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Title Mehar's Jacket
Episode # Season 1, Episode 14
First aired June 17th 2021
Directed by Diana Valentine
Written by Casey Fisher
Outline Walker takes Stella and August on a road trip to discuss some devastating news. Meanwhile, Captain James enlists the help of Micki and Trey to find a missing military veteran.
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Still reeling from what just occurred on the Walker Family ranch with Clint and losing Hoyt, Walker and Bonham start cleaning the police tape and getting the ranch in order. Walker is feeling extremely guilty for what he has put his kids through. Abeline is watching from the window as she is tending to Liam as he is resting in bed. His phone rings and it is someone who wants a comment about what happened with Clint West. Abeline grabs the phone and hangs it up. Liam expressed that he can take care of himself and Abeline disagrees. Geri pulls up to the ranch and Bonham gives his condolences as Geri has tears in her eyes. Walker comes up and hugs her. Geri immediately asks how the kids are doing, in which Walker replies they are going their best. Geri is wearing one of the only jackets Hoyt owned. Geri hands Walker a bar coaster that has Hoyt's last will and testament. He had brought a piece of land in TangleWood as something that him and Geri could live on. The sale of the land fell through when Hoyt died. Geri askes Walker about helping her go and grab his personal belongings and wants to include the kids and make a day of it. Walker thinks that Hoyt would of loved it but that he has to do something first. Walker is at the police station meeting with Connie, who has his Leave of absence paperwork. All Walker has to do is sign it and its official. Walker hesitates for a quick second then signs. Walker makes a joke about how is a joe-citizen now. Connie expresses that they all want to respect his process. He sees Micki at her desk and jokes about filing a report on a lost hat. Walker thanks Micki for the flowers that were sent in honor of Hoyt. Micki suggests a new taco truck for lunch as they had plans but Walker explains that he has to tie some loose ends with Geri and the kids and promises to have lunch with her next week. Micki is thrown off by this but quickly accepts. Micki leaves and Walker is left feeling bad. Geri, Walker, Stella and August all have stopped to grab lunch at Meusebach Brothers. Stella is listening to a voice message that Trevor has left. They come back to the table and start talking about memories of a Christmas they had of Hoyt and how the first Santa he remembers was Hoyt. Micki and Trey are having lunch having small talk regarding the awkward exchange that she had with Walker. Trey is quick in saying that everyone has suffered a "loss" and that everyone needs time. Trey starts to quote of Adrianna's psychology books and Micki stops him from being the "2nd" shrink of the family. Trey is please to hear the word family. The doorbell rings and its Captain James. He is there to ask about a missing marine(Louis Kirk) and that Trey was the last one to interact with him before his "disappeared" and needs to know what that conversation was about. Walker and Geri are walking with the homeowner and explains that the personal affects of Hoyt's are most likely "grazing". As they approach, Stella and August are with four horses, a llama. The kids right away want to ride them and keep them. Geri then jumps in and tells Walker this is the distraction they all need. Walker agrees to ride them and bring them home.

Trey is telling Captain James and Micki about the exchange that he had with Louis after his PT session as he was teaching him some judo and the woman who reported them fighting overreacted. James askes Trey to ride along with the case as he knows a lot of Louis. Louis at CTE(brain injury) and his family means the world to him. Trey grabs his coat and Micki askes if James can be her partner until Walker comes back. Walker, Geri and the kids are riding the horses down the trail. Walker is really happy that they are all doing this together and they talk about how what happened keeps they both up at night. Walker blames himself and Geri tells him that none of it is on him. Walker notices Stella lagging behind and waits for her. Stella is reading the last text from Hoyt regarding her court case. Stella is blaming herself for everything that happened because she brought Trevor and Clint into the circle. Walker explains that Clint was a troubled person and that none of this is on her. The llama is making some painful noises and Walker is concerns about its health. He suggests leaving it with someone who can take care of it. August is upset when he hears this and tells him they cant just leave it. Geri assures him that things will be okay and hands the jacket to August to distract him and tells him that Hoyt wanted him to have it as it is a "lucky" jacket. Walker hangs back and is going to drop the llama off. Geri rides along with the kids. Bonham is shooing away some reported and is doing some work on the ranch. Abeline comes outside and tell him to stop working as Liam needs his rest. Abeline then switches to how he is working all the time and wont bother with taking care of himself and make an appointment with the doctor. Bonaham jokes that how quickly she turns her concern from son to him. Abeline assures him that she actually cares. Bonham continues to work. Walker explains to the kids about how the llama is better off. The kids are upset that he didn't even try with the llama. As Walker is lecturing, Stella tells him to stop and giddies up her horse to cross the ravine. Walker and his horse quickly follow.

Walker tells Stella to remain calm and that she is safe. He has works with both Stella and August about the llama being left behind and that they didnt even try. Walker says that they all agreed to have a nice time but Stella reminds him that this decision was made after "they" made the choice to leave the llama that Hoyt left them behind. Walker and Geri look at each other as to say that Stella has a good point that Walker made a decision without consulting them. Trey. James and Micki are speaking with Louis's wife. She tells them that he left a note expressing that he was going to fix everything. Mrs. Kirk explains that if they don't pay the bank that everything this own will be foreclosed on. They take a look at the garage where they find an empty gun safe, a fridge full of protein powder and a picture of him in uniform but with no patch, which means he could be doing some black op missions. Stan Morrison is at the family ranch to bring some BBQ to his competition for DA. Abeline is in protective mode and tells Bonham that Liam cant have BBQ. Bonham tells Abeline to not worry and that he wants to make new memories with her and that he wants take her mushroom hunting as he knows how important that is to her. The kids, Geri and Walker are at a horse stable for the night. Walker sees that August is having some trouble with the horse and in a condescending attitude, August tells Walker that horse could just be "scared" of not knowing where her boy is(pertaining to the llama that the mare was taking care of). Geri and Stella are setting up hay beds. They are talking about how Hoyt was the best, he had a big heart. Geri tells Stella to not let Trevor consume her as other people need her. Again, Stella blames herself for all of this happening. Geri tells her that the only crime she committed was letting "love in". Stan is talking to Liam joking about which speech at Walker/Emily's wedding was the best. Stan tells Liam that he needs this challenge for DA as if he doesn't try that he may regret having the chance to make a difference. Trey, James and Micki are riding in the car. Connie tells them that Louis's last mission was 2 years ago and that he was denied to re-up due to a brain injury. Trey comes up with a suggestion based off the fact that Louis was losing weight. They agree that maybe he was preparing for a fight for prize money, which would solve his money issues. Trey makes a call and finds out there is a fight happening that evening. Both Stella and August are asleep, Geri is making sure they are comfortable. Walker goes down memory lane with how after junior year bonfire, they snuck into a barn and drank 190 proof alcohol. Geri wonders if this is what Hoyt would of actually wanted in which Walker suggested them together then quickly includes the kids. Geri and Walker both admit that that they underestimated Hoyt because they knew that if Hoyt didn't expect the world from him that he wouldn't have let people down. They all expected the world of Hoyt due to the light and loyalty he brought. Walker blames himself again by thinking he is the one who disappointed Hoyt. Geri reminds Walker that he couldn't stop Hoyt from fighting along side him even if he tried. Geri tells Walker that the last thing she said to Hoyt was "no". Walker tells Geri that he made a lot of mistakes after the death of Emily and that he should of been around all the people that loves him. Geri thanks Walker as he tells her that she is still on the lease as part owner of the SIDE STEP as he wants her to have a spot with them if she wants it. Geri decides that she wants to go to bed. Walker hears the horse naying and making noise. He apologizes to the horse for leaving "his" boy behind and that he should have known better. He sees the rope hanging and decides that he wants to go and fix this.

Trey, James and Micki are at the place where the fights are happening. They is no sign of Louis but Trey doesn't give up. He speaks to the head of the fighting ring and with some encouragement from Micki, thretning to shut the place down, he shows them where Louis is. Abeline and Bonham are having a really good time sharing in laughter. Abeline appreciates what he has done for her. Bonham says that this night is all about Hoyt and that he knows how much he meant to Abeline. He decides that he want to build something and grabs Liam, Stan and a whole pile of 2x4's and nails. Walker is walking with the llama back to the horse but is struggling walking up the tough ravine. Trey is trying to convince Louis to not fight with a brain injury. Trey takes his shirt off and will fight in his place. Micki stops Trey and reminds him of his brain injury. Micki is closer in weight with Louis so she decides that she wants to help and is going to fight instead. James jokes that he was never there and they will play along. Geri and the kids come across Walker trying to walk with the llama up the tough terrain. Stella reminds him that this is the same reason that he yelled at her before. Walker tells her that it was more of a teachable moment. August comes up with the plan to wrap the rope around the jacket to make a harness to pull up the llama. Walker commends him for the quick thinking. In a moment of dealing with a crisis, Walker decides to apologize to the kids about leaving the llama behind and that he appreciates that he can always count on them for anything and he is realizing this just now. Geri stops this heartfelt moment to refocus on getting Walker and llama to safety. Walker tells the kids that the llama is a she and is about to give birth.

At the boxing match, Micki is in the ring and is putting up a great fight. Micki puts the opponent in a choke hold and the bells sounds. She won the fight and gives the prize money to Louis. Back at the ranch, Bonham, Abeline, Stan, and Liam are building a memorial stable from the took shed. Liam is texting with Bret, who wants to talk this evening on the phone. Bonham reminds Abeline that Liam and Walker do not need saving. Abeline realizes that she has been trying to change the past by controlling the people she has left. Bonham understands what she was doing and decided to make an appointment for radiation treatment and would love for her to go with him. Back at Micki and Trey's place, Trey is looking at her hand as she may have jammed it. Micki sees the connection with helping out Louis's family and how she was passive aggressive towards Walker. Micki is afraid to trust something that she doesn't want to lose. Walker, Geri and the kids are almost home. August is holding the little baby that was just born. Walker and Geri are happy that they did this but that Geri wants to leave as she realizes that there still a lot of unsaid feelings between them, they are both afraid to talk about it and that the loss of Hoyt has hit hard. Walker reluctantly agrees and Geri tells the kids that she loves them and goes off on her way.

The kids, Walker, the horses, the llama and baby are met by Bonham. Geri had called before to let them know that the horses and llamas were left for them. Bonham jokes that he has a no tolerance policy for llamas but that its okay because what they have are alpacas and not llamas and that Walker should of known this. Walker is shocked to see that this alpaca barn was constructed. Bonham tells him that they(Stan, Liam and Abeline) had done most of the heavy lifting. Walker has a tear in his eye as this means a lot. Bonham takes the baby from August and askes what they are going to name it. August says "Hoyt" They all agree that that is a wonderful name. At breakfast, Stan makes a speech about feeling blessed and hands over an envelope of money to Liam. This is Liam's first donation to his campaign for DA. Bonham jokes that he knew that this was his alternative motive all along to try to split the progressive votes. Walker fist pumps Stan. Walker sees Micki's truck pull up and runs outside. Stella calls Trevor and leaves a message about how she thinks that the past is the past and that she needs to move on as other people in her life need her. Micki has his missing hat. Walker sees the bruise under her eye and askes what happened. Micki jokes that she is unable to talk about official ranger business with a civilian. Micki apologizes for her behavior of holding a grudge for him leaving as all she knows is having him with her being rangers. Walker shrugs it off. Micki holds out her hand to shake it and Walker pulls her in for a hug. Micki admits that that she kind of happy as they now can be friends instead of just partners. Walker tells Micki that there aren't just friends, they are family. Micki smiles and then sees that they now have an alpaca and runs over. She comments on how beautiful the mother and her baby is. Walker has a moment disbelief that Micki was able to tell that the baby was a "she". Micki jokes that most people can tell right away. Walker smirks and then sees the "in memory" of Hoyt in the wood fencing.



  • "When You Were Young" by Wiretree

(Walker and Gerri talk about Hoyt at the ranch.)

  • "All I Ever Known" by A.O. Gerber

(Walker and Gerri talk about Hoyt in the barn)

  • "The Architect’s Hand" by AHI

(Abilene and Bonham talk about Hoyt)

  • "Azarole" by Oakra

(Micki's fight)

  • "Here In Between" by The Daybreaks

(Arriving back at the ranch.)

  • "Starting Over" by Lindsey Rae

(Stella leaves voice mail for Trevor)


Walker: "Where do we start?"
Bonham: "One thing at at time. You know we're all adrift right now. The work around here gives me purpose. Maybe it can do the same for you."
Walker: "Is this where I report a lost hat?"
Walker: "Next week, you and me. Taco contest."
August: "It took me seven years to figure out that not all Santas wear assless chaps."
August: "Dad, did you know Uncle Hoyt had four horses and a llama?"
Stella: "Oh my God. They're so cute it hurts!"
Micki: "Hey Cap, since Walker is taking his...."
Captain James: "Ramirez, if you want to partner up, just ask."
Walker: "It's nice having everyone on this ride. I mean, I know it's not exactly a picnic, but uh, you know getting out here with the kids, with you, it feels good. It feels right. Yeah."
Stella: "If I knew that was the last time..."

Walker: "Yeah, I - I get that Stella. I mean I have been replaying those moments myself."

Stella: "Yeah, but you weren't responsible for...everything."
Bonham: "I didn't know you could segue from sawing to Cancer."
Abilene: "Liam can't have barbecue. He's on bed rest"
Bonham: "That's cured four generations of Walkers."
Gerri: "His heart was so big Stella."
Stella: "I know. The two of you were always like the dream for me."
Gerri: "Don't just let that boy take up all the space in your head, OK? Not when other people need you."
Stella: "Why would anybody need me when I did this?"
Stan: "Do you remember my toast at Cordi and Em's rehearsal dinner? There wasn't a dry eye in the house. That the best toast of the weekend."
Liam: "I am not gonna renegotiate this with you. But my speech at the wedding was objectively 2.5 time more emotionally stirring. I am weeping...just thinking about it."
Gerri: "I used to think I knew what he wanted. Then I heard about his land. All that he must've dreamt of and...never told me. I underestimated him."

Walker: " Yeah, I think we all did. I think he felt like if people didn't expect too much of him, then he wouldn't let anybody down, you know? But we all expected so the world from him because of all he brought into it. You know, light, loyalty."
Gerri: "Yeah."
Walker: "All these years, he thought he owed my family, and I'm the one who let him down"

Gerri: "You couldn't have kept that boy from fighting for you if you tried."
Walker: (To horse) "You know what? Let's go fix this."
Abilene: "I wanna thank you . I know is isn't easy for you to step out of your comfort zone, you know, to do this for and with me."

Bonham: "Mmmm"

Abilene: "I just wish you'd do more for yourself."
Micki: "Don't worry Lou. Besides, if we're being honest, I was the jiu-jitsu star during our deployment."
Captain James: "Okay listen, I'm not here. I was never here. Do you understand that?"

Micki: "Never where?"
Captain James: "Abs, we clear on that?"

Trey: "Crystal."
Stella: "Are you all right? You went back for the llama? All right, how can we help? You yelled at me doing, like, the exact same thing. Trying to cross this alone."
Walker: "First of all, that was clearly the right advice. Second, I wasn't yelling, Stella. This was a teachable moment."
Walker: "I owe you guys an apology. Uh, all we've been through. That this little guy meant to Hoyt. What Hoyt means to us...I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner, just how much I can count on you. More than I ever imagined. I hope y'all feel the same."
Captain James: "Micki, your partner is rubbing off on you."
Bonham: "He's stronger than you think, you know. He doesn't need saving"
Abilene: "I'm starting to think it wasn't him I was trying to save."
Trey: "You know, you throw a hook as hard as you do, you're bound to hurt something."
Micki: "Given everything, it's still just...still just hard for me trust in something I know I don't want to lose."
Trey: "You all went through a lot. But, he's still here. And you. And me."
Gerri: "Listen, as nice as this was..."

Walker: "Yeah?"
Gerri: "I feel like there's an ocean of unsaid things between us. And we're both too scared to dip a toe in. You know, Hoyt, it reframed everything. I'm sorry. I didn't see it coming, but it hits me hard, Cordi."

Walker: "I understand. Me too."
Bonham: "I got a strict no llama policy. It's a good thing we got an alpaca stable."

Walker: "We got a what?"

Bonham: "You're an idiot. That ain't a llama. What kind of rancher's boy are you?"
Stan: "Is he crying?"
Liam: "Yeah. He's big, but he's a soft touch."
Bonham: "You got a name for this little one?"

August: "Um. Hoyt."
Bonham: "Hoyt. It's a good name.

Abilene: "It's a great name."
Bonham: "You're slicker than snake oil, using my son to split the progressive vote."
Micki: "I was holding a grudge, earlier. And I just didn't know it. Um, my whole ranger journey has been with your jackass, and so, when you left, I just...I felt"

Walker: "Adrift."
Micki: "Yeah."

Walker: "I get it. We're good. Honest."
Micki: "You know, now, I'm kinda looking forward to letting go of the whole partnership thing for a while. Now we can just be friends."
Walker: "Hell, Micki, we're not friends. We're family."

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This epsiode was orginally titled "Trips"

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