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|outline= There are only 30 hours left before [[Dean]]'s deal is up. Can the boys find a way out of it?
|outline= There are only 30 hours left before [[Dean]]'s deal is up. Can the boys find a way out of it?
|motw= [[Lilith]]<br>[[Demons]]
|motw= [[Lilith]]<br>[[Demons]]
|timeline= May 2, 2008
|timeline= May 1st-2nd, 2008
|location= New Harmony, Indiana <br />
|location= New Harmony, Indiana <br />

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3-16 Promotional Still.jpg
Title No Rest for the Wicked
Episode # Season 3, Episode 16
First aired May 15, 2008
Directed by Kim Manners
Written by Eric Kripke
On IMDB No Rest for the Wicked
Outline There are only 30 hours left before Dean's deal is up. Can the boys find a way out of it?
Monster Lilith
Timeline May 1st-2nd, 2008
Location(s) New Harmony, Indiana
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Dean is running from something in the woods, but the growling creature catches up with him and he falls down, yelling and screaming as his blood spurts on his face. He wakes up, his head resting on a page he was reading about hellhounds. Sam comes in with a smile and reveals that Bobby has found a way to find Lilith. Dean isn't convinced that the plan is going to work with only thirty hours to go and wants to live it up in a Mexican way. Sam jokes they should never do that, and sits down to reassure Dean that he won't let him go to Hell, but Dean isn’t comforted when he hallucinates Sam as a ghoulish figure.

Bobby pulls out a device and, after reciting some Latin, finds that Lilith is in New Harmony, Indiana. Dean doesn’t like the idea of taking on Lilith unprepared. Sam wants to summon Ruby, but Dean refuses to let him and tells Bobby and Sam to find something else. Sam summons Ruby anyway, and she tells him he can defeat Lilith using his psychic powers and other abilities instead of her knife. Lilith is on "shore leave" and has her guard down. She didn't tell Sam this before because he would have never considered the idea unless he was desperate. Sam takes in what she says but Dean arrives, refusing to let her help Sam tap into his abilities. He fights her and after taking a beating steals her knife while trapping her under a devil’s trap.

Sam tries to get Dean to listen to Ruby, but Dean tells him they need to stop making the same mistakes all over again and stop allowing themselves to be martyrs for each other. They should go after Lilith their way and if they fail they will go down swinging. Dean asks, "What the hell does a demon do for fun?" We find out that Lilith has taken over the body of the young daughter of the Fremont family and is terrorizing them. She is holding dad, mom. and grandpa hostage and has killed grandma (or the sitter) and the family pet.

Sam and Dean try to leave, but the Impala won't start. Bobby shows up with the distributor cap in his hand and tells them he's going with them because "family don't end with blood." He also gets Dean to admit he’s seeing hallucinations. On the car ride there, Sam wants to have a talk, but Dean puts on "Wanted Dead or Alive" instead, creating one last brotherly bonding moment by both yelling the song obnoxiously out of tune. Dean turns sad at the end, realizing how bittersweet the last moment is.

They get pulled over by a cop because the Impala has a busted tail light. Dean attacks the officer and stabs him with Ruby's knife, revealing that the cop was really a demon. Dean confesses he saw his real face under the human face. While hiding the cop car, Bobby says that what Dean is seeing is normal for someone facing Hell soon, and that it will come in handy during their attack on Lilith. Sure enough, they arrive and Dean points out the little girl is Lilith, and the neighborhood is loaded with demons.

They take out a couple of the demons with Ruby's knife, while Bobby blesses a well with a rosary. Ruby catches up with them, and Dean is disgusted by her "real" face. They are surrounded by demons and run for the house just in time for Bobby to turn on the sprinklers, which spray out holy water, stopping the demons at the edge of the lawn. They enter the house and Dean takes the father to safety (grandpa was killed earlier for asking help from the neighbor), while Ruby and Sam go after Lilith. Ruby goes into one room, while Sam finds the girl and her mother in the bedroom. The mom begs Sam to kill the girl but he hesitates over the idea at first. Just before he tries to stab her, Dean stops him and tells him Lilith isn't in her anymore.

Dean sends the family off to safety in the basement, while Sam tells Ruby he's ready to try it her way. She tells him it's too late, and Dean stops him, telling Sam that he will let Dean go to Hell. Sam tearfully asks what he's supposed to do, and Dean tells him to "keep fighting, take care of my wheels, remember what Dad taught you, and remember what I taught you." The clock strikes midnight and Dean awaits his fate while tears run from Sam's eyes. Dean hears the hellhounds, and the three of them run into the office. Sam and Ruby barricade the doors while Dean puts down goofer dust along the doorway and windows.

Dean trapped in Hell.

Ruby demands the knife from Sam, and Dean realizes it isn't Ruby. She pins Sam against the wall and Dean against the desk, and her white eyes show she's really Lilith. Sam asks where Ruby is, and Lilith says she sent her far away. She goes over to Sam and kisses him, while he tries to give himself up for Dean. Lilith won't agree since Sam can't offer her anything she wants. Dean asks her if her plan is to drag him to Hell, kill Sam and become "Queen Bitch," but she won't answer to "puppy chow" and opens the door, letting the hellhound in. Dean is dragged from the table and mauled to death in horrific fashion, while Sam watches in horror, screaming at Lilith to stop it. After Dean dies, Lilith with delight, sends her white light of doom in Sam's direction, ready to kill him next.

The white light dissipates, and slowly terror washes over Lilith. Sam in crouched down in the corner unharmed, and realizes that she no longer has a hold on him. He grabs the knife and goes to stab her, but she exits Ruby's body in a cloud of black smoke. Sam looks down to see the bodies of Ruby and Dean, and begins weeping. He kneels down and cradles Dean's head in his hand, crying inconsolably over his dead brother.

The camera pans through Dean's eye to show dark clouds, lightning, cables strung everywhere, and in the middle of it, Dean hanging from chains with meat hooks through his shoulders and side. He's screaming for Sam as the scene fades to black...




  • "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas
(plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events; also played in 1.21 Salvation and 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two)
  • "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi
(Dean and Sam sing along to Bon Jovi in the car before Dean's deal comes due)


Dean: We're going off of Bela's intel? When that bitch breathes, the air comes out crooked.
Dean: We've got the knife.
Bobby: And you intend to use it without me. Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?
Bobby: Family don't end with blood, boy!
Dean: What do you think?

Sam: I think you totally should have been jamming "Eye of the Tiger" right there.

Dean: Oh, bite me. I totally rehearsed that speech, too.
Bobby: Well, you got just over five hours to go. You're piercing the veil, Dean, glimpsing the "B" side.

Dean: Little less New Agey, please.
Bobby: You're almost Hell's bitch, so you can see Hell's other bitches.

Dean: Thank you.
Dean: (to Sam) If this is my last day on earth, I don't want it to be socially awkward.
Dean: Why even risk it?

Sam: Because you're my brother. And because you did the same thing for me.
Dean: I know, and look how that turned out. All I'm saying, Sammy, all I'm saying, is that you're my weak spot. You are, and I'm yours.
Sam: You don't mean that. We're family.
Dean: I know. And those evil sons of bitches know it too. And what we'll do for each other, how far we'll go. They're using it against us.
Sam: So, what, we just stop looking out for each other?

Dean: No. We stop being martyrs, man. We stop spreading it for these demons.

Trivia & References

No Rest for the Wicked is also the title of a 1995 Ozzy Osburne album.
Dean: Hey, why don't we just make a T.J.-run, yeah? You know... some senoritas, cervezas, uh, we could... What's Spanish for "donkey show"?
T.J. stands for Tijuana, Mexico. Cervezas is Spanish for beer. A donkey show is an alleged type of sexual performance most often associated with Tijuana, in which a woman engages in zoophilia with a donkey.
Dean: Hell, she probably wants you to become her little Antichrist superstar.
A reference to the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, as well as a reference to the Marilyn Manson album Antichrist Superstar.
Dean: What, are you gonna give her the Carrie-stare and Lilith goes poof?
A reference to the character Carrie from the Stephen King novel of the same name (also a film by Brian De Palma).
Dean: Our slutty little Yoda.
Yoda taught Luke Skywalker the ways of the Force in The Empire Strikes Back.
The police car that pulled the boys over was car 54, a reference to the '60s comedy series Car 54, Where Are You?
In 3.09 Malleus Maleficarum when Ruby is describing Hell, Dean says:
Dean: I saw Hellraiser, I get the gist.
Ruby: Actually, they got it pretty right, except for all the custom leather.
The final scene in this episode of Dean in Hell is very reminiscent of the images used in Hellraiser - particularly the chains and meat hooks.
The family Lilith terrorizes is called Fremont, the same name of a family which underwent a similar experience in the Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life," in which a little boy has become a monster with terrifying powers over his domain and loved ones. This was also parodied in The Simpsons episode "Treehouse of Horror II," another show to which Supernatural has given shout-outs. Also, the grandfather trying to give a note to the neighbor asking for help references the 1983 film version of The Twilight Zone, in which one of the girls living with the monster boy tries to write a note for help and is sent to cartoon land and killed.
Dean (to Sam and Bobby) This is a terrific plan. I'm excited to be a part of it.
This line is almost a direct quote from Ghostbusters. Bill Murray uses this line right before the Ghostbusters take out Gozer by crossing the streams.
Ruby: You want to charge in with one little pigsticker? It's a waste of a true blue window, like hitting Hitler with that exploding briefcase. Forget it.
This is a reference to the famous assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler by Nazi officials in which a briefcase containing a bomb was left under a table before a meeting at which Hitler would be present. This plot is the basis for the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie.
Sam and Dean singing "Wanted Dead or Alive" in this episode calls back to 2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign, when the possessed Sam listens to Bon Jovi. The album from which the song is taken is titled Cross Road, another possible nod towards Dean's deal with the crossroads demon. Jared Padalecki starred in the movie Cry Wolf alongside Jon Bon Jovi.
On the boy's trip to Indiana, they are seen passing through a crossroads (right before Sam begins to try to talk to Dean about "what if things don't go the way they want them to" and the brothers' aformentioned Bon Jovi duet). This is another possible nod to Dean's crossroad deal.
That is the last appearance of Katie Cassidy as Ruby and main cast member.


While arguing with Sam over whether or not to summon Ruby, Dean says "For all we know, she works for Lilith," hinting at her betrayal of Sam at the end of season four.
The original title for this episode was "No Quarter," a Led Zeppelin song title, before being changed to "No Rest for the Wicked."

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