15.20 Carry On

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Airdate: 19th November
Writer: Andrew Dabb
Director: Robert Singer

On 27th August, filming began on the last ever episode of Supernatural, and we all got emotional. Jared posted the photo above with the message "As I head out to the first day on my LAST season finale, I can’t help but be incredibly grateful for all that #Supernatural and the #SPNFamily mean to me. It’s been an incredible journey, to say the least. I, for one, am hoping that #SupernaturalNeverDies."
Jensen responded "Here we go, brother. This one’s for all the marbles."

Jensen posted a video saying "So last night we completed 326 of Supernatural. And at the very end of every one of those scripts are three words: To Be Continued. Today we start episode 327, and at the very bottom, of the very last page of this script are only two words: (He holds up the script showing the words The End) Happy Friday everybody."
On the post Jared commented "Let's bring it home brother" and Misha posted "Don't make me cry. Again."