14.14 Ouroboros

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Title Ouroboros
Episode # Season 14, Episode 14
First aired March 7, 2019
Directed by Amyn Kaderali
Written by Steve Yockey
On IMDB Ouroboros
Outline Sam, Dean, Castiel, Jack, and Rowena track a flesh-eating demigod, but that turns out not to be their biggest threat.
Monster Gorgon
Michael (Apocalypse World)
Location(s) Raton, New Mexico
Lebanon, Kansas
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In Ratan, NM, a man is in a kitchen cooking. He walks over to a man laying on the counter. His chest propped open with wooden sticks. He pulls out his liver. There's a snake by the dead mans head. The cook fries the liver in a pan of onions. He takes the snake away from the corpse. The man calls the snake Felix. Then he takes the mans eye out and eats it. His eyes turn green like a reptilian with the slit in them. He sees a vision of Sam and Dean coming into a building guns drawn. It is then that he tells Felix it's time to go. He take the other eye with him.

    A clock on the wall reads 2:30. It is in the kitchen is still cooking away. Dean 

and Sam come in as in the vision. Cas and Jack come in the kitchen and find all the pots cooking, everything is burning. They find the corpse on the counter. Jack says he's cooking body parts again. Dean and Sam enter the room. They all can't believe he got away again.

    There are no restraints on the mans body. Jack says, I don't know why any

of them don't fight back. Rowena enters the room when Dean mentions witch- craft at fault. Her tracking spell was to make finding him easier. They have been chasing this man for weeks. She thinks it's a success since he was just there.

    She says hello to Cas and leaves the room. Cas finds the mans wallet and

reads the license. Sam says,”It's all the same.” No forced entry and no restraints. Jack holds up a snakes skin. This is different then the rest. He coughs and blames it on the pepper. Cas says that he has killed six people in New Mexico. Rowena mentions the victims black lips and blots it with a handkerchief.

    At the motel, Sam and Rowena are searching in books for answers of what 

they are dealing with. Rowena brings up that the last time she saw Jack he was on deaths door. She thinks it was magic. Sam assures her Jack is okay and not to worry. She also mentions how Dean is managing with Michael locked inside of his head. He says Dean is Dean. She still insists A problem could arise later on. Staying busy helps us all.

     Cas and Dean sit in a diner talking. Dean squints his eyes while they are 

closed, seeing and hearing Micheal inside his mind. He is trying to get out. Cas knows that he needs a lot of will power to keep Micheal in.

    Jack is in a bathroom looking at himself in the mirror. He begins to cough 

violently. Then he coughs up blood. He rinses his hands. Cas asks Dean if he is really fine. He says, he doesn't know. Adding, that he has this pounding in his head, it never stops. Michael is in there and he is fighting hard to get out. He says he can't let his guard down, not for a second. No point complaining about it, it's on me. Cas says it's on all of us. He wants to help.

    Jack is still in the bath room. He is coughing and now has his fingers at his

throat. They are lit up, he applies them to his throat. Back to Dean and Cas. He says, he agreed to give time to find a solution. Cas says they will find one. Dean reminds him of plan B, the coffin in the ocean. Jack returns to the table. Cas asks if he's okay. He says he is fine.

     Cas brings the conversation back to the killings. He thinks they have a 

ritualistic quality and religious. He muses that it could be just a deranged person who is lucky. Jack says anyone who does something like this is a monster, even if human. Deans phone rings, he says Sam and Rowena have something.

    Back at the motel. Sam tells them all they have made progress. Rowena says

she thinks they are dealing with a Gorgon. An ancient cursed being who loves snakes and hungers for human flesh. Dean says, he's like Medusa. Rowena says you know about Medusa. Dean told her, from Clash of the Titians. She says that is the exaggerated version. They weren't turned to stone, but used venom to paralyze the victim, the black lips.

    Sam comes up with 17 unexplained deaths that fit our guy. Last month he

moved across southern U.S. From Florida to New Mexico. Rowena says legend has it that it has every few months the gorgon gorges itself. Dean says, like a snake. It eats the eyes and can see the future. Sam thinks that's how it can see them coming.

    At a truck stop. A man is seen going to his truck. The gorgon meets him at 

the truck. He says he needs a ride. The driver says, he's not a taxi. The gorgon says he is hungry and convinces the driver to take him. Giving him hints of incentives in the truck. The driver tells him to get in. When they do, the driver asks if he's ready to do anything. The gorgon kisses him on the mouth. He tells the driver that poison is beginning to paralyze him. The numbing takes a little while to kick in. He then takes his eyes out and eats them with Felix around his neck.

    At the truck stop parking lot. Dean and Cas approach an officer about the case.

Dean asks if there was anything unusual that happened. He said, just that he had no eyes. There was a note on the body addressed to Dean, the note said. Dean, I see you by yourself reading the note. I see you, the tall one and the red head chasing me. I will always see you. Stop or I will make you stop. Noah.

Cas mentions that he doesn't see him. 
    Sam back at the motel has his phone on speaker. Rowena doesn't like being

on his list. Dean mentions that he can't see Cas or Jack. He can't see angels. Cas thinks if he and Jack approach him, it will surprise him. Dean tells Rowena to get her tracking spell ready.

     Sam wants to know if she has everything ready. She needs to make an 

antidote for the gorgons poison. She needs anti venom. Sam asks her how she will get the venom. She says she has a plan, looking at Jack.

     Sam and Rowena enter a veterinarians office. They are in a panic over their

little dog that Sam is holding in his arms. The pup is very sick and needs medical attention. They argue over who is to blame. Until the vet takes the dog. Sam gives her the dog. She asks them it's name, it is Jack they say. They talk of how convincing they were.

    The doctor is just getting done taking the dogs temperature. She says she

needs to get Mom and Dad to fill out some papers, she leaves the room and in the mirror, Jack is seen on all fours. He gets off the table to look for venom. The doctor comes into the reception area saying he seems fine, just need to do some blood work. The room is empty. The vet is walking back to the room. Jack finds the venom. When she enters heis gone.

    Jack comes out of a side door. They are waiting for him. He shows them he 

got the venom and wishes he had gotten it before she took his temperature. He gets in the car. Rowena confronts Sam about Jack. The magic she felt when she cast her spell on Jack. It is volatile magic, in him like a parasite. She is worried and asks him again, what he did. Sam brushes her off. That they are all being careful.

     A man is tied up in a chair, strapped at his wrists and ankles. Noah kneels in 

front of him with his snake. The victim is quiet because they made a deal, no screaming no noise. Then he won't die like the others. He asks the victim if he has any vegetable oil, he says in the kitchen cupboard. Noah says he doesn't always like to eat humans. He says that sometimes fate is cruel and boring. He suggests that this is all in the mans mind and he has a concussion. He says that the ladies don't go for this like the men, now a days. So many years of misogynistic abuse for so long. They are more cautious. The victim begins to yell, the gorgon gets annoyed. He kisses the man on the cheek, he quiets down. He looks at the snake and says, lets see how this oven works.

    He is a hour west of us and not moving, Rowena says. She hands

a bottle of anti venom to Cas. She says, a few drops of this it should counter act the poison, theoretically. Meanwhile, back at the victims apartment. Noah is in the kitchen. There is a knock at the door. Jack comes in from the back door then Cas emerges from the front. He is trapped. Jack tells him he is a monster. Demi god Noah says. He says, he is a loner not a fighter. He begins to tell Jack a story about a black snake and chicken eggs. The snake came back for each egg until the last one. He ate it and died because it was a hard boiled. Cas asks why he is telling the story. He says he doesn't know if he, Jack, is the chicken or the snake. Cas begins to fight him. His knife is thrown to the floor. Noah kisses Cas on the cheek, he can't move. Jack and Noah fight. Then Sam and Dean enter the room. He says, hello to Dean and wishes it was nice to meet him. He and Dean fight. The gorgon slams Deans head into the wall twice he falls to the floor unconscious. Sam calls to him. The gorgon is fighting with Sam now. He is on the floor like the rest now. Noah takes his backpack and leaves. As he walks away a knife severs his head. It's Jack

    Jack kneels down by Cas, pulls the vile from his coat and gives him the

antidote. It doesn't work. So he uses his powers. Using his finders on each temple. His fingers light up as his eye, too. Cas comes to. He yells at Jack. Dean won't wake up.

     The Impala is seen racing on a road. At the bunker they carry Dean to a bed. 

Maggie is there and goes to get ice. Cas puts his fingers on Deans forehead, he can't see what is going on in his mind. Jack says he can help. Cas reminds him he can't burn anymore of his soul away. He puts his head low and walks away. Rowena enters. They don't know if the gorgon did something to him before he got injured. Cas leaves the room. Sam asks Rowena what he should do. She says, clean his wounds and make him comfortable. Dean begins to wake. We see a scene where Michael barges out of the room. The room he was in is now empty.

    Rowena is in the library looking through old books. Jack has the snake

in his room in a plastic container. He sits on his bed. Cas is in the doorway talking to him. Jack says, he can't see Dean like that. Cas tells him, every time we go out there is a risk. Jack says he can't think about losing any of them. He hates thinking about it. Cas reminds him that Sam and Dean are extremely brave humans. Their life spans are shorter then ours. Eventually, they will be gone and we have to go on without them. It's part of growing up. Jack asks what's the point of being a cosmic being if everything I care about dies and leaves. He tells Jack that we will hurt when they leave. That it will be a reminder of how you loved them. When Dean awakes we need to appreciate the time we have together. Jack insists on using his powers to help. Cas won't allow it. Jack says what't the use in having these powers if I can't use them. Cas asks if he's keeping the snake. Rowena says the gorgon can see peoples fate he saw Jack in the story of the chicken and the snake. Cas tries to brush it off. A story about greed and giving up something you love in order to kill the thing you hate. They hear a noise.

     Dean is throwing everything off of shelves. They try to calm him down. 

He says he doesn't know where he is. He can't see him, Michael. He turns and says, he's gone. The room Micheal was in is empty. Dean blames himself , he let his guard down. He argues with Sam. He should had let him got in the coffin in the sea.

     A scream comes from somewhere in the compound. It's Maggie. They 

find her with her eyes burned out, like an angel kill. She is dead and so is everyone else. Throats cut on all over the floor and table. Rowena enters the room. Her eyes are blue, she is possessed by Michael. She says, hello boys.

    He says, he could had burned them all. Cas has his angel blade ready. Michael

says, she is much sturdier then she looks. Must be the 100's of years of magic. Sam says, she wouldn't let him in. He says, she didn't want to but. Flashback, Rowena looking through books in the library, she senses him. She is up on her feet. She sees Michael as when he possessed Dean. She tells him, you are not Dean. She sees herself sitting at the table. Her spirit is out of her body. He was but it didn't work out. He'll let her live. She argues that Sam is to kill her. He tells her how he will kill everyone in the building that she cares about

    As much, he had no intention of keeping his promise. Dean tells Sam to use

the cuffs. Michael raises his hand and they fly through the air onto the floor. Except for Jack. He is still standing. Michael tells them they can't breath. They all gasp for air. Except Jack, again. With the snap of his fingers they are all blind, then in pain. Jack pulls a backpack from the table. He says, Micheal, and he sends a ball of energy at him.

    Jack asks him to let them go. He then hurls a ball of energy at Michael. He

gets up. Jacks eyes are glowing. Michael throws back another ball of energy, he says, he is the cleanser of the world. I will not be challenged by a child. Jack says, I am the sun of Lucifer, I am a hunter, I am a Winchester. He grabs Rowenas head. His soul leaves her body circles around above them. He says, you are dead and no longer hurt anyone. He energy diminishes and it enters Jacks body. They all look at him waiting. Dean calls Jacks name. Jack says, Michael, he's dead. I'm me again. His eyes up and he spreads his winds. He's an angel again.




  • "Yéyé St-Tropez" by Claire Marcelle
(playing in Dennis Barron's home as Noah prepares his dinner)


Dean: Yeah. Who would just let themselves be eaten? Hey, I'll say it again, my money's on witchcraft.

Rowena: Och, you. Always blaming witches.

Dean: 'Cause a lot of times, it's witches.
Rowena: Speaking of which, I'm also curious as to how your brother is managing to keep an archangel locked away inside his mind.
Sam: Because... he's Dean. And Dean is Dean. He's fine.
Dean: 'Dean, I see you standing alone by the truck reading this note. I see you and the tall man and the red-headed witch chasing me. I will always see you. Stop, or I will make you stop. Regards, Noah.' I'm on a first-name basis with some psycho pen pal. That's aces.

Castiel: Somehow he knows you. But you're not standing alone. Why doesn't he mention me?

Dean: Maybe you're not his type.
Rowena: What did you do to that boy? When I cast the transformation spell, I felt something else pushing back, some other thing inside him. It's volatile magic, powerful and it's stitched to him like some kind of parasite. I was curious before, but now I am worried, so I'll ask you again, Sam. What did you do?

Sam: Okay, listen. Jack's being careful. We're all being careful. That's all you need to know.
Rowena: Fine. Don't tell me. But using dangerous, mysterious magic, regardless of the cost... that's a very on-brand me thing to do.
Sam: Well, thank you.

Rowena: Of course, Samuel. Until very recently, I was the villain.
Victim: You're just preying on -- on helpless men?
Noah: 'Helpless men' -- that's rich. No, I do eat ladies, too, but women have become so cautious lately. Must be all that finally waking up from centuries of misogynistic oppression. Good for them. Bad for you. It's so bad for him, isn't it, Felix?
Castiel: But, Jack... you know, Sam and Dean, they're human, and they're very extraordinary, brave, special humans, but they're -- they're still humans. And humans burn bright, but for a very brief time compared to, you know, things like us. And eventually, they're gone, even the very best ones, and we have to carry on. It's just -- It's part of growing up.
Jack: What's the point of being a cosmic being if everyone I care about is just gonna... leave?

Castiel: The point is that they were here at all and you got to know them, you -- When they're gone, it will hurt, but that hurt will remind you of how much you loved them.
Jack: That sounds... awful.

Castiel: It is, but it's also living. So when Dean wakes up -- and he will wake up -- we just have to remember to appreciate the time that we all have together now.
Michael: That's not very nice. And if we're not being nice, what if... you couldn't breathe? That's a terrible feeling, isn't it? What if you were also blind?

Dean: Sam.

Michael: And what if you just hurt? But... fun as this is, I think... no more games. This time, you all die. This time, the world burns.
Michael: How dare you! Burning off your soul? You'll run out soon enough.

Jack: It's worth the cost.
Michael: I should have killed you when I had the chance.
Jack: I feel the same.
Michael: I am the commander of the host! The cleanser of worlds! I will not be challenged by a child!

Jack: I am not a child! I'm the son of Lucifer. I'm a hunter! I am a Winchester!
Jack: I'm me again.

Trivia & References

The Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian symbol depicting a snake eating its own tail. It was adopted by the Greeks and most famously used in alchemy.
Sam: I mean, no pictures in his phone. And this place doesn't exactly scream 'snake guy.'

Rowena: Not enough Pantera posters, for one.

Pantera was a American heavy metal band.
Dean: Okay, so, what? This guy's some real Houdini?
Harry Houdini was a famous magician and escape artist.
Castiel: Okay, um... these killings -- it seems like there's a ritualistic quality to the crime scenes, right? It's almost liturgical. It means religious.
Liturgical refers to the rituals and performance of public worship.
Rowena: I believe we are hunting a gorgon, an ancient cursed being, with an affinity for snakes and a hunger for human flesh.

Dean: Snakes for hair? That's like Medusa.
Rowena: You know about Medusa?
Dean: Oh, yeah. Clash of the Titans? Turns guys to stone?

In Greek mythology a gorgon was a creature whose gaze could turn a person to stone. The most well known are the three sisters -- Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale -- who had live snakes for hair, and who would turn any person who looked on them to stone. There are two movies called Clash of the Titans, both of which tell the story of Perseus and his battles against gods and monsters. Dean has possibly seen both the 1981 version of the movie and the 2010 version. Dean later makes another reference to Clash of the Titans when he mentions things coming out of Medusa when she was killed.
Dean and Castiel use the aliases "Page" and "Jones" for their FBI covers, referring to Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin.
The dog Rowena transforms Jack into is a Brussels Griffon breed.
Rowena: Yeah, well, assuming you're not all paralyzed or eaten... off with his head.
"Off with his head" is a common phrase associated with decapitation, most famously uttered by the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Noah's story of the black snake and the chicken is an African folktale from Liberia known as "Black Snake and the Eggs." You can read it here.


This episode marks Jensen Ackles' 300th appearance on Supernatural as Dean Winchester.
While not fully named in the episode, promotional material lists the gorgon Noah's surname as "Ophis." Ophis is the Greek word for serpent.
Dean, Castiel, and Jack have coffee at a Mexican restaurant called El Sabrosa.
When Dean and Castiel are talking to the police officer, Castiel holds his badge upside down, referencing the episode 5.03 Free to Be You and Me where Castiel and Dean pose as FBI agents and Castiel initially holds his badge upside down before Dean corrects it.
Continuity Error: While reading the note that Noah left him, Dean says, "I see you standing alone by the truck reading this note." However, the actual note does not contain the word "alone."
This episode marks a rare occasion where Castiel is armed with a weapon other than his angel blade on a hunt. Like the Winchesters and Jack, he wields a silver machete when fighting Noah.
It's shown that consenting to becoming a vessel does not need to be done verbally. Rowena gave Michael the needed permission simply by nodding her head. In the past, consent has always been given out loud.
Michael reneged on the deal he made with Rowena to be his vessel, just as he had done with Dean in 13.23 Let the Good Times Roll.

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