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Title Unity
Episode # Season 15, Episode 17
First aired October 29, 2020
Directed by Catriona McKenzie
Written by Meredith Glynn
On IMDB Unity
Outline Dean and Jack go off to perform the final ritual needed to stop Chuck, as Sam and Castiel search for another way. Meanwhile, Chuck returns to Earth and prepares His endgame.
Monster Chuck
Location(s) Reykjavik, Iceland
Lebanon, Kansas
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Death's Library
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In Reykjavik, Amara is relaxing in a pool, enjoying a glass of wine, and appreciating the Northern Lights. the tranquil scene is broken as the sky fills with comets, signalling the return of her brother, Chuck.

Back in the Bunker, Sam is on the phone to Cas, learning that they have hit another dead-end in their quest to save Jack from sacrificing himself.

As Sam hangs up, Dean enters the room, and attempts to converse with him, but is ignored. Dean argues that he hid the true nature of the plan from Sam because he knew Sam would not be able to handle it. Dean states that Sam needs to get on board with Jack dying as it is their only way to stop Chuck, but Sam rebuts this, tired of Dean's dogmatic following of Billie's orders. The Winchesters' argument is halted by a clatter coming from the Bunker kitchen, which turns out to be Amara searching for a beer.

Amara explains that Chuck has made his return to Earth known, which means it is time to bind him. She explains that it took four Archangels to trap her, and asks how they intend to cage Chuck when they have none. Dean says they 'have a Jack'. Amara softens her expression and says she wishes they had gotten to know one another and that perhaps they can after Chuck is locked away. Jack smiles sadly, and no one informs her that neither she nor Jack will live through this. Dean stays with Amara and thanks her for helping them, though she points out she has not agreed to anything yet.

Meanwhile, in the library room, Jack asks Sam if he is angry or disappointed in him because of the plan. Sam denies this and clarifies that he is impressed by his courage but wishes there were another way because he still thinks Jack's sacrifice is wrong.

As Jack goes to prepare for the journey to Santa Fe, Sam tells Dean that he is not coming because he has to find another way, one that does not cost them Jack because they do not give up on family. Dean angrily retorts that Jack's not family, that yes, he cares for the kid but he's not like Sam or Cas, and therefore it is okay if Jack dies if it means they are finally free of Chuck. Unfortunately, Jack overhears this. Jack and Dean leave in Baby, the air between them heavy with what was said.

Some time later, Cas arrives home and notes approvingly that Sam stayed behind to find another way. He pulls up a chair to help. Amara is seen sitting on a bench enjoying nature when she gets annoyingly visited by Chuck.


Like the petulant younger brother He is, Chuck sulks about Amara talking to the Winchesters and acts out his disgust over her and Dean's connection, offended that she thought He had written it. Amara asks Him to walk with her as she admires His creation, and mocks Him for wanting to destroy the Earth just because the Winchesters will not do as He wants. Chuck claims that all He sees is His failures and that He just wants to start again. Amara tries to compliment Him on humanity, but He says they are just another disappointment. Amara takes Chuck to Heaven to meet His "first children," and Chuck is confronted with a hoard of adoring angelic fans praising His beauty and brilliance and asking for autographing their bibles. He quickly loses patience with their sycophantic ways and snaps them "away" like He did Becky and her family. Seeing that her attempt to reach her brother has failed, Amara snaps them both to the Bunker. Chuck laughs and asks if this is a "Parent Trap"-style situation, only to be confronted with Amara's betrayal. Chuck tries to snap Himself away, to no avail. He rages that Amara cannot bind him forever. She agrees but says she can hold Him long enough for the Winchesters to complete their spell.


In the Impala, Dean tries to justify what was overheard but Jack just brushes it off and says he understands and agrees that he is not the same as Cas and Sam. Although this does not seem to assuage Dean of his guilt, he does not push the conversation and the two return to their uncomfortable silence.

The next day, Dean and Jack arrive at the address Billie gave them in Santa Fe -- a New Age shop -- where they meet Adam and not Eve, but Serafina, an angel, who remarks that Jack's aura is like Skittles. Their hippy behavior puts Dean ill at ease and he is concerned about allowing Jack to leave alone with Adam but Serafina tells him to relax. She says she knows Jack will pass the test because she saw it in a vision whilst intoxicated.

Adam takes Jack into the storeroom of the shop tells him that the plan to kill Chuck is something he has been working on for millennia. He explains that he understood being thrown out the Garden of Eden but what Chuck did to his sons Cain and Abel made him realize that he had to end God once and for all. Jack's final test is to decipher which of the crystals Adam shows him have been touched by God and therefore holds the spark of the divine. Jack holds his hand over each crystal in consideration, before pointing to one. Adam's face falls in disappointment but then Jack says that in fact all of them have known the touch of God because He created everything and so the spark of the divine is in everything, thus passing the test.

Adam and Jack return to the front of the store, happy that the final test has been completed successfully. Dean and Jack stand shocked as Serafina calmly stabs Adam in the chest and rips out one of his ribs, a Hand of God. After Serafina heals him, Adam explains that as life came from Adam's rib when God created Eve, then along with the other stages of the spell, it will bring death by turning Jack into a living black hole for divine energy. Serafina says the elemental chain reaction caused by the rib's energy which fuses with Jack's soul and his grace will turn him into a "metaphysical supernova." They pop the rib into a plastic baggy and reveal that Jack should only use it at the last moment because there is no way to stop the process once it starts.

Just before they arrive back at the Bunker, Dean pulls Baby over to explain that with the sacrifice Jack is about to make, he didn't deserve to hear Dean say what he said earlier. Dean declares he's grateful to Jack for the sacrifice he is making and that it will finally allow Sam and Dean to live their own lives and no longer be Chuck's puppets. The moment is broken when Dean receives a text and Jack correctly assumes that it is time to finish their plan. Jack tips Adam's rib into his hand, absorbing the cosmic energy which rushes to combine with his core being, causing his eyes to glow gold.


Sam and Cas are still searching and finding nothing in the Men of Letters archives. Sam mutters that he wishes he could talk to Billie so that he could read God's Death Book for himself. This reminds Cas that the last time Sergei visited he tried to manipulate them into giving him the Key to Death which was supposedly hidden in the Bunker. Searching with renewed hope, they find the key and recite the ritual inscribed on the box. The glowing outline of a door appears, and Sam uses the key to open it. Cas offers to come with him, but Sam tells him he must stay so that he can delay Jack and Dean if they return before Sam does.

Sam arrives among rows of shelves decorated with the letter "W", and corpses scattered on the floor. Sam follows the sound of a male voice begging for his existence. He sees the Empty, wearing Meg’s form, sitting at a desk and using an invisible force to torture the man, telling him to demand Billie's presence or it will continue to kill all her little helpers. When the man's prayer fails, this entity uses the same invisible force to break his neck. Sam tries to back away from the scene only to find himself teleported in front of the Empty. Sam confusedly asks says "Meg?" only for the Empty to inform him of who it is and that they borrowed Meg's appearance.

The Empty goes on to reveal that Billie's true plan is to destroy Chuck and Amara and take over as the new God. When this happens, Billie will restore order: Demons back to Hell, Angels to Heaven, those who were dead will go back to being dead, those from other worlds that don't exist anymore go back from whence they came, and the Empty can finally go back to sleep. The Empty, however, says it is beginning to have trust issues following Castiel's previous visit and Billie appears to be avoiding her, so it is trying to summon her. This gives the Empty an idea, and it begins to choke Sam, explaining that he is in God's Death Book and therefore important enough for Billie to turn up to save. Sam quickly chokes out a lie to the Empty that Billie sent him to get the book because Death was unable to leave the Earth as she is enacting the plan. Although skeptical, the Empty agrees that its only choice is to believe Sam, and it lets him escape with the book.

As he returns to the storeroom, Sam is greeted by a frantic Cas who tells him Chuck and Amara have arrived. Rushing through the Bunker to confront the two celestial beings, Sam attempts to tell Cas that Billie has played them all and intends to take over as the new God, however the arrival of Dean and Jack interrupts them.

Meanwhile, Chuck breaks it to Amara that the Winchesters did not tell her the truth and that they intend to kill both Chuck and her. She denies this, saying Dean cannot betray her but Chuck explains that while he may not be able to directly kill her, he can charm her into a trap that will see her demise.

Back in the hallway, Sam is trying to stop Dean from his hurried dragging of Jack towards his doom. Sam grabs at Dean but he spins round, pulling his gun on Sam. Cas and Jack look on in horror as Dean threatens his little brother. Sam attempts to knock the gun away, but Dean punches his nose before raising his gun back to Sam's face. With tears running down his face, Sam strives to enlighten Dean of Billie's full plan, begging him to understand that it would mean the death of Eileen, and all the AU refugees including Bobby and Charlie. Dean shouts back that he does not care and that he would trade everyone in a heartbeat if it meant the end of Chuck. Taken aback, Sam asks "What about me? Would you trade me?"

Meanwhile Chuck gloats that this was always His intended ending and that He used His omniscience to manipulate the outcome so that things went exactly how He planned. He then takes advantage of an emotionally raw Amara, talking her into joining forces with Him to start anew -- just the two of them. She agrees, but when they go to hold hands, He absorbs her into Himself.

Still trying to reach his big brother, Sam describes how the only true constant in his life has been Dean's determined protection of him, whether from Dad, Lucifer, or from everything, and even though he didn't always like it, he knew that was the one thing he could always count on. He begs Dean to put away the gun, telling him they will find another way like always, causing Dean to properly notice that he has been holding Sam at gunpoint. Obviously shocked, Dean finally puts the gun away.

A frustrated Chuck smashes through the door, storming into the hallway, and complains that once again, the Winchesters failed to just do what they were told. When Cas confronts Him, Chuck calls him the "self-hating Angel of Thursday" and complains about Cas not following orders when every other variation of Castiel did. Chuck says He has had enough of the "broken toys" that are Team Free Will 2, and no longer cares if they kill each other or not.

Dean demands to know what Chuck means. Chuck points at Jack and says, "have fun watching him die." Jack collapses and burning lines grow out from his golden eyes, as the Winchesters and Cas go to help him.






Sam: Oh, Chuck's "Death Book," right? Come on, man! Blindly following orders?! Lying to Amara, sending her to her death? Does any of this feel right to you?!

Dean: It doesn't matter how we feel! You know what? Stay. Stay. But somebody's gotta be the grownup here.
Sam: Yeah, well, someone has to keep fighting for Jack.
Dean: He knows what he signed up for!
Sam: Last I checked, we don't give up on family.

Dean: Jack's not family. I know how you feel about the kid, okay. I care for him, too. I do. But he's not like you. He's not like Cas. He's just not.
Castiel: Sam. Stayed behind to find another way, huh? I would've done the same.
Chuck: Okay... what do you want?

Amara: Balance... something we've never tried before... creation and destruction, light and dark, brother and sister united again, but on behalf of one world... this world. True balance. The way it was always meant to be. Hmm. But you can't. You only care about your pleasure. Your story. Well, I guess that makes you the villain.

Chuck: Villains get all the best lines.
Sam: Billie wants to take over?

Cosmic Entity: Become the new God. Classic narcissist, right? She's all tingly for the rules, the good old days.
Sam: What is that supposed to mean?

Cosmic Entity: Everyone back to where they belong, realities, dimensions, graves. What should be dead dies, angels off Earth, demons back to Hell and I go back to sleep. Or I'm supposed to. Except, again, trust issues. But you, you're Sam Winchester. You're in God's book.
Castiel: It's Amara. She's here, with Chuck. It's time.
Sam: No, no, no. Cas, we can't let that happen. We have to stop it.
Sam: But listen, Jack takes out God and Amara it will create a power vacuum that Billie will fill. This was all her power grab!

Castiel: Wait, Death wants to become God?

Dean: As long as Chuck dies, I'm good.
Amara: You orchestrated this?
Chuck: What part of omniscient do you people not understand? So I can't read my Death book. So what? I control space and time. Just plant a few visions, goad Death a little... mess with a few outcomes. And... bada-bing. I mean... They think they can kill me?
Dean: Chuck has to die. He has to! Otherwise He'll keep us tap dancing forever, and I can't live like that, man! I can't live that! I won't!
Sam: I know you feel like that right now, I know you do. But you gotta trust me. My entire life, you've protected me -- from Dad, from Lucifer, from everything. I didn't always like it, you know, but... it's the one thing in the whole world that I could always count on. It's the only thing I've ever known that was true. So please... put the gun away. Just put it away, and we'll figure it out Dean, we'll find another way, you and me. We always do.
Chuck: Are you kidding me?! After everything, all that, you -- you did it again!

Castiel: Where's Amara?
Chuck: Amara. Amara. She's in here somewhere.
Castiel: What, you consumed your sister?

Chuck: We came to an understanding, so spare me your contempt Castiel, the self-hating Angel of Thursday. You know what every other version of you did after "gripping him tight and raising him from Perdition?" They did what they were told. But not you. Not the "one off the line with a crack in his chassis." All of you. You know, I tried and I tried and I tried, but you're all just too stupid, too stubborn. Too broken. You know what? I'm over it. I'm over you.
Dean: Screw you, Chuck.

Chuck: No, screw you. You know what you do with broken toys? You throw them out. So, kill each other, don't kill each other -- I don't care.
Castiel: What do you mean?

Chuck: I mean… have fun watching him die.

Trivia & References

The book Amara is reading in the hot pool is Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.
Chuck: Oh! The Winchesters' Bunker. Are they behind that door? Is this a "Parent Trap" sort of thing?
The Parent Trap is a series of films based off of the German novel Lottie and Lisa about two twins separated at birth who attempt to reunite their divorced parents.
Chuck: 'Cause no. No way. Hasta la vis... Hasta la... Okay, well, why is that not working? Is this a trap?
Chuck attempts to say the phrase "Hasta la vista, baby", which is best known as Arnold Schwarzenegger's catchphrase from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
One of the objects discovered by Sam in the Bunker resembles the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The grail was previously seen in Sergei's trailer behind Castiel in 14.07 Unhuman Nature next to the moon lamp, which was also seen in previous episodes.
The Latin inscription on the box Sam reads roughly translates to:
"Mortal traveler, beware, know that the keys of death weigh heavily. However, if you desire to enter in the dark bottomless depths, you need a gateway."
The doorway to Death's Library being made on the Bunker's wall is similar to this scene in Beetlejuice when the Maitlands gain entry to the Netherworld.
Serafina: Babe, his aura... it's like Skittles.
Skittles are a small fruit-flavored candy which comes in a range of colors. The brand's tagline is "taste the rainbow."
Serafina describing Jack's aura as being like Skittles is similar to what the psychic Oliver Pryce told Castiel, that he was only getting "colors" from him in 10.17 Inside Man.
Jack: You hate Him.

Adam: Oh no, I've been wanting this for going on 300,000 years. Took me that long to figure out how to do it too.

Recent discoveries point to the earliest appearance of Homo sapiens as having been around 300,000 years ago.
Jack: All of them. They're just rocks, but their existence makes them divine because God is in everything.

Adam: Right on. At least He should be.

Adam and Jack discuss the concept of pantheism -- the belief that all things in existence compose an all-encompassing God.
Adam: That's one of my ribs, dude. Everything can contain the spark of the divine, but this puppy? It's packing enough punch to create life. Or, in your case, destroy God.
Adam gives Jack one of his ribs to complete the spell he designed to kill Chuck. In Jewish folklore, when Lilith, Adam's first wife born from the same clay, refused to be subservient to him, God fashioned Eve from one of Adam's ribs.


Amara: Like I told you when we first met, "You and I will always help each other."
In 11.02 Form and Void Amara told Dean:
"We're bound, Dean. We'll always be bound. We will always help each other."
In past seasons, Chuck has typically been shown in light colored clothing, while Amara wore a black cocktail dress throughout Season 11. In Season 15, Chuck begins to wear darker or muted colors (specifically His maroon sports coat), while Amara switches to wearing colors such as yellow (15.02 Raising Hell), pink (15.15 Gimme Shelter and light grey (15.17 Unity).
Chuck reveals that He had nothing to do with Dean and Amara's connection, deeming it "gross," much to Amara's amusement.
The fangirl angel named Talli aka Crystal is named for Supernatural writer's PA Talli Buchanan, whose real name is Crystal.
"Jim's Gems" in Santa Fe is named for Meredith Glynn's father.
When Jack and Dean walk up to "Jim's Gems", a sign for "24 Hour Pizza" can be seen down the road. The sign was previously seen in 10.21 Dark Dynasty at the place where Dean went to get pizza before he was confronted by Eldon Styne and another member of the Styne family.
Dean: Wait... The -- the Garden, the apple -- that Adam?

Adam: It was a quince, but yeah.

In 10.23 Brother's Keeper we first learned from Crowley that the forbidden fruit was a quince and not an apple. He recovered the same quince from a Palestinian warlock as part of the spell to remove the Mark of Cain.
Adam explains that God has been playing with him and Eve as well as part of one of His stories. They initially believed that they deserved their punishment of being exiled, but that was before God moved on to Cain and Abel. As a result, Adam has spent the past 300,000 years trying to find a way to destroy God. Throughout Season 9, it's revealed that Cain took on the Mark as part of his deal with Lucifer to kill Abel and send him to Heaven to spare him becoming his pet. Cain tried to kill himself afterwards, but the Mark brought him back as the first Knight of Hell. Dean eventually killed Cain in 10.14 The Executioner's Song, although Adam doesn't appear to harbor a grudge towards Dean, as he seemingly appears interested solely in helping them kill God.
It's revealed that the plan to destroy God and the Darkness is actually Adam's and that Billie has been manipulating events in order to take over as the new God. In addition, this was also another one of God's attempts to get Sam and Dean to kill each other as one of His endings.
Cosmic Entity: The Empty was supposed to be mine. Not even God held sway. But lies, sweet little lies.
The Entity had previously told Castiel that not even God held power in the Empty in 13.04 The Big Empty. The fact that it was actually "sweet little lies" finally explains how God has been able to resurrect Castiel and Lilith despite the Entity's claims.
Amara is willingly absorbed into Chuck, though He states that she is still alive somewhere inside of Him.
Chuck: We came to an understanding, so spare me your contempt Castiel, the self-hating Angel of Thursday. You know what every other version of you did after "gripping him tight and raising him from Perdition?" They did what they were told. But not you. Not the "one off the line with a crack in his chassis."
Crowley casually called Castiel the "Angel of Thursday" in 6.20 The Man Who Would Be King, which is a nod to Eric Kripke saying that he came up with the name for Castiel's character by googling "Angel of Thursday". The "gripped you tight" line is Chuck is paraphrasing Castiel in 4.01 Lazarus Rising about saving Dean. Chuck's line about Castiel being "the one off the line with the crack in his chassis" recalls Naomi's line to Castiel in 8.21 The Great Escapist, when she said:
"You're the famous spanner in the works. Honestly, I think you came off the line with a crack in your chassis. You have never done what you were told. Not completely."
With a rating of 0.91, "Unity" holds the record for the lowest rated episode of Supernatural.

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