10.04 Paper Moon

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Title Paper Moon
Episode # Season 10, Episode 4
First aired October 28, 2014
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc
Written by Adam Glass
On IMDB Paper Moon
Outline While Sam and Dean try to enjoy some downtime and recuperate after the ordeal of curing Dean, they get wind of a series of werewolf attacks. While investigating, they come across a familiar face.
Monster Werewolves
Location(s) Durham, Washington
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At a biker bar in Durham, Washington, a woman lures a man outside and then kills him in a very bloody manner.

Sam and Dean are sitting on the banks of a lake, drinking beer from the green cooler, and having some “we time.” The awkward silence is broken when Dean teases Sam about his elbow and his sling. They then proceed to discuss the three kills in the paper. Dean says he needs to work and, despite Sam's concern, the boys decide to pursue the case.

They arrive at the police station, pretending to be game wardens. The sheriff gives them an update about three dead bodies with missing hearts. He also tells them that there was only one witness, Tommy, who is not very reliable. The boys decide it sounds like a werewolf, and they go to the bar to question Tommy.

Sam and Dean head out to a farm where Tommy said he saw the girl that was with the victim from the bar. The boys split up and enter the barn from opposite directions. Dean approaches a woman from behind as she talks on the phone. The woman smells Dean and attempts to run, but she is caught by Sam. The boys are surprised to discover it is Kate, a werewolf they let live during a previous case.

Sam and Dean question Kate who is tied up. She claims to be the killer, and Dean pulls his gun out to kill her. Sam stops him because he is worried that Dean isn't ready for this, and so Sam volunteers to kill her. However, he is interrupted by a call from the Sheriff who tells him about another kill. The boys deduce that the killer can't be Kate. While Sam and Dean are talking, Kate manages to escape.

They use information from Kate's phone to track her to the Lincoln Motel. On the way to the motel, Dean questions Sam's lack of confidence in him and wonders if Sam is ready to get back to hunting after what Sam did to Lester. Neither of the boys want to “start” anything, but they nit-pick at each other and try to blame each other for what happened to Lester. Sam bent a few rules because he had to find Dean, and the boys ride on in uncomfortable silence.

At the motel, Sam and Dean follow a woman, who they think is Kate, into the woods. However, they find that they are tracking Kate's sister, Tasha, who is also a werewolf. Tasha attacks the boys, and Kate intercedes, saving their lives. Tasha escapes.

Sam and Dean take Kate to a restaurant to question her. She explains that her sister was dying from injuries sustained in a car accident. The only way to save her was to turn her into a werewolf. Kate tells them that she, Kate, has never killed anyone who hasn't deserved it and that she has never eaten human hearts. She says that she is prepared to kill herself if she becomes dangerous. However, Tasha has had problems controlling the urges. Dean, who wants to find Tasha, tells Kate that there is a cure, and so Kate agrees to take them to Tasha. Sam is not happy that Dean is tricking Kate, and they argue about what siblings are willing to do to save the other and if it is the right thing to do.

On the way to the rendezvous point with Tasha, while Kate is sleeping, Sam and Dean talk. Sam admits that he did some things while looking for Dean. He watched Dean die, he carried Dean's dead body, and laid him on his bed. Dean can empathize. They discussed the note that Demon Dean left, and Dean admits to being embarrassed about what happened. Sam makes excuses for Dean, he was a demon after all. Dean criticizes himself for not saying thank you, but Sam assures Dean that he never has to say that to him.

When they get to the cabin where Tasha and Kate are supposed to meet, Dean admits to Kate that he intends to kill them. He cuffs Kate in the car, and the boys enter the cabin where Tasha is hiding. Sam confronts her, but Dean has been captured by another werewolf, and she forces Sam to drop his gun. Kate, who has managed to escape the cuffs, runs into the cabin and she stops Tasha from killing Sam. Tasha tells Kate that has turned two men into werewolves, and she wants to be the leader of a pack. The two male werewolves take Sam and Dean into another room, while Kate and Tasha talk. Sam and Dean, working as a team, complete with witty banter, attack the werewolves and kill them. Meanwhile, Kate kills Tasha, and then Kate escapes.

In the Impala, Sam and Dean discuss whether they should go after Kate. Again, the boys quibble. They admit that they jumped on the case too fast, and that they need to deal with everything they went through. Dean wants to get back in the saddle and do something good. Kate interrupts their conversation with a phone call. Sam thanks her for saving them and killing her sister, even though Kate admits that Tasha wasn't her sister. Dean tells her to keep her nose clean and keep moving, and they will leave her alone. Kate hopes to never see them again. She hangs up and walks out of town.

Dean finishes the conversation with Sam by saying that maybe Sam is right and that Dean is not ready to hunt. However, Dean just wants to do the right thing because he is tired of doing the wrong one.




  • "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon
(plays during the teaser)
  • "Another Round" by Kenny Greenberg (Extreme Music)
(playing in the bar when Sam and Dean question Tommy)


Dean: You've been kicked, bit, scratched, stabbed, possessed, killed...and you sprain your friggin' elbow?

Sam: Dude, it was more than a sprain. All right? And it was a friggin' demon, but -

Dean: But what? That sling come with a slice of crybaby pie on the side? Please.
Sam: I guess she likes bad boys.
Dean: Well, wait till she gets a load of us.
Kate: I guess things change being this. I tried to be strong but the hunger was too much, too hard. It's not like anyone gave me a handbook on how to be a werewolf.
Dean: Looks like you're doing a pretty good job so far. Break some hearts, then you eat 'em.
Dean: I just figured since we're opening up veins, that maybe you wanted to talk about the guy you made sell his soul.

Sam: The guy who you then killed, right. That's the same guy were talking about?
Dean: I was a demon.

Sam: Oh you were a demon, I didn't realize that.
Sam: Dude, what are you doing there is no cure.

Dean: There's one.
Sam: Dean it's a little more complicated than that.
Dean: Kate and Tasha are monsters, and last I checked we kill monsters.
Sam: Right, but how can you possibly blame Kate for fighting for her sister, we do it all the time.
Dean: Oh yeah, that's worked wonders for us.
Sam: We're still here, aren't we?

Dean: Yeah, but is it right?
Sam: I lied about Lester

Dean: What?
Sam: There were others.
Dean: Other humans?

Sam: No. No, no. I'm sure there were a few hunters I rubbed, or punched the wrong way. But, no I pretty much saved my best stuff for the bad guys. But you gotta understand something Dean, I watched you die, and I carried you. I carried your corpse into your room, and I put your dead body onto your bed and then you just...
Dean: It's embarrassing you know.

Sam: What's embarrassing?
Dean: All of it. The note. Crowley. Everything.
Sam: Dean, you were a demon.
Dean: Oh I was a demon, I didn't realize.
Sam: Shut up.
Dean: Not to mention, I never said thank you. So...

Sam: You don't ever have to say that, not to me.
Kate: But, she can be saved.
Dean: No. Tasha's in too deep. You don't ever come back from that. Not ever.
Sam: For what it's worth, thank you. At the end of the day she was your sister.

Kate: No. She wasn't.
Dean: Listen to me Kate. You keep moving, you keep your nose clean, we can stop meeting like this.
Kate: I hear you, and I will. But I'm not going to promise, 'cause.
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: See you around kid.

Kate: I sure as hell hope not.
Dean: Let's say you're right.

Sam: About What?

Dean: Everything. Maybe I'm not ready to hunt. But I am just trying to do the right thing, man. 'Cause I am so sick and tired of doing the wrong one.

Trivia & References

A paper moon is a term for a spherical paper lantern. They can be used to provide artificial moonlight in film productions.
Dean: Oh well, where do we start? Logging.

Sam: Icecaps.
Dean: Bitcoin... Obama.

Bitcoin is an online currency.
The reference to Obama relates to the tendency of many people to blame president Obama for anything that goes wrong - from bad weather to werewolf attacks, apparently.
Dean: Yeah, well this fleabag looks like she ain't done chowing down on Sons of Anarchy just yet.
Sons of Anarchy was a TV series about an outlaw motorcycle club.
Dean: Guy at the bar saw you before you went all Wolverine on his buddy. So surprise, here we are.
Wolverine is a mutant character from Marvel who has super strength and retractable claws in the back of his hands.
Sam: What's that?

Dean: It's her phone. Let's see who she was booty calling when we pulled up.

A booty call is when you call someone expressly for sex.
Dean: Yeah, you're a regular psycho Brady Bunch.
The Brady Bunch is the eponymous sweet and lovely family from the 1970s TV series.
Sam: Kate, you don't have to do this.

Tasha: No one's talking to you, Paul Bunyan.

Paul Bunyan is a giant lumberjack from American folklore. In 9.15 thinman, Sam and Dean stayed at a Paul Bunyan-themed motel called Paul's Old Mill Inn. Jared Padalecki's character on Gilmore Girls, Dean Forester, was also referred to as Paul Bunyan.
Kate: I was trying to give you a second chance, you wouldn't have been normal but we would have had each other.

Tasha: We still can. But I'm not gonna spend my life on the run from people like Mary-Kate and Ashley out there.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are actors and fashion designers who gained fame on the '80s/'90s sitcom Full House. Jared appeared alongside them in the 2004 movie New York Minute.
The final scene as Kate walks off, and the music by Christopher Lennertz, was reminiscent of the TV series The Incredible Hulk, in which each episode ended with Bruce Banner walking out of a town, accompanied by the theme music "The Lonely Man." Watch it here.


The roadhouse bar Barker is killed at in the beginning is called Panheads Roadhouse. This is reference to a Harley-Davidson Panhead engine since the bar appears to be a biker bar.
In the scene by the river, Sam is wearing Prada Wayfarer sunglasses and Dean is wearing Oakley Holbrook. There is also a sign next to them which states "No Hunting."
During the filming of the lake scene, Jared filmed his ALS ice bucket challenge video. You can watch the video here.
Primo Allon, who played Tommy, previously played the Gunman in 6.11 Appointment in Samarra.
Emily Tennant, who played Tasha, previously played Paris Hilton Fan #1 in 5.05 Fallen Idols.
Tasha was named after Adam Glass' sister.
The diner where Sam and Dean hear Kate out is called The Captain's Grill.
Live tweets during the broadcast from the cast and crew.

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