15.07 Last Call

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Title Last Call
Episode # Season 15, Episode 7
First aired December 5, 2019
Directed by Amyn Kaderali
Written by Jeremy Adams
On IMDB Last Call
Outline While working a case to clear his head, Dean runs across an old hunter friend. Castiel returns to the Bunker with a way to possibly track down Chuck, which leads to dire consequences for Sam.
Monster Marid
Lee Webb
Timeline December 4-6, 2019
Location(s) Texhoma, Texas
Lebanon, Kansas
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In Texhoma, Texas, a young woman, Angela Sullivan, is helping her drunk friend, Sally, out of a bar. When Sally goes off to be sick, Angela gets into her car to wait and is attacked. When Sally turns around, her friend and car are gone. Angela wakes up tied to a chair, with an IV dripping her blood into the window of a metal door. Seeing the creature inside, she screams.

Dean is in his room, drinking beer, desperately looking for a case. He stumbles onto the story of a woman who says her friend was “raptured.” Dean goes looking for Sam, and he finds him and Eileen cooking breakfast while hungover. They invite him to eat, but he declines and turns to leave. Sam follows Dean to make sure he’s okay. Dean explains he needs to get out, and that he doesn’t want to spoil Sam and Eileen’s fun. Sam just wants to make sure Dean is good and will call if he needs him. Dean assures him he will and teases Sam to leave a sock on the door before he leaves.

Dean arrives in Texhoma and talks to the sheriff, who believes Angela just left to go to Los Angeles. But he does say her friend, Sally Anderson, frequents the local bar, Swayze’s.

Later that night, Dean goes to Swayze’s Bar. The waitress, Lorna, flirts with Dean and takes his phone per house rules, then tells him Sally should be by later. That’s when Dean sees who is singing: an old hunting buddy, Lee Webb. After Lee’s song is done, they enthusiastically greet each other.

Sam and Eileen are researching when Eileen suggestively offers they do something else. As Sam starts to respond, Castiel returns to the Bunker with an idea how to find Chuck by probing Sam’s God wound.

Meanwhile, Dean and Lee are reminiscing about hunting and John. After finding out that John died 13 years prior, Lee offers condolences to Dean. When Dean asks if Lee ever regrets quitting, Lee says no, telling Dean their last case together involving cultists in Arizona was a wake-up call to him to get out of the life.

In the Bunker infirmary, Castiel explains that his idea is to probe the wound. He tells Sam it is dangerous, but Sam agrees. As Castiel is probing Sam, something goes wrong and Sam is slammed against the wall and knocked out. With Sam unconscious, Castiel calls Dean, to no avail, and leaves a message. Dean’s phone rings in the basket of confiscated cell phones in the bar, while Dean is bragging about his night with twins (Lee reminds him they were triplets). Castiel then calls Sergei, the shaman, reminding him that Sergei owes him for what happened with Jack. Sergei replies he has promised to take his niece shopping this weekend. Castiel threatens to track Sergei down and burn him alive, but Sergei remains unmoved.

At Swayze’s, Dean speaks about the horrors of ghost sickness, which made him scared of everything! When Lee asks about the case, Dean tells him about the missing woman. Lee doesn’t recognize Angela, until Lorna reminds him she is Sally’s friend. Lee asks why he is chasing something so small. Dean replies someone has to look out for the little guy, since God isn’t. Lee expresses concern, and says Dean has saved so many, he deserves a break. Lee then goes to the stage and goads Dean to join him by saying he can’t just lip sync in private. Dean shyly joins. They sing “Good Ole Boys,” the Dukes of Hazzard theme – the song that John would play for them before a hunt. Dean enjoys it, even receiving a standing ovation. From the stage, Dean sees two guys harassing a woman, Sally Anderson. He and Lee intervene, saying the men should leave. When the men refuse, Dean and Lee physically throw them out through doors and windows.

Sergei arrives at the Bunker and is awed to be in the home of the fabled Men of Letters. Castiel cuts Sergei’s gawking short and takes him to examine Sam. After running a crystal over Sam’s body, which begins to glow over his bullet wound, Sergei drops the bombshell: Sam is dying.

Sally thinks her friend was lifted to Heaven. But Lee tells her a car can’t be raptured and he thinks she just left. Dean counters that friends don’t just leave. Dean asks where one would dump a car. Lee tells him the lake, but Lorna says salvage yard, Merle’s. Dean sends Lee to the lake, while he goes to the salvage yard.

Sergei reveals that Sam’s wound goes all the way down to his soul, as well as being tethered to someone or something out in the world, and that the probing caused Sam’s soul to stretch to the breaking point. When Eileen asks him if he can fix Sam, Sergei agrees to do so.

Meanwhile, Sergei’s “cure” is actually killing Sam faster, causing him to see visions of Chuck’s memories. Sergei tells Castiel that he has demands. Eileen slams Sergei against the Bunker wall, threatening him. But Sergei coolly demands an object that the Men of Letters once procured – the Key to Death. He tells them that it opens the door to Death’s Library. Castiel says no, then shows a photo of Sergei’s niece, Anna, on his phone. He says that his friend Bobby is watching her, and that something will happen to Anna if Sam dies. Sergei relents and heals Sam. As he leaves, Sergei is impressed with Castiel’s new attitude, remarking it is very... Russian.

At Merle’s Salvage Yard Dean finds Angela’s car, and her corpse in the trunk. A gun clicks behind him and he’s knocked out by Lee. Dean wakes, tied up, with an IV tube in his arm. Lee enters the basement and explains to Dean that he found the monster, a marid, on his last hunt after Arizona. He tells Dean that it grants wealth and health, so long as it is kept fed. Lee says that he feels he deserves it after all he’s done. Dean disagrees. When Lee responds that no one cares about good and evil, Dean replies that he does. Lee then starts the drip, saying the death isn’t bad and that between the two of them, Lee chooses himself.

When Lee leaves, Dean sees tools, and tips the chair over, causing it to break. He removes the IV and struggles to untie himself as the monster breaks through the door. Upstairs in the bar, Lee hears a commotion and pulls his gun as the basement door opens. In rolls the severed head of the marid. Dean apologizes for cutting its head off before he dives behind the bar and grabs a shotgun. They exchange fire until they run out of ammo. Dean emerges from behind the bar and tells Lee he doesn’t know who he is anymore. Lee claims he’s just a Dean that realized the world is broken; Dean fervently replies, “Then you fix it. You fight for it.” Lee suggests Dean just walk away, but Dean can’t. He kills monsters. They fight, and eventually Dean wins by stabbing Lee in the chest with a broken pool cue. As Lee prepares to die, he asks why Dean cares so much. Dean replies, “Someone has to.” Lee says he’s glad it’s him. Then he signals Dean to pull the cue, killing Lee.

After getting Castiel’s message, Dean rushes to the Bunker, where he sees Castiel and immediately asks about Sam. Castiel curtly replies Sam is fine, then walks toward the infirmary. There, Sam informs them that he saw Chuck’s memories, and Chuck is weak. He declares he thinks they can beat God.




  • "Workin’ Man" by Blues Saraceno (Instrumental) (Extreme Music)
(plays during the recap of previous events)
  • "You Make Me Feel So Good" by Elijah Honey (Black Toast Music)
(playing as Angela and Sally leave B's Sugar Bar)
  • "The House Rules" by Christian Kane
(playing as Dean arrives at Swayze's Bar)
  • "Cotton Candy" by Sonny Ellis (Black Toast Music)
(playing as Dean and Lee have their reunion)
  • "Wicked Hearted Woman" by Sugaray (Black Toast Music)
(playing as Dean and Lee have a drink at the bar and reminisce about John)
  • "She's Got the Love Look" by Jesse Turnbow (Black Toast Music)
(playing when Dean, Lee, and Lorna are taking shots and reminiscing)
(the song Lee and Dean sing together, also the song John would play for Dean and Lee before a hunt)


Eileen: Is he okay?
Sam: I think. It's funny. After everything with Chuck, uh, Dean was so... down I thought he wouldn't get back up again, but now, him leaving? That's progress. Right?
Lee: Oh, tell me, brother... How's the old man?
Dean: He died. Yeah, 13 years ago. But hey, he was doing what he loved the most -- kicking ass and taking names.
Lee: You remember that time he caught us wasted on a hunt? Hm? He was so mad. I-I thought he was gonna have an aneurysm.

Dean: Oh, man, but I'll tell you what. He always liked you. He always liked you. In fact, he said that he'd never seen anybody better in a fight, and that is high praise coming from my old man.

Lee: To John Winchester.
Castiel: Let me rephrase. If you don't help me tonight, I will find you and burn you alive.
Sergei: My, how your negotiation skills have improved.
Dean: Trust me, uh, bigger doesn't always equal better. Besides, who's gonna look out after the little guy? God certainly isn't.
Sergei: Most wounds want to be healed, to be whole. But this, this wound is different. It goes down to his very soul. But also out into the world. From what I can tell, his soul, it's connected to something or someone somewhere. Except, as you probed deeper, you forced the soul to stretch from Sam's body to...

Elaine: Where?

Sergei: I don't know. But now it's like a rubber band. If it is stretched too far, too long, pop, it snaps, and Sam dies.
Lee: Dean, you and I both know no one's innocent. After everything we've done, aren't -- aren't we owed a little happiness, huh? Don't we deserve that much?

Dean: Listen to yourself. "We're owed." "We deserve." Come on, man. You're not God. Hell, God's not even God.

Lee: Good or bad... the world doesn't care. No one cares, Dean.
Lee: You really want to do this?
Dean: No, I don't. But I kill monsters.
Lee: Why do you care so much, Dean?
Dean: Because someone has to.
Sam: I feel like, uh... I feel like I was in his head.

Dean: You were in Chuck's head?

Sam: I think so. And... and I think I... I saw his memories. Dean, Chuck is weak. I think we can beat him. I think we can beat God.

Trivia & References

Dean uses the alias "Agent Dukes", a reference to the eponymous brothers from The Dukes of Hazzard (Dean and Lee later sing the show's theme song at Swayze's).
Sheriff Dillon: Dukes? Like "put up your dukes"?
This is a quote from the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts movie Bloodsport.
Sheriff Dillon: Look, this is a small town. Angela's mom and dad passed a few years ago, but even before they did, she was talking about moving to L.A., trying to get on one of them competition shows, like the one with the "Knight Rider."
"Knight Rider" refers to the 1982 TV series starring David Hasselhoff, who was once a judge on the reality show competition series America's Got Talent.
Sheriff Dillon: I stayed there a whole month. Oh, they don't know what they missed. I could've been the next Denzel.
Denzel refers to actor Denzel Washington.
The name of Lee Webb's bar, Swayze's Bar, is a reference to actor Patrick Swayze, who starred in the 1989 movie Road House. Dean has previously referenced Swayze's role in the movie when visiting a roadhouse in 11.04 Baby.
The band at Swayze's Bar is a band made up of the Supernatural crew called The Impalas that has played together for many years. Here they are called "The Texas Impalas" and are made up of Perry Battista, Tracy Dunlop, Dave Webb, Cam Beck, and Chris Glynn Jones.
According to writer Jeremy Adams, Dean greeting Lee with "son of a bitch" and the two clasping their hands together is a homage to this scene from Predator.
Dean: "Road House" rules?
"Road House rules" refers to the three simple rules stated by Patrick Swayze to the bouncers in Road House:
"One, never underestimate your opponent... expect the unexpected; Two, take it outside, never start anything inside the bar unless it's absolutely necessary; and Three... be nice."
Sally: She was a good girl, you know. She loved Jesus...

Lee:...and America, too.

The lines "She's a good girl, loves her mamma/Loves Jesus and America, too" are from the song "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
Sergei: I like this you, Castiel. It's very... Russian.
This may be a reference to Misha Collins. His mother was obsessed with Russia, and named him Dmitri after a boyfriend. His stage name Misha is also a nickname his mother gave him from her Russian boyfriend.
Dean: Oh, God bless Texas.
"God bless Texas" is a phrase that can be found on many souvenirs in Texas, as well as special license plates. Here Dean is also referring to the fact that Texans have a affinity for guns, as he finds a loaded shotgun behind the bar.
Dean: Okay. One, three bottles of Jaeger is nobody's friend, and "B," they were twins.

Lee: Oh, no, no, no, no.
Lorna: Oh.
Lee: Whoa, no, they were not twins. They were triplets, uh, and we split them up fair and square.
Dean: That's right. Triplets. Yeah. Yep.

Dean also mentioned a memorable night spent with twins in 13.16 Scoobynatural, a previous episode written by Jeremy Adams. It's possible these triplets were the "Cartwright twins" Dean remembers.
Lee: You want a shot at the title?

Dean: Don't mind if I do.

This is a reference to a very similar exchange between Mel Gibson's character Martin Riggs and Gary Busey's character Mr. Joshua in the 1987 action movie Lethal Weapon.


Aliyah O' Brian, who played Lorna, previously played Gloria Jane in 7.22 There Will Be Blood.
Brad Kelly, who played Bar Brawler #2, previously played Bouncer in 10.02 Reichenbach.
According to writer Jeremy Adams, Angela Sullivan is named after a producer friend (Angela O'Sullivan) in animation who is a Supernatural fan.
Sam has learned more American Sign Language by this episode.
Swayze's Bar Rules:
  1. Mind your own business.
  2. Keep your pistol in your holster.
  3. No spittin' inside the bar.
  4. Take fights outside.
  5. Buy a round when it's your turn.
  6. Mind your manners around the ladies.
  7. No cell phones. No photos.
  8. The bartender is always right.
  9. No tabs. Square up before you leave.
  10. Know your limit, and don't make a fool of yourself.
Now go on and have a good time.
Alcohol brands seen in Swayze's Bar include Tom's Tequila (which is named for director Thomas Wright), El Sol, Margiekugel, LarkKair, Tejas Dark Ale, Wyeth's Stout Beer, Old Rock Dark Ale, El Burro, and Fast Jack's Ale. The beer Lee drinks is a "Family Business" beer, referring to Jensen's Family Business Beer Company. The Family Business logo is also seen on a beer coaster, a business card next to the bar's phone, and a barometer.
Dean: Ghost sickness. Man, it was no fun. Everything was scary. This cat jumped out at me, had me checking my pants. I'm not joking. It was awful, man. Whew!
Dean tells Lee Webb about his experiences with Ghost sickness in 4.06 Yellow Fever.
Lee: Come on, boy. You can't just sit around lip-synching "Eye of the Tiger" while no one's watching.
A reference to Jensen Ackles lip-synching "Eye of the Tiger" in an outtake for 4.06 Yellow Fever, which means it's now canon that Dean lip-synched to the song!
When Sam is experiencing flashes of Chuck's memories it includes:
  • Sam when he shot Chuck with the Equalizer.
  • Amara telling Chuck He was not at full strength.
  • Amara touching Chuck's wound and Sam feeling the pain.
  • Amara telling Chuck "You can't leave this world without my help."
  • Chuck telling Becky "I used to be able see Sam and Dean, but now it's all gone." This occurs over a shot of him writing what appears to be a variation on Chuck's narration from 5.22 Swan Song: "275 horses, all waiting to get Dean.. Detroit.. The only problem - he had nowhere to go. He didn’t... really had, for that matter, a home to go to. Worse, there was... and nobody left to hunt, or fight, or kill, that could do a damn... difference. It wasn’t an entirely new position for Dean to be in. In between... Sam and Dean would sometimes get a day, sometimes a week if they were lucky. They’d pass the time lining their pockets. Sam used to on… honest work but now he hustles pool, like his brother. They could go anywhere, do anything. They drove a thousand miles for an Ozzy show, two days for a Jayhawks game. And when it was... they’d park her in the middle of nowhere. Sit on the hood and watch the stars - for hours, without saying a word. It never occurred to them... that sure they never had four walls...but there were never in fact..." and a shot of Stull Cemetery.
Dean: Well, never got a standing ovation before.
A reference to Dean singing karaoke during his misadventures with Crowley in Beulah, North Dakota. In 10.01 Black, Dean got jeers and food thrown at him instead of applause, though his choice of songs warranted that reaction. He even wears the same clothing from that episode.
The running joke in the show has been that Dean is not a good singer, as exemplified in 3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas and 10.01 Black. However, Dean has also been shown to be capable of carrying a tune in 2.05 Simon Said, 3.16 No Rest for the Wicked, and 11.04 Baby.
There is a poster in Swayze's Bar advertising "Pioneer Days" in Texhoma with Jerry Wanek as the Grand Marshall. The same artwork was used in 5.02 Good God, Y'All except it was for "Pioneer Days" in River Pass, Colorado.
A candid shot of Jensen and Christian during the filming of "Last Call".

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