15.05 Proverbs 17:3

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Title Proverbs 17:3
Episode # Season 15, Episode 5
First aired November 14, 2019
Directed by Richard Speight Jr.
Written by Steve Yockey
On IMDB Proverbs 17:3
Outline Sam and Dean investigate a series of werewolf killings, and are surprised to encounter an old enemy they thought was dead.
Monster Werewolves
Timeline November 14, 2019
Location(s) Black Forest, Colorado
Lebanon, Kansas
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In Black Forest, Colorado three girls are in a tent celebrating their graduation from college. Two of them have jobs and are leaving, one -- Ashley -- is staying. They hear a noise in the woods. One of them, Julie, goes to investigate and get more rum. She leaves and a scream is heard. They call to her, but get no reply. As the other girl gets up to check outside the tent, she is grabbed and taken by the monster.

At the Bunker, Sam is putting a sawed off shotgun in his duffel bag. He inspects his phone to see he has gotten no replies from Castiel. Dean soon returns from a supply run, and tells Sam about the ghost pepper jerky he just bout. Sam tires to warn him that ghost peppers are very hot, but Dean dismisses the comment and eats it anyway and soon has to beg Sam for water. Dean then asks about a case Sam is working on in Colorado, three dead from a mountain lion. Sam tells Dean, that the number is now five dead.

In the bunkers library. Sam sits seated in a white suit, Dean walks up to him with the Colt and apologizes before shooting him in the back of the head. Sam quickly sits back up as the wound heals and his eyes flash red as he is possessed by Lucifer. He asks Dean if he really thought it would work, before setting Dean on fire and killing him. Sam wakes from his nightmare in the Impala abs tells Dean he had a bad dream. Surprised to hear he's another one, Dean asks Sam to tell him about it to keep him awake on their long drive. But Sam chooses not to.

They pull up to the sheriffs office in Co. They were going as Fish and Game this time. Dean had the credentials done. Both were very old photos. Sam looked at Deans and says, is that really you? Their aliases are Hamill and Ford. Sam thought it was funny. They walk into the office approached a woman and asked if she was the sheriff. She was. They show her their ID's and she looks at Deans closer. She says, “ Is that really you?” Sam tells her that they are hear because of the mountain lion attacks. She says, if that's what you want to call them. They don't get many big cats around here. Mostly bear, maybe a psychotic bear. The attacks are too, clean. If it were a human it he would be a monster. Their hearts were torn out. They ask is there were any witnesses. Yes, a woman named Ashley Monroe. She is in the hospital, she is in shock from the attack. She had asked to keep her name out of the paper.

    At the hospital, Sam and Dean enter the room. They begin to interview Ashley. She is in her bed with a vertical slash on her face, from eye to jaw. They ask her what 

she remembers. She is running in the woods from a man. There is growling. She looks over at the man working on her IV. Sam takes him into the hallway and talks with him while Dean interviews Ashley. He tells her, no matter how weird it is, they will believe her. Then he explains how they hunt and kill monsters. She is safe with them. She asks if they will protect her. He says yes.

    She tells Dean it was a man chasing her with fangs and claws. In her flashback she sees him with his fangs. Dean tells her he is a werewolf. She disagrees and says there is no such thing. The man puts his hand over her mouth and tells her not to tell anyone or he will kill her. He takes his claw and scratches her down her face and left. 
     Dean comes out of the hospital room to tell Sam the mans name. It is Andy May. 

He attacked her and he is a werewolf. Sam brought to his attention that the night of the attack there wasn't a full moon. Dean says, maybe a pure blood. He looks into Ashley's room, she is crying into her hands.

    The Impala pulls up to the cabin in the woods. They knock on the door a man opens it. They show their ID's. Josh the older brother says to Dean, Is that you? Sam asks

for Andy. He comes to the door. Sam shows them a photo of Ashley. They deny seeing her. Josh the older brother asks why does this concern Fish and Game. She was attacked by a mountain lion. Andy offers to help since he goes out at night in the woods. They set rabbit traps. Sam offers them a writing pad with a silver pen. Neither one will touch it. They don't have a phone. The conversation ends. Dean wants to kill them now. His phone rings, it's Ashley.

     Inside the cabin Andy and Josh argue. Josh didn't like Andy saying they go out at

night. He didn't know what to say and reminds him, if he hadn't killed those girls every thing would be okay. Josh is annoyed that Andy let the girl go. Andy didn't want to kill people anyway and reminds Josh of their father. Josh yells that dad is dead. He tells his brother that he wants the killing to stop. Josh puts his brothers face in his hands and tells him he will. Andy tells him he is lying and he tells him he is not. I look out for you. The girl Ashley has to go. They both agree.

     Back at the Sleepy Bean  Inn. Sam and Dean bring Ashley into their room. They offer the room to her and they will rent the room next to her. Dean wants to kill the 

brothers. Sam points out that this has been all too easy. Dean disagrees, and says he likes easy. Ashley asks Dean to stay till she falls asleep. He agrees.

     Outside the May brothers are in a late model pick-up. They smell her presence. One notes that the car that came to their cabin is there. Josh reassures him that they will get her 

tonight. They are good at quick and quiet.

     Dean walks into the room with Ashley. He asks her how she is. She refers to the pills the hospital gave her. He inspected them and says, the good stuff. She asks him if he 

likes his job, he says yes. There is a lot of bad but he likes to help people. She talks about herself and being a graduate from college. Her childhood friends are gone. She doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. She wishes her life were all planned for her.

     It is 1:20 a.m. Sam wakes up Dean and tells him that she is gone. The bed is empty and the door is open. Sam had gone out for food and found the door open. Ashley is seen in a chair with her mouth gagged. She is afraid. The room is full of knives and saws, blood in on the walls. The May brothers enter. They are arguing. Andy says, this is not 

who we are. Josh replies, this is exactly who we are. He wants to eat her heart.

    Sam and Dean pull up to the cabin with guns drawn. Josh in the room picks up an

ax. She screams as loud as she can. When Sam and Dean enter the room, the two brothers are gone. Ashley is released from her bondage. Josh jumps down from the ceiling and fights Dean. Sam fights off Andy. Sam's gun flies across the floor. They are both weaponless. Then Andy grabs the gun and points it at Sam. He begs Andy not to shoot. He turns and shoots his brother. Josh falls to the floor. Andy yells that his brother wasn't going to stop and he had turned him into a monster. He then turned the gun on himself, shooting himself in the heart.

    Ashley walks away, Sam tries to console her but she pulls away from him. She trips and falls on a pair of antlers on the floor. She is impaled by them in her back. She is dead. Then she says, “Well, this is a bitch.” she raises to her feet and the antlers exit 

her body. Sam asks, What are you? She turns to Sam and says, You don't remember little old me. At that point, her eyes roll back and they are white. There is a flashback of when Sam killed Lilith. Sam says, No your dead. She was in the big empty, until the boss woke her up-God. She was suppose to be rescued and seduce Dean. Sam asks if she was sent to kill them. She says she wishes. But that's not how the story goes. She thought it was all easy and stupid but put Dean to sleep. And made sure they saw the mutts go all suicide. They ask what does she want. The magic gun, the equalizer. Just give me the gun and we'll be done. Dean tells her if God wants the gun let him come get it. Sam pulls out the demon blade and Dean the angel blade. Lilith pushes them both with her energy. They fly across the room.

    Dean gets up first and tells her not to hurt Sam, he is unconscious. Tells her he will

he will show her the gun. She says that he would promise her to moon and back and she should had pursued him last time around. She can't kill him but can torture him till he begs to die.

    As Sam is unconscious, he dreams of when Dean was a demon. They are at the com

pound. Dean hits him and he falls from the stairs above. He falls on the floor. Dean still has the mark of Cain on his arm. He grabs Sam at his neck, strangling him. Then he stabs him with the first blade. He wakes up.

    Lilith and Dean are in the Impala. She is staring and talking to Dean. She talks of 

her mission from God. Asking Dean, if he thinks she wants to be here. I died to free Lucifer from the cage. I had to die for what I wanted most and you two went and screwed it all up. Dean says, that was God and one of his stories. She says to Dean,

I can't hurt him but I can hurt you. Next Sam is seen exiting the cabin, sees no car, 

but a older model pick-up.

    Lilith laughs how Dean bonded with Ashley. Saying that God has this weird

pervy obsession with him and one brother killing the other brother. That is a scenario of Gods and why they saw the werewolf brothers die the way they did.

    They get back to the inn. She wants the gun. Dean tells her they didn't actually

bring it. She points her finger at him and he is slashed on his cheek. She then mentions Ling chi death of one thousand cuts. She cuts him again. He told her to go to hell. Then his abdomen was cut. I can keep this up, she cuts Dean again. Then Sam breaks into the room.

     Sam shoots her in the head with his gun. She can't move. Devil's trap bullet Sam 

told her. She is furious. He asks her where is Chuck? She says, why would I tell you anything. He replies, because I killed you before, I am doing it again. He pulls out his demon blade. She says, you killed me because I let you. Her eyes become white, the room begins to shake, light bulbs explode. They both run out of the room. Only to see her in front of them. They can't move. He tells Lilith you'll never get the gun. She knows it isn't in the room or in the bunker. Looking in their car she opens the glove compartment, there she finds it. She laughs while holding it out in front of them both, it melts from her hand to the ground. She disappears and they are released from her spell.

     They are back at the bunker. Sam is still trying to get Cass on his phone, nothing. 

Dean says, God was suppose to be gone. He suggests they are still stuck in a maze still and Lilith is back. Is he going to throw his greatest hits at us. Sam says, “why doesn't he just kill us.” Dean tells him that Chuck only like on type of ending, that I kill you or you kill me. Sam tells him of all his dreams and visions are like that. Sam points to the wound from the gun he and Chuck share. He has a connection to me from that, it created a link between us. Somehow he is in his head. They both don't know how they are going to fight God.






Dean: Whatever you saw we'll believe you. Ashley, listen to me. Whatever you're about to say, I want you to know that we've heard worse. We've heard of weirder.
Dean: Werewolves, monsters they're all real. And me and my brother we hunt them, and we kill them. That's what we do.
Ashley: Do you like your job?

Dean: What do you mean?
Ashley: I mean monsters.

Dean: Right. Do I like it? Uh, I do. I mean, there's bad, don't get me wrong. There's a lot of bad. Still, it feels good to help people. You know?
Ashley: It's all just so random and awful. Wouldn't it be great if everything was just planned out for you if it was all just already decided?
Dean: No, not really.
Sam: No. You're dead.

Lilith: Was dead. Yeah. In the Empty, sleeping the big sleep, until the boss brought me back.
Sam: Boss? Lucifer?

Lilith: God. I was supposed to get rescued, and in a moment of sweet relief, seduce Dean, blah, blah, blah. Obviously, that's not happening now? So... Oh, well.
Dean: No, why are you doing this? You even said it yourself this is stupid.
Lilith: It is. Do you think I want to be here? I died to free Lucifer from the Cage. I had to die for what I wanted most. And then you two went and screwed it all up.
Lilith: Why would I ever tell you anything?

Sam: Because I've killed you before and I can do it again.

Lilith: See, you keep saying that, but you killed me because I let you. Now I'm feeling less generous.
Dean: So, what, we're just we're stuck in his in his maze still? And now Lilith is back? I mean, what's he gonna do, just throw our greatest hits at us?

Sam: I mean why doesn't he just kill us already?

Dean: Because that's not what he wants. Lilith said that Chuck only likes one kind of ending you kill me, or I kill you.
Sam: Dean. My dreams, visions, or whatever they all end the same way, with us killing each other.

Dean: You're just telling me this now?
Sam: I-I-I thought, they must've been some form of, like, messed-up PTSD, but but what if they're not? What if I'm somehow seeing Chuck's endings? You know, different ones.
Dean: How would that be possible?

Sam: 'Cause of this. When I shot Chuck, the bullet wasn't a bullet. It-it was a-a a piece of me, right? So, what if it created a-a link of some sort, you know? I-I mean, what if what if, I don't know -- What if somehow I'm in his head?
Dean: This was supposed to be over. We were done. We were free. And now what are we supposed to do, man? Do we just keep running in this this freaking hamster wheel until we die? Or until we get boring and He ends us?

Sam: Or we fight.

Dean: Fight God? Without the gun? It's God, Sam. And He's coming for us. How the hell are we supposed to fight God?

Trivia & References

Proverbs 17:3:
“The crucible is for silver, and the furnace is for gold, and the Lord tests hearts.”
Ashley: Yeah, but you two got jobs. You're both leaving. I have a philosophy degree, and I drive Uber.
Uber is a ride share company.
Sam: Dude, ghost peppers are really hot.
Ghost peppers are one of the hottest forms of chili peppers in the world and are rated at more than 1 million Scoville Heat Units (SHUs). By comparison, Tabasco Sauce is rated at around 5,000 SHUs. Drinking water will only spread capsaicin -- the active ingredient in chili peppers -- around. It is much better to drink milk or yogurt to neutralize the heat.'
Dean: Gee. Another one? Well, why don't you tell me about it? No. Come on. I'll, uh I'll Freud you. Keep me awake till we hit Colorado.
"Freud" refers to the famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who wrote a book called The Interpretation of Dreams about the symbolism and meaning of dreams.
Sam: Hamill and Ford? Wow. That is a deep cut.
Sam and Dean go undercover as U.S. Wildlife Service agents, with Sam taking the alias "Agent Mark Hamill" and Dean using "Agent Dean Ford". Sam and Dean last used these identities in 1.03 Dead in the Water. "Deep cut", originally a music term, generally means an obscure reference that only people with an intimate knowledge of a topic will get. Additionally, when Eric Kripke was pitching Supernatural, he used the phrase "Star Wars in truck stop America", and described the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester (then Harrison) thus:
“If Sam’s the good kid, Dean’s the troublemaker. If Sam’s Luke Skywalker, Dean’s Han Solo.”
Ashley: Did you ever want to be anything else?

Dean: Jimi Hendrix. No, not really. I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Jimi Hendrix was one of the most influential rock guitarists in history. In 9.07 Bad Boys a young Dean tells Robin that he wants to be a rock star when she asks him what he wants to be.
Dean: Let me guess. One of Chuck's lines?

Lilith: Word for word. God He is not exactly Shakespeare. He's more of a low-rent Dean Koontz. I had to listen to his whole "writing philosophy", and his very weird, very perv-y obsession with you. And it always ends the same one brother killing the other. I mean, this world? He could've ended it in so many ways, and he likes that one. You know, I guess that's why you had to see the werewolf bros die the way they did 'cause foreshadowing.

Dean Koontz is one of the world's top-selling authors, known for writing horror and thriller novels.
Lilith: Have you ever heard of Lingchi? It's Chinese. It means "lingering death" -- death by a thousand cuts.
Lingchi was a form of torture and execution used in China from 900 CE until it was banned in the early 20th century.


"Proverbs 17:3" marks Steve Yockey's final episode for Supernatural before moving on to his new series, The Flight Attendant for HBO MAX. Yockey wrote in a Twitter post:
"My final episode of #Supernatural airs tonight with @dicksp8jr at the helm. Was incredibly lucky to work on this rad show with such an amazing group of folks. Enjoy the ride! ☠️🖤"
Rachel Hayward, who plays Sheriff Dignan, previously played Tara in 9.11 First Born.
Sam check's his phone and looks over a series of texts to Cas that read:
Hey Cass checking in.
How you doing? Everything ok?
Cass call me we need to talk.
Didn't realize you were taking off.
Service sucks in the bunker, want to make sure you're getting these.
Call me when you can.
Want to make sure you're ok.
Sam's first nightmare is one where Dean tries to kill a Lucifer-possessed Sam (Samifer) with the Colt and is killed in turn. This Lucifer wears a white suit similar to the one worn by the 2014 Lucifer in 5.04 The End. In his second nightmare, a Knight of Hell Dean kills Sam with the First Blade. Sam speculates that these are the possible endings God has in mind for the Winchesters.
Sam and Dean use U.S. Wildlife Services ID's from 1.03 Dead in the Water, with the running joke that Dean does not look like his picture, even though Jensen barely seems to have aged. Meanwhile, no one mentions Sam's ID, despite his photo looking like he is in his early 20's. Sam's Hair is also in its season 1 hairstyle in the picture as a result.
Lilith tells Sam and Dean she was sleeping in the Empty, when Chuck brought her back. In 13.04 The Big Empty, the Cosmic Entity tells the recently awoken Castiel:
"No. No, no, no. Not with me, and I’m the only one that has any pull here. Not Heaven, not Hell, not G-O-D himself. So think harder. Rack that perky little brain of yours."
Nick was also able to call Lucifer forth from the Empty, suggesting the Entity is not as omnipotent as it claims.

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