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Title Drive
Episode # Season 1, Episode 18
First aired August 12th 2021
Directed by Steve Robin
Written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke
Outline Walker’s world is shattered after receiving shocking news that changes everything.
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Walker has just killed two of Stan's goons and has the gun pointed towards Stan's direction. Stan questions what Walker is going to do now. Walkers tells Stan everything that he has been told and is convinced that Stan killed Emily as he was there with Cali and that since he is DPS commissioner he could get anyone to confess and no one would look into it. Stan tells Walker that he was there that night with Cali but tries to cover up that it was all Cali's idea to pay Mendoza off. Walker figures out that the body next to him is Santos(reporter) that had dirt on him. Walker accuses Stan of being knee deep with North Side Nation. Walker askes Stan if he killed Emily and he tells him no. Walker demands Stan get into the truck and to drop his phone. At gun point, Walker tells Stan to drive. At Stan's house, the Walker Family including Bret, are trying to see where Stan is to let them in. Bonham leaves a voice message as August finds the spare key under the planter and they go in and make themselves at home. Liam is worried about the results of the election and Bret tell him to out his phone away. They compliment on how lovely and expensive his house is. They come across a picture of their dad and mother(at the police station being sworn in as Emily is pregnant with August. Stella jokes on how it was always work before family but that as of late he has been pretty cool lately. At Micki's place, Trey's mother is asking about breakfast tacos. Trey and Micki are holding hands. Micki tells Trey how nice this moment with being a family is and just wants to hold on to this for a while. She asks Trey if it would be cool for her to invite her "mom" to brunch as well. Trey thinks its a wonderful idea. Walker starts to grill Stan. Stan tells him how he got involved in the drug game in the first place and that he became too in deep to leave. Stan tells Walker again he did not kill Emily and Walker knows this to not be the case but need to prove it. Stan tells Walker they are running out of gas, the pull off on the next stop. Walker tells Stan to not try any funny business and takes the keys out of the truck. As Walker is pumping gas, Stan pulls out another cell phone from his pocket and sends an emergency call to Emergency services to all law enforcement telling him he has been taken by Walker.

Walker looks at his phone to see missed calls from Ranger HQ and Captain James and pulls the other phone out of Stan's hands. Stan tell him he had to do what he has to do. Walker can see right through Stan's plan on turning the narrative. At police HQ, everyone is on the phone and place is buzzing, Captain James leaves another VM for Walker then he tells everyone to continue to work, and not get distracted. James calls Micki, who at first is hesitant to answer as she is having a good time with Trey and his mother. James tells Micki about what Walker has done and that he needs her to find him and find out what is going on. Micki returns Walker's phone call. Walker proceeds to tell her about Stan including Mendoza and what happened to Santos. She urges him to bring him in. Walker tells Micki that she is the only one he can trust and he needs her to go off book to protect Mendoza. Micki tells him that she will help and then proceeds to ask Trey for help as well. Bonham and Abeline are sharing in some bourbon and honey, August is exploring around and Liam and Bret are setting up the table with the wedding cake and some decorations. At the same time, August finds a cigar box and Liam receives a message from his office. August opens it up to see two of the orange poker chips that were in the same set that he showed Walker that was purchased by Emily. Liam runs and tells his family about how Walker has Stan. As they are driving, two police cars pull up from Travis County. Walker can sense that they are not friendlies and he is right. They all exchange gun fire as they are shooting at Stan as well as the inside cops don't want him to talk. Walker takes out their tires so they are unable to follow and tells Stan to turn south towards the boarder.



  • I Stay Ready" by MARSHALL

(Walker family explores Stan's very nice house)

  • Good Days" by DR JOE

(Bonham and Abilene pick their signature drink; Liam gets word Walker took Stan hostage; August finds Emily's missing poker chip in Stan's house)

  • Keep on Coming" by DR JOE

(Cops fire on Walker and Stan. Both head for the border)

  • Heavenly Day" by PATTY GRIFFIN

(Micki hosts brunch with Adrianna, Mercedes, Trey and his mother)

  • Late Morning Lullaby" by BRANDI CARLILE

(The Walkers earned a summer together)


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