13.11 Breakdown

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Title Breakdown
Episode # Season 13, Episode 11
First aired January 25, 2018
Directed by Amyn Kaderali
Written by Davy Perez
On IMDB Breakdown
Outline Donna calls on Sam and Dean when her niece is kidnapped by a man who sells human body parts to monsters via online auction.
Monster Agent Terrance Clegg
Timeline A few weeks after 13.10 Wayward Sisters
Location(s) Oshkosh, Nebraska
Lebanon, Kansas
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  • "Look in My Eyes" by The Chantels
(playing as a man is being harvested)
  • "Too Good to Be True" by Lon Rogers & the Soul Blenders
(plays as Wendy is recorded screaming for help)
  • "Big Flame (Is Gonna Break My Heart in Two)" by Doris Wilson
(playing as Wendy is being prepared for harvesting)


Donna: I'm sorry for calling you guys, but Jody's got her hands full with the girls.
Dean: Hey, never apologize for calling us.
Dean: You got up at 10 a.m. this morning. 10 a.m. You. Mr. Rise and Freakin' Shine. And then you turn down pancakes.

Sam: I wasn't hungry.

Dean: They're pancakes. Y -- Look, I know you're in a dark place right now, okay? I mean we lost Jack and Mom is... I think about 'em, too. All the time. But you can't let it eat you up. Now look when I was -- when I was broken up, you were there for me. Well I'm here for you now. And I'm telling ya, the only way out of this is through. Now when everything goes to hell, what do we do? We put out heads down and do the work. We'll find Jack. We'll save Mom, we will. But right now, Donna needs our help.
Sam: Okay. Look. Obviously I'm here for Donna, all right? I wanna help.
Dean: I know you do. So let's find this son of a bitch.
Donna: Don't lie to me. Don't lie to God!
Marlon: Look, I see someone I think nobody's gonna miss, I send a message, I get paid.

Dean: And you feel good about that?

Marlon: No, but, you know, like you don't got bills?
Donna: Where's Clegg?

Marlon: I tell you, you'll kill me.

Donna: Oh, I'm killing ya either way. You just gotta decide if you want it fast or slow.
Sam: You. You're the Butterfly.
Clegg: And you're Sam Winchester. You and your brother are famous. Hell, soon as I saw that fancy car, I knew who you were. And knew you'd be trouble. Tried to give you that preacher, but you saw right through that. So now it's on to Plan B.
Clegg: How many monsters you think are out there, Sam? You know if you -- you had to guess.

Sam: Hundreds. Thousands.

Clegg:See, those freaks that you and your brother chase, those are just the ones that can't pass, either because they're too mean or they're too stupid, or both. But most monsters hell, they could be your next door neighbor. They work a regular job, mow the lawns on a Saturday. And they need to eat, which is where I come in.
Dean: Listen, Doug I know it's been a day. But now you know what's out there. Be nice to have another good guy on our side.

Doug: I -- No. Maybe you all can live this life, but I can't. I just wanna go home.
Donna: So we'll go home.
Doug: And what? I'm a cop, 'cause I like helping folks. But, vampires? That's... I'm not.
Donna: Doug. I'm sorry I lied to you but I can't give this up.

Doug: I know. Donna, you kill monsters. You're a damn hero. But that's... it's not me. I'm sorry. I love you. I'm sorry.
Dean: You were a little tough on Donna back there.

Sam: What?
Dean: Just sayin'.
Sam: Was I wrong? I mean, when has knowing us ever worked out for anyone?
Dean: We save people, Sam.
Sam: Yeah, we also get people killed, Dean. Kaia, for instance. She helped us and she died for it.
Dean: Hey, look I know you're in some sort of a-

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, don't -- don't You keep saying I'm in a dark place, but I'm not, Dean. Everything I'm saying is the truth. It's our lives. And I tried to pretend it didn't have to be. I tried to pretend we could have Mom back and Cas and -- and help Jack. But we can't. This ends one way for us, Dean. It ends bloody. It ends bad.

Trivia & References

"Breakdown" may be a reference to the 1997 film of the same name starring Kurt Russell, about a husband whose wife is abducted by truckers.
Dean uses his previous alias from 11.07 Plush, "Agent Savage", a reference to Rick Savage of the band Def Leppard.
Dean: Breaker, breaker 1-9, this is 67, the Midnight Rider. Looking for the 4-1-1 on my Alice in Wonderland.
Dean is speaking in the shorthand used by CB radio users. "Breaker, breaker 1-9" indicates Dean is about to broadcast on Channel 19 which is known as the trucker channel. "67, the Midnight Rider" is Dean's handle or name, referencing the year of the Impala 1967 and the song "Midnight Rider" by the Allman Brothers Band. "411" means information. “Alice in Wonderland” is someone who is lost."

Later we also hear:
Felix: Breaker, breaker Midnight Rider, Felix the Cat here.

This is the trucker Felix whose handle is "Felix the Cat". Felix the Cat is an animated cat, the first cartoon superstar who originated in 1919.
Doug: I mean, she's barely talkin' to me, and we always talk. About the Vikes, about the Real Housewives, about everything. This is a tough time, I know, but I think she's hiding something from me. Anyhoo, forget it. It's probably nothing. I'm probably just spinning. It's nothing.
"Vikes" is a reference to the National Football League team, the Minnesota Vikings.
Real Housewives is a reality TV franchise that centers on women in rich communities.
Donna: You sure? I mean, the Bible doesn't have much good to say about them. 'But the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected God’s purpose for themselves, not having been baptized by John.'
This quote is from the book of Luke 7:30 in the Christian New Testament.
Marlon: Shouldn't have been so rough with me. I hold a grudge.

Dean: Well. Bring it, Twilight.

Twilight is a series of vampire novels by Stephenie Meyer which were made into blockbuster movies. Dean also said something similar when he killed a vampire on the hood of the Impala in 5.03 Free to Be You and Me.
Sam: So you sell them people?

Clegg: I sell them people other people won't miss. And because I do that, I save lives. If my customers didn't have me, then all those hungry, hungry hippos would be out there, huntin' and killin'. And you couldn't stop them. No one could. You should be thanking me.

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a table top game where players use plastic hippos to collect - or "eat" - marbles.
One of the monsters bidding on Sam Winchester is named Carcosa69. Carcosa is a fictional city created by writer Ambrose Bierce for his short story, An Inhabitant of Carcosa. The city has gone on to be used in various other authors' mythologies, including that of H.P. Lovecraft.


The episode was originally called "The Midnight Train", Andrew Dabb described it as follows: “We’ve got an episode coming up after our midseason break, which we’re essentially titling ‘Snakes on a Train,‘” Dabb shares. “It’s our version of a train heist with vampires.” The concept had to be scrapped due to filming constraints.
The monsters bidding on Luis Fernando's left arm had the user names Canine123, Yummers316, and V3RON1C4M4RSF4N. Other user names included: xxxBABADUDExxx, LoneWolf638, 2Fangs2Furious, MikeySpyder.
The user MikeySpyder recounts that in 2009 in Birmingham he and a vampire named Carver bled a fraternity dry, a reference to Executive Producer Jeremy Carver.

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