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Music playing. Large house.  
|Episode=[[11.12 Don't You Forget About Me]]
|Writer=[[Nancy Won]]
|Director=[[Stefan Pleszczynski]]
|AirDate= January 27, 2016
}}Music playing. Large house.  
Melissa: Here honey let me (She straightens Dan’s tie)
Melissa: Here honey let me (She straightens Dan’s tie)

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11.12 Don't You Forget About Me

Written by: Nancy Won

Directed by: Stefan Pleszczynski

Air Date: January 27, 2016
Music playing. Large house.

Melissa: Here honey let me (She straightens Dan’s tie)

Dan: Thanks babe (Melissa kisses him)

Melissa: Since the day I met you (ringing doorbell) doesn’t stacy know to knock. She’ll wake Tegan

Stacy: Sorry I remembered after I rang…so where’s Melissa?

Dan: She’s getting ready (Stacy kisses him)

Stacy: Ew I can taste her mom lipstick…you’re telling her tonight right?

Dan: It’s valentines day

Stacy: So?

Dan: So that’s heartless…can’t we talk about this later?

Stacy: I’m tired of waiting

Dan: I told you it’s not that simple. Mel and I…we’ve been together since we were your age. We have a house, a baby…we have a whole life together

Stacy: Dan, don’t you get it that’s what I want. Either tell her tonight or…

Dan: Or what

Stacy: Melissa you look so pretty. (Melissa walks in the room) I love your lipstick.

Melissa: Thanks…you ready?

Dan: Mhmm

Stacy is flipping through channels and snacking. Man outside door. Comes in quietly and puts a hand on Stacy’s shoulder. She jumps and turns around.

Stacy: You scared the hell out of me. What are you doing here? (He massages her shoulders) Mmm that feels good.

He puts his hand through her chest and pulls out her heart.

Dean: Morning (Dean stumbles in and opens the fridge and pulls out some Chinese leftovers and takes a bite)

Sam: Is that a hickey? (Dean spits out his food)

Dean: And? It was valentine’s day. I can’t help it if I’m a hopeless romantic.

Sam: You got half of that right.

Dean: Just doing my civic duty. Helping all the single ladies. You know the best thing about February 14th. You don’t have to be mr right. Just mr right now

Sam: That’s classy

Dean: Yeah and what’d you do judgy? Curl up in your snuggie, watch 50 shades on cable?

Sam: Yeah…no. check this out. Stacy altman 19 year old babysitter from Hudson ohio was murdered last night.

Dean: Oh that blows. But if her name’s not Amara, how is that us?

Sam: Because her heart was ripped out

Dean: On valentines day? What is that like an ironic werewolf? Alright we’ll check it out. But first I need bacon.

Sam: No first you need a shower.

Dean: Is it (Dean sniffs his armpits and makes a face) you’re not wrong.

Sam: Yeah.

Impala driving down the road. There is a forensic clean up van outside the house.

Dan: It’s like we told the cops. Stacy came over about 6 oclock. We went to dinner by the time we got home

Melissa: We found Stacy in the living room, in a pool of blood; Tegan in her crib hysterical. It was awful

Dean: Can you think of any reason someone would want to hurt Stacy?

Melissa: No. Stacy was super sweet and popular and pretty

Dan: Anyone who met her fell in love with her

Dean: Maybe it was a crime of passion. Stacy have any crazy ex-boyfriends

Melissa: Not that I know of... Honey?

Dan: Why would I have any idea?

Sam: Was anything stolen? Any chance this may have been a robbery gone wrong?

Melissa: I don’t think so. I mean nothing was missing. Except for the nanny cam in the living room.

Sam: Thanks for your time. (They start to walk out) Give us a call if something comes up.

Melissa: Okay thank you

Out on the front steps

Sam: Is it just me or is that guy acting a bit hinky?

Dean: Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

Sam: Let’s split up. You can drop my off at the morgue and hit Dan at the office

Dean: Yeah maybe he’ll be a little more open without his wifey around.

In the morgue:

ME: Based on the autopsy the vic was conscious when her heart was ripped out. Wouldn’t want a front row seat to that show.

Sam: Any ideas what could have done this

ME: Typically I’d assume animal attack

Sam: In the house?

ME: Exactly. Plus, no claw marks. I’ll be honest with you, agent. Been doing this for some 20 odd years and I’m stumped.

Sam: (Takes a picture of the wound) Thanks

Dan’s office:

Dan is looking at Stacy’s Facebook page.

Secretary: Someone’s here to see you Mr. Harper. FBI. An Agent Weller.

Dan: (closes Facebook) Send him in. Please. (Dean walks in) Please. Have a seat agent. What can I help you with?

Dean: I need you to be straight with me Dan.

Dan: I’m not sure what you mean agent.

Dean: I think you do. I think you’re hiding something. And you didn’t want to talk about it in front of your wife…you’re stooping the babysitter.

Dan: (Nervous laugh) excuse me?

Dean: Oh don’t act all fake offended. I’m actually trying to help you out here. Now personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass who you screw, but I would hate for your…uh…extra-curricular activities to get you involved in a federal murder investigation. (Long silence) Or I could just go talk to your wife.

Dan: I wanna be straight with you agent. I really do. But I can’t.

Dean: Sure you can

Dan: No. Really. I mean this is just too damn weird. You’d never believe me.

Dean: Try me. (Dan opens a drawer and pulls out a teddy bear) Let me guess. The missing nanny cam.

Dan: I was having an affair with Stacy. I only took the nanny cam because she kissed me in front of it. I forgot the damn thing was there. (He opens the bear and pulls out an SD card) Anyway. I was gonna erase it as soon as we got home. But then we found Stacy’s body. Melissa ran upstairs for the baby and I…

Dean: Ran for the cam

Dan: I know it was a dick move. But I also know the cam must have recorded the murder. As soon as I erased the kiss I was gonna turn it over to the cops. I swear. Until I saw what was on it. (Dan turns his screen and shows a video of him ripping out Stacy’s heart) I know that’s me, but I swear it wasn’t me. I would never hurt Stacy. I loved her. I was at dinner the entire time. If you don’t believe me, ask Melissa, or the waiter, or any of the 75 other people that were there. You gotta believe me.

Dean: Relax. I do.

Dan: You do?

Dean: (Takes SD card out of computer and puts it in his jacket.) I need you to sit tight. Keep a lid on this for the time being okay?

Dean leaves.

Sam is sitting on motel couch with his laptop in his lap.

Sam: Yo

Dean: Hey. Find anything.

Sam: Yeah. Jack. Absolutely nothing points to werewolf.

Dean: Well. Step aside Urkel. (Dean pulls disk out of his pocket and puts it in Sam’s computer.) It was Dan that stole the nanny cam.

Sam: Why? (Dean gives Sam a pointed look) He was stooping the sitter. (Sam watches video.) Wait a second. I though Dan was at dinner with Melissa.

Dean: That’s not Dan.

Sam: (Sees glowing eyes in video) Shapeshifter.

Dean: Yahtzee

Dan’s office.

Secretary: Is it okay if I head out?

Dan: (looking out window) Yeah

Secretary: Are you okay Mr. Harper? I’m happy to stay if you need me. Or maybe you should go home. Be with your family.

Dan: I’ll be okay Gladys. You have a good night.

Gladys: Okay. (she leaves towards elevator. Is bumped into by someone leaving elevator) excuse me.

Dan: Did you forget something? (He turns to see Stacy standing there) Stacy?

Stacy: uh-huh

Dan: What’s going on?

Stacy: I want you to give me your heart.

Dan: You’re dead. This isn’t possible. (Dan scrambles away) I saw your heart ripped out of your chest! (She backs him into a wall) Please. What are you doing? What do you want? (She rips his heart out)

Dan’s body is being put in a body bag and wheeled out.

Dean: You were the last person to see your boss alive. Did you see anything unusual?

Gladys: Nothing unusual per se. Just kind of rude. This young girl, brunette, couldn’t have been more than 19 barrelled out of the elevator as I was leaving. Nearly knocked me over.

Sam: Is this her? (he shows a picture of Stacy)

Gladys: Yeah. That’s the girl.

Dean: Thank you for your time ma’am.

Sam and Dean are walking out.

Sam: Well. Confirms we’re dealing with a shifter

Dean: Yeah. Who’s upping it’s game by impersonating dead people. I’m guessing it’s the wife.

Sam: Yeah

Back to the house:

Dean: I’m so sorry for your loss

Melissa: I just can’t…I can’t even believe it. How is this even possible?

Sam: That’s what we’re trying to figure out.

Dean: Where’s the baby?

Melissa: She’s…she’s with my mom

Sam: I…uh…I hate to have to ask this, but I need to ask you a difficult question.

Melissa: Okay

Sam: Were you aware that your husband was having an affair with your babysitter?

Melissa: Yes. I knew. I know what you’re thinking. Jealous wife kills her cheating husband, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I loved Dan. Still do. It may sound pathetic, but I thought we still had a chance.

Sam: Well thank you for your time. We’ll leave you alone. Let you get some rest.

Dean: But before we go, would you mind writing down a phone number where we can get ahold of you in case we have anymore questions

Melissa: Sure. (Dean slides a silver pen and a business card across the table. Melissa picks up the pen and writes something down)

Sam: And if anything strange or out of the ordinary comes up, don’t hesitate to call. We’re staying at the motel on main street.

Dean: Thanks. (they walk out) Alright so Melissa’s not the shifter.

Sam: And we are back to square zilch

Dean: I need a beer, regroup, maybe get lucky

Sam: Didn’t you just get lucky?

Dean: That was in Kansas. What do you say? You with me? Ready to go scrape a few hearts off the bar room floor?

Sam: (laughs) I think I’ll pass. I’m gonna go hit the lore, but you go be you.

Dean: Suit yourself

Melissa watches from the window. Once they are gone she grabs a box and her phone and starts throwing things from the box in the garbage disposal. Calls a number.

Melissa: hey it’s me. I think I messed up. I don’t know what happened, but something went wrong. Now Dan is dead and the FBI are asking questions. Just call me back. ASAP.

(It’s dark and she’s drinking wine when she hears a knock at the door) Who’s there? (No answer. Another knock) Agents is that you? (She looks through the peephole and sees Dan)

Dan: Honey. Let me in. (She jumps away from the door) Baby, it’s me.

Melissa: No it’s not

Dan: honey, please let me in. I love you. (She continues backing away. He punches through the door. She screams. He opens the door.) Don’t worry honey. I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m your husband. (She screams again, runs away, sprays him with mace, breaks a flower pot over his head, grabs her purse, and runs out the door.)

Impala backing into a spot at the motel.

Dean: Hey. Any luck?

Sam: No. You?

Dean: Nah. Hey what’s a…uh…dad bod? (frantic knocking. Dean opens the door.) Hey there. (Melissa scrambles in and locks the door) Everything okay?

Melissa: No. Dan tried to kill me.

Dean: Dan, your dead husband, Dan?

Melissa: You told me to come to you if anything strange or out of the ordinary happened? Well it did. And I think it’s all my fault.

Dean: Okay why don’t you come sit down. C’mon.

Melissa: I swear. I really did love Dan. Maybe a little too much. I just…I wanted him to love me back. So I got some advice and I confided in my hairdresser about the affair.

Dean: Wait, women actually do that?

Melissa: And she told me there was a way to get him back. I knew she…uh…dabbled in stuff.

Sam: Wait a second. What kind of stuff are you talking about here?

Melissa: She calls herself a uh…white witch. Listen I don’t know if you believe in that sort of thing. I usually don’t, but I was desperate.

Dean: And let me guess. She gave you a spell

Melissa: yes. A return to love spell. All I had to do was chant it and seal it with a kiss. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I swear. I just wanted my husband back.

Sam: Do you happen to have a copy of the spell on you?

Melissa: Oh. Yes. Yes. (She hands a piece of paper to Sam who opens his laptop)

Sam: Wow. Okay for starters. Not a spell. More like an Aramaic curse.

Melissa: What?

Sam: This roughly translates to the kiss of death.

Melissa: I swear. She never told me that.

Dean: What does the lore say?

Sam: There is no lore. My best guess is that this is the white witch’s home cooking.

Dean: Terrific. Alright so what do we know. Um, you kiss someone then they die

Sam: I guess. Wait a second. You didn’t kiss Stacy?

Melissa: No of course not

Dean: No but Dan did

Sam: So the curse is transmittable?

Dean: Like a magic STD. Okay that works. Kinda makes you nostalgic for good old fashioned herpes.

Melissa: Oh god. I killed Dan and Stacy.

Sam: You didn’t kill anyone. This is all on that witch.

Dean: Riddle me this. Why did Stacy die first if she was kissed second?

Sam: I don’t know. Maybe you’re safe if you can pass the curse on?

Dean: And then if that person dies then it comes back to you?

Sam: I mean that would make sense. It would explain why, whatever this is, is working it’s way back to Melissa

Melissa: I’m sorry. I’m confused

Dean: Yeah cause it’s freaking confusing. Look long story short, it’s like a game of hot potato. You gotta keep paying it forward. You don’t, you die.

Sam: Melissa. This curse, it started with you. And I think it wants to end with you.

Dean: But don’t worry. Okay? We’re not gonna let that happen.

Dan breaks through window and throws Sam aside. Dean shoots him and when it doesn’t work, he kisses Melissa. Sam knocks Dan down with a chair.

Sam: What the hell did you do?

Dean: Come on. Let’s just go. (They run to the Impala and leave. He pulls the car over.) I’d say that went pretty well. What do you think?

Sam: (getting out of the car with Dean) Wait. Are you serious? You think it’s a great idea to give yourself a fatal curse?

Dean: Well targets off her back ain’t it

Sam: I’m just saying. You don’t have to do this. Be the guinea pig.

Dean: What?

Sam: Be the martyr. Try to carry the weight by yourself. Do this.

Dean: I’m gonna be fine, okay? And as long as I’m good, she’s good and that’s the important thing. Besides. It proved our theory didn’t it. That this whole kiss of death thing is transmittable. I mean I’m not asking for the nobel here, but thank you.

Sam: How long do you think we have?

Dean: I don’t know. I mean it’s not like this thing is exactly following a pattern. I don’t even know what I’m looking for here. We cut out of there pretty quick though so maybe I bought us some time.

Melissa: What was that?

Dean: We think it was something called a shapeshifter, but it can’t be because I pumped the thing full of silver and it didn’t even flinch.

Melissa: What kind of FBI agents are you?

Dean: The fake kind.

Sam: We’re hunters

Melissa: Hunters?

Dean: Look all you need to know is we save people like you from things like that.

Sam: Even if it’s not a shapeshifter, it’s still shifting shapes. If we can find out what it is we can find out how to kill it.

Dean: Alright. What do you know about the white witch.

Melissa: Not much. Her name is Sonja. She’s kind of weird. I don’t know. She’s only been my hairdresser for a couple of months.

Dean: Do you know where she lives?

Melissa: Not a clue

Sam: Where did she give you the spell?

Melissa: In the basement of her salon

They pull up to the salon.

Dean: (reading the sign) The art of dyeing. Well. Can’t say she didn’t warn ya.

Sam: Alright, just keep the doors locked and stay put until we get back. Unless Sonja shows up. Then use this on her. (he pulls out a knife)

Dean: It won’t kill her but it’ll slow her down.

Melissa: Are you serious? I can’t stab anyone!

Sam: Come on

Dean: Listen to me. Sonja’s not just anyone. She’s a wicked witch who offed your husband and tried to kill you, so if she shows up here you punch her, you stab her, you drop a freaking house on her if you have to.

Inside the Salon:

Sam: Witch killing bullets

Dean: We gotta come up with a better name than that.

In the basement:

Sam: Locked cabinet. (pries off door) Lookie here.

Dean: hey hey

Sam: Alright (pulls out book) got it. It looks like we’re dealing with a Qareen.

Dean: Never heard of it

Sam: It’s a creature, corporeal in form. A slave to your commands.

Dean: Kinda like a genie

Sam: I guess. Here we go. Someone chants a curse, lays a wet one on you, then the victim is seduced and killed by the Qareen, but instead of taking the form of Barbara Eden, the present themselves as your deepest, darkest desire.

Dean: Makes sense why the sitter was killed by the husband. The husband by the sitter.

Sam: Yeah. And why Melissa was attacked by Dan. She really loved him.

Dean: (laughs)

Sam: What?

Dean: You know the silver lining about being cursed? I’ll finally get some face time with Daisy Duke. My deepest darkest desire.

Sam: Seriously?

Dean: Ever since I was seven

Sam: So Bach not Simpson

Dean: Eh. Guess I wouldn’t say no to either. Alright, how do we kill it?

Sam: By stabbing it in it’s heart.

Dean: (looks at the picture in the book) Well given that it has a giant hole in it’s chest does it even have a heart?

Sam: Apparently not in him. The person who holds the Qareen’s heart is the one who commands it.

Dean: So Sonja the hairdresser.

Sam: Alright, let’s find us a heart. I’ll take upstairs.

Dean holds out his hand for rock, paper, scissors. Both throw rock. Then both throw scissors. Then Dean throws paper to beat Sam’s rock. Astonished looks from both of them.

Sam: Whatever. I’m going upstairs.

Dean: Okay

Both searching. Sam finds locked box. Opens it to find a blackened heart. Witch appears behind Sam and uses a spell to pin him to the chair.

In the basement:

Dean: Find anything? (He turns to see Amara)

Amara: I understand Dean.

Dean: Is that right?

Amara: the longing in your heart, I feel it too.

Dean: (inching towards the knife) Well that’s touching. Consider that you don’t have a heart. Qareen.

Back upstairs:

Sonja: (takes box from Sam and closes it) I’m guessing you’re not really FBI. What? A hunter?

Sam: And you’re a witch. Hocking death curses as love spells.

Sonja: Someone has to punish these men. But you know the only thing worse than a cheating man, is one who gets away with it.

Sam: Wow. You’re practically a feminist.

Back in the basement:

Amara: Who I am doesn’t matter. The real question is who are you?

Dean: What do you mean who am I?

Amara: You’re a mystery. I can see inside your heart. Feel the love you feel. Except it’s cloaked in shame. When it comes to this, you can’t help yourself, so why fight it. Just give in.

Back upstairs:

Sam: Why hurt Melissa? She only wanted to save her marriage.

Sonja: They all do. Hundreds of heartbroken women come to me, but they never learn. I mean, a month, a year, however long later, they all come back. Same story, different men.

Sam: So you tweaked the curse.

Sonja: Now it not only punishes the cheaters, but the foolish women who want them back. Guess I’m just weeding out the idiots. And you’re next.

Back in the basement:

Dean: Yeah. You know what? You’re right. The real Amara does have a hold on me, but you? Are nothing but a cheap imitation. (Amara attacks. Dean evades)

Scene cuts between the basement and Sonja casting a spell to kill Sam. Melissa rushes in brandishing the knife.

Melissa: Sonja stop! (Scene cuts back to Dean evading Amara’s attacks and then back upstairs) Please. Enough. It’s enough.

Sam shoots Sonja and stabs the heart just before Amara rips Dean’s out. Amara screams and disappears.

Sam: Dean!

Dean: Yeah!

Sam: So. I got it.

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: It’s done.

Dean: You good?

Sam: Yeah. You good?

Dean: Mhmm. Yeah. (Dean leaves. Sam looks around and sees the wreckage and then follows him out.

In the motel:

Sam: So. You gonna keep me in suspense here or what?

Dean: About what?

Sam: Who was it? Bach or Simpson?

Dean: Neither

Sam: Huh

Dean: It was Amara

Sam: That surprise you?

Dean: That doesn’t surprise you?

Sam: Honestly?

Dean: Honestly? You seriously think the sister of God is my deepest darkest desire?

Sam: She isn’t?

Dean: No! She can’t be!

Sam: Why not?

Dean: Why? Because if she is that means that I’m…

Sam: Means you’re what? Complicit? Weak? Evil?

Dean: For starters, yeah

Sam: Dean. Do you honestly think you ever had a choice in the matter? She’s the sister of God, and for some reason she picked you and that sucks, but if you think I’m gonna blame you or judge you…I’m not.

Dean: You know that I want her ass dead

Sam: Yes. Of course. And I know you’ve also probably beaten yourself up a hundred times over it, but where has that gotten us? (Long silence) Just how bad is it?

Dean: Standing here right now, every bone in my body wants to run her through. Send her back to that hole she crawled out of. But when I’m near her, I don’t know. Something happens and I can’t explain it, but to call it desire or love…it’s not that. I’m screwed man. We wanna kill the darkness. We need to kill the darkness. And I don’t think I can. I’m sorry to do that to you, ya know, but when it comes right down to it…

Sam: I got it Dean.

Dean walks out and Sam follows.