10.08 Hibbing 911

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Title Hibbing 911
Episode # Season 10, Episode 8
First aired December 2, 2014
Directed by Tim Andrew
Written by Teleplay:
Jenny Klein
Jenny Klein
Phil Sgriccia
On IMDB Hibbing 911
Outline While at a sheriff's retreat, Sheriff Jody Mills meets overeager Sheriff Donna Hanscum and discovers a case of people who are entirely consumed. What the locals call animal attacks though Jody believes otherwise, and calls in Sam and Dean for help.
Monster Vampires
Location(s) Hibbing, Minnesota
Lebanon, Kansas
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  • "All I Know (Jive / 43 BPM)" by Jim Wolfe
(playing in the bar as Jody and Donna talk to Len about the animal attack)
  • "The Weight" by The Band
(playing as Sam and Dean roll into Hibbing)


Sam: I mean how much lore is even left? We got nothing on the Mark?
Dean: Right, you think these eggheads with all the crap they amassed over the years would have actually collected something important. Ah, here -- 'He-wolf, She-wolf: A Study in Werewolf Transgenderism,' six hundred pages, volume one. But, uh, something important, like I don't know maybe the oldest symbol known to man -- that's not worth our time, it's not weird enough.
Jody: Honestly Donna, I just met the guy but, Doug seems like kind of a dick.
Donna: But he was my dick... I'm gonna hit the can, you know, where it's less gross.
Donna: Uh Oh, flying the coop without me? Again.

Jody: No.
Donna: No I get it, I do. Take a hint Donna. Right?
Jody: There's been another animal attack.

Donna: Shut the front door. Says who?
Donna: So. Fresh corpse, jerk ex-husband, out of control teen. Wanna get blingo'd on my mini-bar and watch pay-per-view?
Sam: Alright I'll go try and crack the police server.

Dean: Yeah, maybe I'll go crack the deputy.
Sam: Right. But this time try to be a little less defensive of your pretend job.
Dean: You know this badge means something.
Sam: I made it at Kinkos.

Dean: Yes you did. Be proud of that.
Jody: Oh for the love of God, what is wrong with you? Do you get off on fat shaming chicks? You are so not fat by the way. And you, you are just a douche!

Doug: Well, okay. I'll just uh, okay then.
Donna: What the H-E-double hockey sticks Jody? Calling my ex a douche to his face.
Jody: It didn't look like you were gonna do it.
Donna: What would be the point? Were divorced. You really think I'm gonna change him now?
Jody: So he gets to treat you like a doormat forever, is that it?

Donna: How about this -- until you've actually lost a husband, how about you keep your mouth zipped about mine.
Jody: Sheriff Cues is a vampire.

Donna: She just pulled out a machete.
Jody: Donna saw his teeth.
Donna: What the cuss!? A vampire?

Dean: Wanna give her the talk?
Donna: Wait so, when we were at the weight loss spa.

Dean: Monsters, sucking out your fat. We took care of him.

Donna: Ah jeez. I knew losing ten pounds that fast was too good to be true.
Sam: All due respect sheriff but, vampires are far more dangerous than the Johns you throw in jail.

Dean: You're gonna sit this one out.
Donna: Stuff you Dean, or whatever your real name is.

Jody: Hanscum's good.

Trivia & References

"Hibbing 911" may be a reference to the comedy series Reno 911!
Sam: Hey, we good?

Dean: Aces. Yeah, I love the smell of parchment in the morning.

Sam and Dean reuse their aliases from 9.13 The Purge -- Agents Frehley and Criss.
Donna: Look at all this sunblock, you'd think he's at the Copacabana or something.
Star: It's all love pretty boy. All of you will become all of us. We won't waste one bit.

Dean: Okay Mufasa enough with the circle of life crap. You're a vampire, you're scum, end of story.


Aren Buchholz, who played Deputy Graham, previously played the Vampire Boy in 6.05 Live Free or Twihard.
Andy Nez, who played Sheriff Kevin Ott, previously played a cop in 4.03 In the Beginning.

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