5.05 Fallen Idols

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Title Fallen Idols
Episode # Season 5, Episode 5
First aired October 8, 2009
Directed by James L. Conway
Written by Julie Siege
On IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1488983/
Outline Sam and Dean investigate what appears to be the deaths people at the hands of famous celebrities.
Monster Leshii
Timeline 3 weeks after the events of 5.04 The End
Location(s) Canton, Ohio
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Superstition by Jeff Beck


Dean: Let me get this straight. Your, uh, ultimate hero was not only a short man in diapers, but he was a fruitarian.

Sam: That's not the point.

Dean: That is good. Even for you, that is good.
Dean: Not a word.
Sam: Dude, you just got whaled on by Paris Hilton.

Trivia & References

In the movie Fight Club the narrator and Tyler Durden discuss which historical figures they would fight. They pick Ghandi and Abraham Lincoln respectively.
Sam: Is this like Christine?
Christine is a novel by Stephen King (made into a John Carpenter movie of the same name) about a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury.
Sheriff Carnegie: Professional assassins. You know, like in Michael Clayton.
In Michael Clayton, lawyer Arthur Edens is killed by professional hit men.
Dean: I'll go torch East of Eden's keychain.
James Dean starred in the 1955 film East of Eden.
Dean: Hate to break it to you, lady, but I'm no Paris Hilton BFF.
Paris Hilton's My New BFFis a reality show where fans of the heiress compete to become her new friend.
Dean: I've never even seen House of Wax.
Jared and Paris co-starred in the 2005 horror flick House of Wax

Dean: I'm Agent Bonham, this is Agent Copeland.
Bonham is John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, an alias Dean has used before. Stewart Copeland was the drummer for The Police, as well as an influental film score composer.
Sam: How long am I going to be on double secret probation?
In the movie Animal House Dean Vernon Wormer is trying to remove the Delta fraternity from campus due to repeated conduct violations. Since they are already on probation, he puts the Deltas on "Double Secret Probation."
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