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Title Drive
Episode # Season 1, Episode 18
First aired August 12th 2021
Directed by Steve Robin
Written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke
Outline Walker’s world is shattered after receiving shocking news that changes everything.
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Walker has just killed two of Stan's goons and has the gun pointed towards Stan's direction. Stan questions what Walker is going to do now. Walkers tells Stan everything that he has been told and is convinced that Stan killed Emily as he was there with Cali and that since he is DPS commissioner he could get anyone to confess and no one would look into it. Stan tells Walker that he was there that night with Cali but tries to cover up that it was all Cali's idea to pay Mendoza off. Walker figures out that the body next to him is Santos(reporter) that had dirt on him. Walker accuses Stan of being knee deep with North Side Nation. Walker askes Stan if he killed Emily and he tells him no. Walker demands Stan get into the truck and to drop his phone. At gun point, Walker tells Stan to drive. At Stan's house, the Walker Family including Bret, are trying to see where Stan is to let them in. Bonham leaves a voice message as August finds the spare key under the planter and they go in and make themselves at home. the compliment on how lovely and expensive his house is. They come across a picture of their dad and mother(at the police station being sworn in as Emily is pregnant with August. Stella expressed how cool her father has been lately. At Micki's place, Trey's mother is asking about breakfast tacos. Trey and Micki are holding hands.



  • I Stay Ready" by MARSHALL

(Walker family explores Stan's very nice house)

  • Good Days" by DR JOE

(Bonham and Abilene pick their signature drink; Liam gets word Walker took Stan hostage; August finds Emily's missing poker chip in Stan's house)

  • Keep on Coming" by DR JOE

(Cops fire on Walker and Stan. Both head for the border)

  • Heavenly Day" by PATTY GRIFFIN

(Micki hosts brunch with Adrianna, Mercedes, Trey and his mother)

  • Late Morning Lullaby" by BRANDI CARLILE

(The Walkers earned a summer together)


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