14.09 The Spear

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Title The Spear
Episode # Season 14, Episode 9
First aired December 13, 2018
Directed by Amyn Kaderali
Written by Robert Berens
On IMDB The Spear
Outline Sam and Dean enlist Garth to help infiltrate Michael's monster army as a mole. Meanwhile, along with Jack and Castiel, they split up and search for weapons to stop Michael once and for all.
Monster Michael
Michael's Monsters
Timeline December 24, 2018
Location(s) Kansas City, Missouri
Lebanon, Kansas
Joplin, Missouri
Omaha, Nebraska
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  • "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" by Brenda Lee
(plays over the teaser as Brett kills a man)
  • "Jingle Bells" by Elisabeth Oei
(playing in the parking garage as Sam kills the monsters and Michael forces Garth to attack Sam and Jack)
  • "Ode to Joy - Symphony No. 9 in D Minor 'Choral' (Xmas Mix)" by Lorne Balfe, Russell Emanuel & Steve Kofsky (Extreme Music)
(playing as Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack prepare to attack Michael)


Castiel: Jack. If you can't sleep, that's understandable, given recent events.

Jack: You mean dying and coming back to life.

Castiel: Yeah, we've all been through it. It's something of a rite of passage around here.
Jack: Cas. The deal you made why can't Sam and Dean know?

Castiel: They can. I-I just don't, I don't want them to. They don't need that burden. You don't need that burden.
Jack: Of course I do. You did that for me.

Castiel: You know, the Empty said that it wouldn't come for me until I had finally given myself permission to be happy, but with everything we have going on, with -- with Michael still out there, I don't see that happening anytime soon. This life may be a lot of things, but it's rarely happy.
Garth: Look, Sam, I knew this was a risky one. Besides, I'll just pull the old fake-swallow and-spit-it-out-later cough syrup trick.

Sam: What?

Garth: Used to work on my Mom. Well, most of the time.
Dean: Listen to me. Michael conned me. Kept me trapped and drowning inside my own body. Now, when you and Sam were possessed by Lucifer, I -- I thought I understood, but I didn't, not really. So, yeah, if we get a chance to trap him, I'll take that, but I won't be truly happy until he is dead and I kill him. And now I have a chance to do that, so, yeah, I'm good. Let's go.
Dean: Look, we didn't come to fight you for it. I came to ask.

Dark Kaia: You should know by now I won't give it up.

Dean: Well, then, you should just kill me. There are people that I care about -- my family -- and they're in danger. Michael, the one who tortured me, the one who tortured you -- he's gonna hurt them and kill them. And then, worse. Thousands will die. And the only thing in this world that will stop him is the spear in your hands. So if you're not gonna give it to me, kill me.
Dark Kaia: I came here to escape a life of running from monsters. But here, it's no different, not for me. Michael's monsters haven't stopped hunting me. At least over there, I understood things -- the world, my place in it. The magic I used to get here, magic from my home -- it doesn't work here. To get back, I need help.
Jack: Why am I here? Why didn't you just kill me?
Michael: In your present, powerless condition? Why would I bother? Are you familiar with Kansas City -- the people, the terrain? Back in my world, I enlisted a garrison to invade it. We leveled it. Death from above. But there was human resistance. Things got messy. I'm trying something different this time -- an insurgency from within. My monster army turning every last man, woman, and child -- a wave of transformation. Vampires or werewolves -- it won't matter which. Everyone they turn will be mine. No muss, no fuss.
Jack: My uncle's in the Cage. And you -- you're not family.
Michael: Well, not literally, no. Our connection, our relation is more a matter of scale of power. Haven't you learned yet? In this reality, monsters, humans, even angels -- they are insects, atoms compared to us. But you -- you're just a child, a mere infant. For you, the past two years -- the entirety of your existence -- feel like eons. You don't even know what time is. But you will. Real time, the time that makes mountains, that wipes out species. You'll see it all with me. Year by year, century by century, and as your power returns and grows, we'll only become more alike. Oh, I know. Your loyalty to Castiel, the Winchesters, the rest of humanity? It will fade. And so will the minor differences -- angel armies versus monster armies, this Kansas City or that Kansas City, one world from another -- they'll fade, too.
Sam: Walking right into a trap.

Castiel: Which is set by a full-powered archangel.

Dean: Impossible odds. Feels like home. Let's do it.
Michael: When I gave up Dean, you didn't think to question it, to ask why? Dean was resisting me. He was too attached to you, to all of you. He wouldn't stop squirming -- to get out, to get back. So I left but not without leaving the door open just a crack.

Castiel: Why wait?

Michael: To break him, to crush and disappoint him so completely that, this time, he'll be nice and quiet for a change -- buried. And he is. He's gone. And now I have a whole army out there, waiting, ready for my command, ready for this.

Trivia & References

The central plot of the episode has many elements that parallel the action movie Die Hard. In the movie, the villain and their henchman seize an office tower called the Nakatomi Plaza (named Hitomi Plaza in the episode), with the villain taking up residence in the penthouse, and it is up to the hero to stop their evil plan. "Ode to Joy," which plays as Cas, Sam, Dean, and Jack do their "heroes' walk" as they go off to meet Michael, also features prominently on the Die Hard soundtrack. Both the movie and the episode feature popular Christmas songs as well. Like the movie, the episode is set around Christmas and Die Hard is considered a popular Christmas movie. Dean is also a fan of the movie, quoting from or referencing it on a number of occasions including in 2.18 Hollywood Babylon, 6.18 Frontierland, and 13.06 Tombstone.
Jack: Did you take the decoder ring out of the box?

Castiel: Maybe... The secret password is 'cookie-tacular.'

In America, breakfast cereal manufacturers sometimes include toys as part of their marketing to children. A decoder ring usually implements a simple cipher that maps letters to numbers, with a spinning wheel containing the letters and an outer ring containing the numbers (or vice versa). The word or phrase decoded is usually related to the product. In Jack's case he is eating "Krunch Cookie Crunch" and the code word is "Cookie-tacular."
Werewolf Bro: Buddy of mine, he made the change. Says he's immune to silver now. Pretty cool, right? The only thing that can take him down now is the Full Ichabod. Khttt! Says he's never felt so great. Called archangel grace the ultimate power up. A real Chug Jug... Dude, Fortnite.
"Full Ichabod" is a reference to Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, who faced off with the Headless Horseman. Sam previously compared Garth's physical appearance to Ichabod Crane in 9.12 Sharp Teeth.
In the online video game Fortnite, the Chug Jug is a health item that takes 15 seconds to consume and grants the player full health and full shield.
Michael snapping his fingers to signal his army could be seen as a reference to "the Snapture" from Avengers: Infinity War, in which the antagonist, Thanos, snapped his fingers, causing half of all living creatures in the universe to be killed.


Alex Rose, who played Brett the Vampire, previously played Crowley's Demon in 8.17 Goodbye Stranger.
Like Raphael, the Apocalypse World Michael takes on a female vessel after losing his original male one.
We learn that Garth and Bess Myers have had a child -- an unnamed daughter.
Castiel reveals that the Impala's tape deck is broken and Dean is unable to listen to his music while driving.

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