13.03 Patience

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Title Patience
Episode # Season 13, Episode 3
First aired October 26, 2017
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Robert Berens
On IMDB Patience
Outline When a wraith begins feeding on psychics, Missouri Moseley reaches out to Dean and Jody to protect her estranged granddaughter, Patience Turner, from being the next victim. Meanwhile, Sam attempts to teach Jack how to hone his powers.
Monster Wraith
Location(s) Omaha, Nebraska
Lebanon, Kansas
Buckhead, Georgia
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In Omaha, Nebraska, a young woman, Dede, is closing up her shop. A man arrives at her door and insists on seeing her. She explains that she can read auras and he invites her to read his. She reaches out her hands, placing them either side of his head, and is shocked by the wave of energy she sees as he reveals himself to be a wraith. She screams as he drives a knife into her hand, pinning it to the table, before getting up and feeding on her brain.

At the Bunker, Dean is sitting on his bed drinking beer after beer and listening to music with his headphones, while in Jack’s bedroom, Sam and Jack are talking. Sam gives Jack a thumb drive left for him by his mother and explains that perhaps what he will see will help him to answer some of his questions. Jack presses play on the video his mother made for him before her death and his birth. As Sam leaves him to watch he receives a call from Missouri Moseley asking for help. Sam tells Dean about the call and that he has asked Jody Mills to investigate. Dean becomes angry and says he has no intention of putting Jody at risk to stay and look after Jack.

When Dean arrives at the scene of the crime, Jody is already with Missouri. After some discussion of the victim’s wounds, Dean and Missouri agree that the monster is likely a wraith. This is confirmed by a vision Missouri has while touching the doorknob and the table where she is able to see exactly what happened. In a second reddened vision she sees her son James seemingly in danger.

Back at the Bunker Sam is trying to train Jack to control his powers and says he needs to focus. He asks Jack to move a pencil with his mind but Jack isn’t able to move it.

Missouri calls her son and as she is trying to warn him about the wraith he hangs up on her. She chooses to stay behind and insists that Dean and Jody go and save her family. In the Bunker Jack isn’t able to move the pencil and Sam becomes frustrated. In the end they decide to have a break and Sam goes to get some food for them both. Jack continues to try desperately to move the pencil.

Inside Dede’s house Missouri is confronted by the wraith. She invites him to kill her, saying that no matter what she does, she will die. She says that his killing her will guarantee his own death. Extending his spike, the wraith launches himself at her as she refuses to scream.

Patience Turner, Missouri’s granddaughter, meets up with a friend by their lockers as they chat about volleyball. As they part company, Patience finds herself alone in the corridor with flickering lights. She follows a blood trail and sees her grandmother slumped, bloody, against the wall just before she is attacked from behind. Patience is suddenly jostled awake from her nightmare, just before her alarm goes off. She gets up and goes down into the kitchen where her father James asks if she slept. She tells him of her nightmare, but he dismisses it as nothing to worry about.

At a Gas-n-Sip, Dean is buying beer and gas when he hears of Missouri’s death on the TV. Out in the street he talks to Jody and they leave immediately in the Impala to save Missouri’s family as she had insisted. When they arrive at James' house they explain who they are; when he tries to get rid of them Dean and Jody tell him about the death of his mother and that his family is being hunted by the same creature, a wraith.

Patience and her friend, meanwhile, are walking down the school corridor towards their lockers talking about boys. The same scene as in her dream is replayed and Patience sees a flickering vision of her grandmother again. As she goes to close her locker door she is confronted by the grinning wraith, spike exposed. He attacks her, but she fights back and manages to snap his spike off. Patience attempts to run away, but is quickly tackled. As they they fall on the floor, Dean and Jody arrive. Dean shoots the wraith in the back, causing him to flee outside. Dean gives chase while Jody checks on Patience. Dean, however, loses the wraith when he is nearly run over. Back in the school, Dean and Jody explain to Patience that the wraith is stalking psychics. Patience denies being a psychic, saying that her grandmother was a fraud who abandoned her family.

At the Bunker Sam is reading parenting books while observing Jack on his laptop via hidden camera. Suddenly he looks up and Jack has disappeared from view. Frantic, Sam begins searching for him, finally finding him huddled in a corner, miserable and upset. Jack says he believes he must be evil because Dean thinks he is evil and Sam says he knows what it feels like to not fit in and have a darkness inside. He crouches in front of Jack and pulls him to his feet, kindly saying that his family -- Dean and Cas -- helped him and now he wants to help Jack. They decide to forgo the training for the time being.

In James’ house, the truth is revealed to Patience about her grandmother, angering Patience. James, not wanting to get into things any deeper, tells Patience to go and pack. In her bedroom she takes a jeweled brooch from a box and sees her mother’s funeral and her grandmother’s farewell and promise of protection. She opens her closet and finds herself face to face with the wraith. Jody, Dean, and James race upstairs upon hearing her screams, but on entering her room find only an open window. Revealing himself capable of magic and divination James is able to trace the location of Patience.

Patience finds herself tied to a chair in a dimly lit basement. The wraith explains how he wants to feed on her forever and just as he is about to begin, Dean, Jody, and James run in. As James tries to untie Patience, he is impaled through the neck with the wraith's spike. The wraith then gets the drop on Jody, stabbing her with her own knife. After a brief fight with Dean, the wraith repeatedly stabs Dean in the gut. Patience sees all their dead faces and is then back in the present, revealing their deaths to have been a vision.

As the wraith prepares to feed on Patience, James, Jody, and Dean arrive. When the wraith hides, Jody and Dean begin searching for him while James unties Patience. Realizing what will happen, Patience warns her father to move, causing the wraith to miss him with his spike, instead knocking James unconscious. Patience warns Jody the wraith is behind her, allowing Jody to defend herself, although she is knocked out during their struggle. The wraith takes Jody's knife and seeks out Dean. Patience is able to warn Dean in time and in the ensuing fight, Dean stabs the wraith in the heart with Jody's knife, killing him.

The next morning, Dean and Jody meet with Patience outside her home. They discuss whether she should ignore her gift or not. Her father believes they need to just go back to how things were. Dean agrees, telling her that the hunter's life leads to nothing but misery and death, and advises her to grab a chance at normal if it's possible. Jody then takes her aside and tells her to do what she wants. She gives Patience her card if she needs to talk, before leaving with Dean.

At the Bunker Sam tells Dean he heard about Missouri's death. As they speak about Jack, Sam confronts Dean about his behavior towards the boy. Sam tries to draw a comparison between him drinking demon blood and Jack, telling Dean Jack deserves to be saved. Dean becomes angry and calls Jack a freak, which Jack overhears. Sam and Dean continue arguing about the losses that came from Jack's birth, with Dean directly blaming Jack for Castiel’s death. As Jack listens he repeats Castiel’s name and his eyes glow gold.

Castiel is lying face down in a black nothing. Upon hearing Jack say his name, he wakes and slowly sits up, looking around himself in confusion.




  • "Rip This Joint" by The Rolling Stones
(playing on Dean's headphones as he is drinking in his room)


Kelly: Jack, don't let anyone tell you who you're supposed to be, because who you're supposed to be isn't fate. It isn't me. It isn't your father. You are who you choose to be. And I know you're gonna be okay. You are gonna be amazing. You have an angel watching over you.
Missouri: Oh, honey. I'm sorry for your losses.
Dean: Well, leave it to a psychic to cut right through the small talk, huh?
Wraith: Well, then, I guess it's time to, you know... scream.

Missouri: No, there'll be none of that. I've seen how this turns out. I run, you catch me, I die. I stay, I die.
Wraith: Mm-hmm.

Missouri: But this way, my people, they're going to murder your ass.
Patience: My grandma said she was psychic, but she's a fraud. She doesn't care about me. She ditched me -- me and dad, right after Mom died.
Dean: Okay, this woman you're describing that walked out on her family, that's not who Missouri was at all.
Sam: No, Jack. Why do you think you're evil? 'Cause when I look at you, that's not what I see.

Jack: Yeah, well, Dean sees it. That's why he says... he said he'd kill me.
Sam: He what?
Jack: And maybe he should. Mom said I could be good, that I had the choice to be good, that it was up to me. But she's dead because of me. I've only been on Earth for a few days, and I've already hurt people. I've already done bad things. And no matter how hard I try, I can't... I can't do the one good, stupid thing you want me to... So, I must be evil, like Lucifer.

Sam: Jack... Listen. Asmodeus tricking you, Dean... None of that is your fault. I think that, uh, after everything that's happened, you're -- you're probably scared to use your power. And me pressuring you certainly isn't helping.
Jack: Sam. Why are you being so nice to me?
Sam: Because I know what it feels like to feel like you don't belong, to feel like there's this darkness inside of you, to be scared of who you are, what you can do. Dean, Cas... my family helped me through that. So now I wanna help you. Because you're not evil, Jack.
Jody: The way you handled that wraith, you still got it.
Dean: Given any thought to what's next?

Patience: I don't know. School's in an hour, so I guess calculus.
Jody: And your gift?
Patience: I talked to my Dad. He thinks I should put it away. Dad says we should just get back to normal. Maybe he's right.

Dean: He is. This life -- hunting, monsters -- there's no joy in it. There's nothing but pain, horror, and death. So if you get a chance at normal, you take it.
Jody: Patience, wait. I may be out of line here, but... you don't have to listen to him, to either of them if it's what you really want. I had a daughter, I guess -- Claire -- and I asked her to stay in line, to fight who she really was cause I thought it would keep her safe. It didn't work. It never does. Your gift... you know, maybe you're right. Maybe it'll go away. But if it doesn't, you try to force it down to make someone else happy, you will only make yourself miserable. It's your choice. But if you ever need someone to talk to or someplace to go... my door's always open.
Dean: I told him the truth. See, you think you can use this freak, but I know how this ends, and it ends bad.

Sam: I didn't.
Dean: What?
Sam: I didn't end bad when I was the 'freak,' when I was drinking demon blood.
Dean: Come on, man, that's totally different.
Sam: Was it? Because you could've put a bullet in me. Dad told you to put a bullet in me, but you didn't. You saved me. So help me save him.
Dean: You deserved to be saved. He doesn't.
Sam: Yes, he does, Dean. Of course he does.
Dean: Look, I know you think that you can use him as some sort of an interdimensional can opener, and that's fine. But don't act like you care about him, because you only care about what he can do for you. So if you wanna pretend, that's fine. But me? I can hardly look at the kid. 'Cause when I do, all I see is everybody we've lost.
Sam: Mom chose to take that shot at Lucifer. That is not on Jack.
Dean: And what about Cas?
Sam: What about Cas?

Dean: He manipulated him. He made him promises. Said 'Paradise on Earth,' and Cas bought it. And you know what it got him? It got him dead! Now you may be able to forget about that, but I can't!

Trivia & References

Dean: If you wanna stay here and Mr. Miyagi this kid, knock yourself out. I didn't sign up for that, so I'm gonna go to work.
Mr. Miyagi is the Japanese Karate mentor who coaches the eponymous star of the Karate Kid movies.
Sam is reading The Drama of the Gifted Child, a book written for both parents and therapists which examines the issue of the sensitive, intelligent child who, in an effort to please a parent or parental figure, ignores his or her own needs and feelings.
Ronson: You’re freakin' Wonder Woman. It’s such a waste.
Ronson is referencing the Amazonian princess and one of the iconic members of the "Justice League." It may also be a reference to the Wonder Woman film which was released a few months prior to the episode.
Dean: How's the kid? He go Dark Side yet?
To go dark side is a Star Wars reference that means to become evil.


This is the first episode in the Wayward Sisters story arc.
Adrian Holmes, who played James Turner, previously appeared as Demon in 3.15 Time Is on My Side
Missouri was originally meant to appear in the season one finale, 1.22 Devil's Trap, but scheduling conflicts with actress Loretta Devine forced the production to create a new character, Bobby Singer, as a fill in.
Soon after the episode's airing, creator Eric Kripke revealed he got Missouri Moseley's name from his wife's great-great grandmother, who was a frontier woman and a purported psychic.
The lamp that was used in 11.06 Our Little World when Crowley first confronts Amara can be seen on the table by the window when Dede is reading the aura of the wraith.

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