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|imdb= [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1222596/ Heaven and Hell]
|imdb= [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1222596/ Heaven and Hell]
|download= [http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewTVSeason?i=297623127&id=291088594&s=143441 iTunes], [http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001L8FB4K Amazon.com]
|download= [http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewTVSeason?i=297623127&id=291088594&s=143441 iTunes], [http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001L8FB4K Amazon.com]
|outline= Anna grapple with her true nature, while Sam, Dean and Ruby fend off both demons and angels to keep her safe.
|outline= Anna grapples with her true nature, while Sam, Dean and Ruby fend off both demons and angels to keep her safe.
|motw= [[Demons]]<BR>[[Angels]]
|motw= [[Demons]]<BR>[[Angels]]
|timeline= Early November, 2008. Follows on directly from the previous episode.
|timeline= Early November, 2008. Follows on directly from the previous episode.

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Title Heaven and Hell
Episode # Season 4, Episode 10
First aired November 20, 2008
Directed by J. Miller Tobin
Written by Eric Kripke
On IMDB Heaven and Hell
Outline Anna grapples with her true nature, while Sam, Dean and Ruby fend off both demons and angels to keep her safe.
Monster Demons
Timeline Early November, 2008. Follows on directly from the previous episode.
Location(s) Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Union, Kentucky
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Continuing on from 4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer...
Castiel and Uriel appear and demand that Sam and Dean hand over Anna, with Castiel announcing, "We're here for Anna... she has to die." Uriel states that Anna is not as innocent as she appears. The boys protest but the angels attack. Suddenly a bright light engulfs them and the angels are repelled and disappear. The boys go to the room where Anna was hiding, and find that she has used her blood to draw Angel Banishing Sigils on a mirror and use some spell against the angels.

Sam, Dean, Ruby and Anna take refuge at Bobby's place, although Bobby is away on a job in the Caribbean, putting Anna in Bobby's Panic Room.

Sam discovers that when Anna was a child, she claimed she had another father, who was mad at her. She claims to remember nothing of this, so Dean brings Pamela Barnes to try and unlock her memories. Anna remembers, and reveals that she is an angel who chose to fall to Earth and become human, relinquishing her Grace.

Sam tracks Anna's grace, which was mistaken for a meteor when she fell, to Kentucky, where an oak tree grew on the place where it landed. Sam, Dean, Ruby and Anna travel there only to find it gone. Anna then overhears the angels talking. She reports that if she is not handed over to them, Dean will be returned to Hell. Later, Anna tells Dean she knows what he did in Hell, and that he should forgive himself. She kisses him, and they make love in the back of the Impala.

Ruby goes to a crossroads and reveals herself to Alastair. She offers to give up Anna, if Alastair will let her and the Winchesters go. He captures and tortures her with her knife. She won't reveal Anna's location verbally, but she will take him there.

Uriel appears to Dean in a dream, taunting him, and reveals that he holds Anna's grace in a necklace. He demands Anna, saying he knows Dean's weak spot, and offers him a choice.

Uriel and Castiel appear to take Anna. Dean's choice is revealed: either Anna dies - or Sam. As the angels are about to take her, an injured Ruby appears with Alastair. The demons and angels confront each other and another fight ensues, during which Anna steals her Grace from Uriel and becomes an angel again. During the process, Alastair disappears. Uriel and Castiel leave, and we find out that it was Sam's plan all along to bring the demons and angels together to get them to fight each other.

On the side of the road, Dean and Sam have a beer and Dean starts to talk about his time in Hell. He reveals that the time was more like forty years than four months and that he underwent excruciating torture, and that each day, Alastair would offer to let him off the rack, if Dean would become the torturer himself. Dean weeps as he admits to Sam that after 30 years, he broke and took up tormenting other souls.




  • "Ready for Love" by Bad Company
(plays while Dean and Anna make love)


Sam: She was convinced that he wasn't her real daddy.

Dean: Who was? The plumber, hmmm? A little snaking the pipes?

Sam: Dude, you're confusing reality with porn again.
Pamela: Sam, is that you?

Sam: I'm right here.

Pamela: Oh. Know how I can tell? That perky little ass of yours. You could bounce a nickel off that thing.
Anna: I was stationed on Earth two thousand years. Just watching. Silent. Invisible,. Out on the road. Sick for home. Waiting for orders from an invisible father I can't begin to understand... so don't tell me that-

(Dean chuckles)

Anna: What is so funny? What?

Dean: Nothing, sorry. It's just .... I can relate.
Dean: What was that for?

Anna: You know... our last night on Earth... all that.

Dean: You're stealing my best line.
Dean: Well, I guess I just like being a pain in the pooper.

Trivia & References

Uriel: Give us the girl.

Dean: Sorry. Get yourself another one. Try JDate.

JDate is a dating site which bills itself as "the leading Jewish singles network".
Dean: Anna may have sent the angels to the outfield, but sooner or later, they're gonna be back.
Angels in the Outfield was a 1951 film about a group of baseball-playing angels who help the last place Pittsburgh Pirates. The film was remade by Disney in 1994.
Sam: Where's Bobby?

Dean: Uh, the Dominican. He said we break anything, we buy it.
Sam: Is he working a job?
Dean: God, I hope so. Otherwise he's at Hedonism in a banana hammock and a trucker cap.
Sam: Now that's seared in my brain.

Hedonism is the name of a resort chain in the Caribbean which, as the name suggests, have a focus on partying and sex.
Anna: My mother, Amy, couldn't get pregnant. Always called me her little miracle. She had no idea how right she was.

Dean: So, you just forgot that you were God's little Power Ranger?

Power Rangers are superheroes who are featured in a number of childrens' TV series.
Ruby: Sister, you're the Stanley Cup.
The Stanley Cup is awarded to the champion of the National Hockey League's playoffs after the Stanley Cup Finals.
Dean: So what, you're just gonna take some divine bong hit, and shazam, you're Roma Downey?
Roma Downey starred as an angel in the series Touched by an Angel.
Dean: (Chuckles)

Ruby: What?
Dean: Nothing. It's just an angel and a demon, riding in the back seat. (Chuckles) It's like the setup to a bad joke. Or a Penthouse Forum letter.
Sam: Dude, reality... porn.
Dean: You call this reality?

Penthouse Forum features letters of unlikely sexual encounters that invariably begin "I never thought this would happen to me…"
Titanic ackles.jpg
The image of the hand streaking down the foggy car window is reminiscent of the scene from Titanic when Jack and Rose are having sex. Coincidentally, Jensen once did an ad for Titanic-related merchandise. And doesn't that look a bit like the necklace Uriel had with Anna's Grace? Full Titanic references
Uriel: Wait, there's more. You cut yourself a slice of angel food cake. You did.

Dean: What would you care? You're junkless down there right? Like a Ken doll.

Dean is referring to the [1] Ken doll's lack of genitalia. Additionally, Dean is referencing the Kevin Smith film Dogma, in which angels are portrayed as having no genetalia.
Sam: When you've got Godzilla and Mothra on your ass, best to get out of the way and let them fight.

Mothra and Godzilla featured in a series of Japanese movies in the 50s and 60s. Godzilla was a mutant giant dinosaur who gets super powers from a nuclear blast, and Mothra, a giant moth, was enlisted by people to fight him. The foes met again in the Millenium series (1999-2004) movie called Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

In 1.15 The Benders, Sam and Dean interview a boy who witnesses a strange disappearance and he says at the time he was watching Godzilla versus Mothra, and Dean says it's his favorite.
Anna Patient History.jpg
There is a discrepancy as to when Anna was born: on the Patient History form Sam looks at, it says that Anna's D.O.B. is April 13, 1985. However, later in the episode Sam says, In March '85, a meteorite vanished in the night sky over northwestern Ohio. It was sighted nine months before Anna was born and she was born in that part of Ohio, which would put her birthday in December of 1985.
The episode is named after the Black Sabbath song "Heaven and Hell". The title on the script was "Hell's Angels", after the motorcycle club source)


In 1.13 Route 666, Dean made love to another Bad Company song - "She Brings Me Love".

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