Walker and Hoyt run into a waiting Micki and tell her what's going on.

  • "Weapon of Choice" by Black Rebel Motorcylce Club

( Brawl at Walker ranch then turns to standoff; Micki arrives, and Liam shoots Clint)

  • "Moon Begins" by Florist

(The Walker Family hugs)


Clint: "Oh my lord, We got a whole family of criminals and outlaws right here. This is why I love a little get to know ya."
Clint: "Papa Walker doesn't mess around, he pissed you didn't take up the family business?"
Walker: "If he wasn't before, he should be now."
Bonham: "You go easy with my boy!"
Clint: "Only seems right that the bank robber who inspired the imposter helps him do the real thing now."
Hoyt: "If we're breaking the law, you mind if we do it in style?"
Micki: Hey Captain, you have a minute."

Captain James: "Is this a door open or door closed kind of a... thing"
Micki:: "This is actually about Walker."

'Captain James: "Usually is."
Clint: "Best of Luck."
Hoyt: "Luck's got nothing to do with it."
Clint: "Remember whose side you're on." Don't let them get in your head."
Trevor: "There's no room. You're the only one there."
Hoyt: "I'll kick your ass when we get through this."

Walker: (short chuckle)
Hoyt: "Listen, life put me here, at this exact moment, parked in an alley, behind the bank, with my best friend who need me. Maybe for the first time in God knows how long."

Walker: "Nah brother, I've always needed you."
Hoyt: "Chris, look at that. That was Daytona 500 pit stop fast, thank you kindly."
Walker: "Our shadow high tailed it, but we have got to move!
Hoyt: " Well, it's a good thing your best friend also happens to be a wheelman."
Walker: "But please, let me go home and fix this, Please."

Micki: "Okay, just know that I won't be far and I'll be listening."
Walker: "Thank you, Flor."

Micki: "Damnit, Beau."
Stella: "Whoa, Whoa whoa, Whoa, Whoa. So we're gonna operate on him?"
Trey: "Stella, don't think. Act. Now. or your uncle's gonna die."
Stella: "Hey you earned yourself a new tattoo."
Clint: "We didn't come for the money."
Trevor: "Then what did we come here for?"
Hoyt: "Oh man, that's not good."
Hoyt: "I love y'all."

Walker: "Don't you dare. Don't do it."
Hoyt: "I always knew it'd end up this way, Buddy. Hmmmm."
Walker: "Hoyt?!?"

Abelene: "No."
Clint: "Needed to take one from you myself. Now you know how it feels."
Walker: "Who do you want to be, Trevor? In this moment? Do you want to be who he expects you to be?

Clint: "You shut up."

Walker: "Or do you want to be me?"
James: "Look, I am sorry about Hoyt'"

Walker: "Yeah."

James: "How's Liam holding up?"
Walker: "What's the word on the DPS Commission?"

James: "They said that in light of recent events..."
Walker: "It's OK. Yeah, let me guess. Two weeks probation?"
James: "Yeah"

Walker: "That's not right. That's not right. You know that. James, my past caught up with me. And I got my best friend killed. I almost got my brother killed. I put my kids' lives at risk. My parents. And for what? You were right. You were right. We have to do better. I - I have to do better. And uh, right now, I can't do this."

Trivia & References

When Clint takes Walker out to the barn he says "Show me all the pretty horses." "Pretty Horses" is the title of a 1992 novel by Cormac McCarthy.

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