3.09 Malleus Maleficarum

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Promotional image from Malleus Maleficarum
Title Malleus Maleficarum
Episode # Season 3, Episode 9
First aired January 31, 2008
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Ben Edlund
On IMDB Malleus Maleficarum
Outline Sam and Dean investigate a coven of witches.
Monster Witches
Timeline Ruby says that Dean has "a few months" left until his deal is up.
Location(s) Sturbridge, Massachusetts
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After arriving home from a party, Janet Dutton starts brushing her teeth, only to have them start falling out. Soon after, her husband, Paul finds her dead on the bathroom floor. Posing as investigators from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Sam and Dean interview Paul and search the house. Dean suspects Paul is lying about something, and Sam finds a Hex Bag hidden in the bathroom, indicating a witch was involved.

That night a woman, Amanda, casts a spell and Paul Dutton nearly dies while eating a burger that becomes infested with maggots. He is saved when Sam and Dean arrive and burn a Hex Bag they find in his car. When the spell unexpectedly end Amanda panics before being attacked by a mysterious force that slashes her wrists causing her to bleed to death. Paul admits he had an affair with Amanda, which he had ended the previous week against her wishes. When Sam and Dean arrive at her home, they find her dead, surrounded by the paraphernalia of witchcraft.

Elsewhere in the town, three of Amanda’s neighbours, Tammi, Elisabeth, and Renee, meet under the guise of a book club, but it soon becomes apparent that they are practicing witchcraft.

The next day, Sam and Dean interview the women and while they don’t learn much, research shows that a couple of the women have lately had a run of successes and windfalls. Sam suggests that they will have to kill the women as they are using dark magic and have murdered.

As they head back to their motel, the Impala is stopped when Ruby appears on the road. She tells them that a demon is in town, controlling the witches, and that the demon will come after Sam, and advises him to leave immediately. Dean argues that they shouldn’t listen to her and draws The Colt, but Sam stops Dean just as he tries to shoot Ruby, who vanishes.

At the motel, Dean questions Sam as to why he is no longer concerned over taking human life. Sam admits he is trying to be more like Dean, to prepare himself for dealing with the demon war after Dean is dead. Suddenly Dean feels intense pain, and starts vomiting blood. They suspect it is a spell caused by the coven. Unable to find a hex bag, Sam grabs the Colt and takes off to confront the women.

At the house they deny all knowledge of what is happening to Dean, until Tammi reveals herself to be a demon, killing Renee.

Back at the motel, Ruby arrives and doses Dean with a potion that saves him.

Sam tries to shoot Tammi with The Colt but she stops the bullet in mid-air, and then uses her power to pin Sam to the wall. She tells him that a new leader has arisen to lead the demons, and that he wants Sam eliminated. Dean arrives, but is also attacked by Tammi.

When Ruby appears, she pretends she has led the Winchesters to Tammi in order to gain her favor, but then tries to kill Tammi with her knife.

Tammi overpowers Ruby, and reveals that Ruby was once a witch who sold her soul to a demon – Tammi. Just as Tammi is about to kill Ruby, Elizabeth starts a spell. Although Tammi kills her, she is distracted long enough for Dean to grab Ruby's Knife and kill her.

Later that night, Ruby visits Dean and admits that she can’t save him from Hell. She tells him that all demons were human once, but that Hell strips away their identity. She also tells Dean that the same will happen to him and that there is no way to stop him from going to hell. She says she wants him to help prepare Sam to fight the demons after Dean is gone. Ruby retains a memory of what it was to be human and wants to fight on the side of humanity.




  • "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison
(plays on the radio when Paul Dutton is in the car)
  • "I Put A Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
(plays right after the Poison song, when the radio goes wacky, and plays again when Paul Dutton starts choking)


Elizabeth, Renee and Tammi: The Book of Shadows, we kneel before you, let us serve your master as you serve us.
Ruby: I'm not talking about witches, you jackass! Witches are whores. I'm talking about who they serve!
Ruby: You need to help me get him ready for life without you. To fight this war on his own.

Dean: Ruby? Why do you want us to win?
Ruby: Isn't it obvious? I'm not like them. I wish I was, but I'm not. I remember what it's like.
Dean: What what's like?

Ruby: Being human.
Renee: Tammi, what are you doing?
Tammi: Renee, shut your painted hole.
Tammi: Shh, Lizzie, its okay.

Elizabeth: You're not Tammi.
Tammi: No, but I'm wearing her meat. I had to break the ice with you girls somehow.
Elizabeth: You killed Renee.
Tammi: Renee, Amanda, that's what happens to witches who get voted off the island.
Elizabeth: Who are you?

Tammi: Funny story actually. You remember all those dark demonic forces you prayed to, when you swore your servitude? Just who did you think you were praying to?
Elisabeth: This can't be-
Tammi: What did you think it was? Make believe? Positive thinking? The Secret? No, it was me. You sold yourself to me, you pig! All I had to do is bring one good book to book club and you ladies lined up to kiss my ass.

Trivia & References

Malleus Maleficarum usually translated as "The Hammer of Witches" in Latin, and was the title of a fifteenth century treatise on witches. It was used to support and argue the nature of witchcraft; it proclaimed that women were more susceptible to the influence of evil, and therefore more likely to become witches, due to their weak moral character and insatiable sexual desire. The treatise proved popular, and became the de facto handbook for the persecution and murder of women accused of witchcraft across Europe in in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries; despite the fact that the work was not officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church. The Church in fact refused to support it and said it was inaccurate.
Dean: So are we looking for some craggy old Blair bitch in the woods?
A reference to the movie The Blair Witch Project.
Dean: It’s like Fatal Attraction all over again.
Fatal Attraction was a 1987 movie starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. After a brief affair while his family is away, Michael Douglas’ character wants no more to do with Glenn Close. She starts stalking and terrorising him and his family, and in a famous scene, kills the family’s pet rabbit, and leaves it boiling on the stove for them to find.
Sam: I’m Detective Bachman. This is Detective Turner.
A reference to the 1970s Canadian rock band Bachman Turner Overdrive, which featured three Bachman brothers and Fred Turner.
Ruby: It’s called witchcraft, shortbus.

Dean: You’re the shortbus…shortbus.

“Shortbus” is an insult implying someone is mentally challenged. It arises from the use of buses, smaller than normal school buses, used to take children who are intellectually handicapped to special schools or classes.
Tammi: Nice dick work, Magnum.
Thomas Magnum was a private investigator who lived in Hawaii in the 1980's show Magnum P.I.. 'Dick' is slang for detective and/or investigator.
Tammi: That’s what happened when you get voted off the island.
A reference to the system of contestant elimination on the reality TV show Survivor.
Tammi: What did you think it was? Make believe? Positive thinking? The Secret?
The Secret is a self help film and book, which claims to teach people how to attract good things into their lives.
Tammi: You really telling me you threw your chips in with Abbott and Costello here?
Abbott and Costello were slapstick comedians popular in the first half of the twentieth century.
Ruby says she has been a demon since "the plague was big", referring to the bubonic plague - known as The Black Death - that swept Europe between 1347 and 1351.
Dean: I saw Hellraiser, I get the gist.

Ruby: Actually, they got it pretty right, except for all the custom leather.

Hellraiser was a 1987 horror movie, based on a novel by Clive Barker.


The boys are staying in room 5 of The Conquistador Motel.
Paul Dutton was listening to frequency 101.1 FM on his car radio which is a Vancouver radio station.

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