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{{TriviaQuote |Text=
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Alistair:''' You've got stronger Sam<br>
'''Alistair:''' You've got stronger Sam. Been soul stretching with your little demon whore?<br>
'''Sam:''' You have no idea.
'''Sam:''' You have no idea.

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Title Death Takes A Holiday
Episode # Season 4, Episode 15
First aired March 12, 2009
Directed by Steve Boyum
Written by Jeremy Carver
On IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1222599
Outline In a small town in Wyoming, people stop dying.
Monster Demons
Timeline 20-21 December (winter solstice)
Location(s) Bedford, Iowa
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Alistair: You've got stronger Sam. Been soul stretching with your little demon whore?
Sam: You have no idea.
Alistair (to Dean): I'm inside your angsty little noggin.
Dean: You made an exception for me.
Castiel: You're different.

Trivia & References

Kim dedication.jpg
The episode ended with slides dedicating the season to Kim Manners, ending with a slide that said simply "We miss you, Kim"
The episode title comes from a 1934 movie [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Takes_a_Holiday Death takes a Holiday} in whioch Death takes on human form and falls in love.
Dean: Well we Huggy Bear ain't available.
Huggy Bear was the colorful informant on Starsky and Hutch.
Dean: Joe the Plumber was a douche.
Joe the Plumber was invoked as a symbol of the 'everyman' by John McCain in the 2008 US Presidential Election.
Sam: You want some Aspirin?

Dean: No, thanks House.

A reference to cranky medico {http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregory_House Gregory House] of the eponymous series,
Pamela: Which of you brainiacs came up with the idea of astral projections?

Dean: Yo.
Pamela: Oh surprise, Chachi.

Cahchi was Fonzie's cousin, played by Scott Baio, in Happy Days, and the Spin Off Joanie Loves Chachi
Dean: Oh I am so feeling up Demi Moore.
A reference to the movie Ghost where the dead Patrick Swayze makes out with his living wife (Demi Moore) via Whoopi Goldberg.
Cole: Thanks Haley Joel, I know I'm dead.
Haley Joel Osment played a kid who could see dead people in The Sixth Sense.
Cole: Who's Mr Miagai?
Mr Miagai was the mentor in The Karate Kid.
Dean: You're so Amityville
Amityville was the location of a haunted house made famous in the book and movie The Amityville Horror.
Dean: It looks like New Jack City
In the movie New Jack City, an apartment block is fortified and used as the base for gang activites.


Sam and Dean pretend to be bloggers from flooredbythelord.com: "all of God's glory that's fit to blog"
In Greybull, the boys stay at The Broken Saddle Motel.

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