11.22 We Happy Few

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Title We Happy Few
Episode # Season 11, Episode 22
First aired May 18, 2016
Directed by John Badham
Written by Robert Berens
On IMDB We Happy Few
Outline With the aid of Lucifer, Crowley, and Rowena, the Winchesters and Chuck pool together the resources of Heaven and Hell to take the fight to Amara.
Monster Amara
Timeline Three days since 11.21 All in the Family
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
Fall River, Massachusetts
Grand Isle, Louisiana
Lewis, Oklahoma
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  • "Day of the Eagle" by Robin Trower
(playing from the room Lucifer locks himself in after Chuck makes him angry)


Sam: W-we all know that you are God, um, but, maybe could you be a-a little less... Lordly?
Chuck: But I am -- I-I'm the Lord.
Chuck: I did what had to do. To create the world, I had to lock Amara away. And when the Mark corrupted you and I saw that you posed a threat to humankind, I did the same with you.

Lucifer: No, you betrayed me. You gave me the Mark to lock her away, and when it changed me, when it did what the Mark inevitably does... you threw me away.
Chuck: No, son. The Mark... you always cast a jaundiced glance at humans. The Mark didn't change you. It just made you more of what you already were.

Lucifer: What I was was your son... your child.
Castiel: You know, every second I've spent subordinating myself to Lucifer, it's been a torment. It's destroying me, it's burning through my vessel. But I would do it all over again, because through me, he and God, they will defeat the Darkness. That's my role in this fight. It's God's fight. You can play a part in that fight too... if you join me.
Lucifer: It's about her. Sam, it's about his girlfriend.

Dean: Okay. Shut up.

Lucifer: I mean, think about it. Dean Winchester meets the biggest evil in the universe, and he takes a pass? Come on. Now he wants Daddy to do what he couldn't.
Dean: I tried to kill her. And it didn't work.

Chuck: Maybe it didn't work because you didn't want it to work. Maybe you didn't want to kill her.
Sam: You want God to kill Amara because you don't want Amara to be killed?
Dean: Yeah, maybe there's a part of me that just can't hurt her. But if she's already dead...

Sam: Then she's already dead. Right.
Chuck: Rowena. Crowley. It's good to finally meet you in person.

Rowena: Sorry about, well, everything I've ever done in my life. Really, y-you can't have been a fan.
Chuck: Oh yeah. I've been quietly rooting against you both for some time now. Although, I can't deny you're one of my guilty pleasures.
Rowena: Oh, God.
Crowley: Oh, God.

Dean: Alright, no flirting. And no fighting.
Sam: We talked about this. It's time to do the smart thing.

Dean: So, what am I supposed to do, just sit by and watch?
Sam: No. We're both in this fight. You're leading this army.

Dean: Oh, you mean babysitting the bad guys? Okay, Sam. Okay. God's plan.
Chuck: I'm sorry. For this, for everything.

Amara: An apology at last. What's sorry to me? I spent millions of years crammed in that cage... alone... and afraid, wishing -- begging for death, because of you! And what was my crime, brother?!
Chuck: The world needed to be born! And you wouldn't let me! Amara, you give me no choice.
Amara: That's your story. Not mine. The real reason you banished me, why I couldn't be allowed to exist... you couldn't stand it. No, we were equals. We weren't great or powerful, because we stood only in relation to each other. You think you made the archangels to bring light? No. You made them to create lesser beings, to make you large, to make you Lord. It was ego! You wanted to be big!
Chuck: That's true. But it isn't the whole truth. There's a value, a glory in creation... that's greater and truer than my pride or my ego. Call it grace, call it being! Whatever it is, it didn't come from my hands. It was there... waiting to be born. It just is, as you and I just were. Since you've been freed, I know that you've seen it. Felt it.

Amara: It didn't have to be like this. I loved you, brother. Well... you've won again. Finish it. Kill me.
Amara: I'd die a million times and murder you a million more before going back there! Tell me... if you won't change, why should I?
Dean: Amara, what have you done?

Sam: He's dead. God's dead.

Amara: No. He's dying. My brother will dim... and fade away into nothing. But not until He sees what comes next. Not until He watches this world, everything He created, everything He loves turn to ash. Welcome to the end.
God on a wire

Trivia & References

The title of the episode is taken from a line from the St. Crispin's Day speech from William Shakespeare's play, Henry V. "We happy few" is taken from arguably the most famous line of the speech:
"But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,"
Lucifer: Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Team Amara. Go, Amara.
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is an ancient proverb that dates back to the 4th century BC.
Sam: Lucifer!, You know, at some point in time, you're gonna have to come out and-- and talk to... God.

Dean: This is like the worst episode of "Full House" ever.

Full House is an American sitcom from the late '80s and early '90s that revolved around a widowed father raising his three daughters with the help of his brother-in-law and his best friend. The show featured many heartfelt talks about minor family conflicts.
Crowley: We can do this. Lucifer stole the throne. His authority weakens the longer he's MIA. The time is ripe for a coup. That's why I brought you here. Together, we can reclaim the throne. Together, we can make Hell great again.
"Make America Great Again" is a campaign slogan used by American politicians, most recently Donald Trump.
Dean: Okay. Let's -- let's try 'I feel' statements... Dr. Phil.
'I feel' statements, or I-messages, are a communication tool used with the intent to be assertive without putting the listener on the defensive. Dr. Phil is an American TV personality who presents himself as something of a relationships advice guru.
Chuck: Why should I put you first above all others?

Lucifer: Do you have any idea what it's like to argue with your father when your Father is God? Everything is a tautology. Everything is 'because I told you so.' Everything's 'it had to be done.'
Dean: Pretty sure that's all fathers.

Tautology is a form of rhetoric, where the same thing is said twice in different ways.
Chuck: Okay, enough from the peanut gallery.
The peanut gallery was a vaudeville term for the cheapest seats at a show, from which the audience would typically heckle the performers.
Lucifer: Welp... I came here to ask a good-faith favor of you folks, but as you are... clearly less than kindly disposed, perhaps you'll, uh, lend an ear to my very own Jiminy Cricket? Hmm?
Pinocchio is a wooden puppet, and his maker Geppetto wishes that he could be a real boy. A blue fairy grants the wish, on the grounds that Pinocchio prove that he can act like a human boy. Since Pinocchio has no conscience, a cricket called Jiminy agrees to act as his conscience.
Crowley: Game of Thrones. It's musical chairs. Still... I wanted it -- to go out with the crown on my head!
Game of Thrones is a TV series based on the the epic fantasy book series titled A Song of Ice and Fire by author George R.R. Martin. A major theme is characters battling to win power - a game of thrones. Musical chairs, also known as Going to Jerusalem, is a game where players march to music around a row of chairs numbering one less than the number of players, and scramble for seats when the music stops.
Chuck: Amara's looking for me. But I'm warded against her, for now. The second I drop the warding, she'll show. She'll be expecting a fight, and we'll give it to her. Shock and awe. Shock and awe.
Shock and awe is a military tactic employs a massive display of force to both practically and psychologically overwhelm the enemy.
When the camera speeds through into Donatello Redfield's home, it is very reminiscent of the "rammo-cam" shots that director Sam Raimi would frequently use in the Evil Dead series.


Mackenzie Murdock, who played Giggling Demon, previously played Demon Victim in 10.21 Dark Dynasty.
As Lucifer is being ripped from his vessel, Misha Collins' face briefly morphs into Mark Pellegrino's.

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