5.12 Swap Meat

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Title Swap Meat
Episode # Season 5, Episode 12
First aired January 28, 2010
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by teleplay by Julie Siege ; written by Julie Siege, Rebecca Dessertine and Harvey Fedor
On IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1543420/
Outline A group of teenagers decide to go after the demon bounty of Dean.
Monster Teenagers, Demons
Location(s) Housatonic, Massachusetts
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When nerdy teenager Gary and his two friends Trevor and Nora are playing with black magic, they come in contact with demons and are informed of a bounty out on Dean Winchester's head. When Dean and Sam arrive in town to exorcise a poltergeist, Maggie Briggs, haunting the home of their old babysitter and her family, Gary casts a spell which has him and Sam swapping bodies intending to hand Dean over to the demons.

Gary gets rid of all Dean's cell phones so Sam can't contact him and poses as him to accompany Dean on the case, where thanks to Maggie Briggs he misses an opportunity to kill him. Later he celebrates the ghosts' vanquish, enjoying getting drunk with Dean, and later getting picked up by and going home with a woman from the bar. When he comes back to the motel, set on killing Dean, Dean has worked out he is not Sam and confronts him.

As Sam struggles to work out what has happened, and deal with Gary's overbearing parents, he discovers Gary's spell book and his involvement in witchcraft. Trevor and Nora drug and capture Sam at school, knowing that it's him in Garys' body, and against his warning, Trevor summons a demon to hand over the brothers and claim their reward. The demon possesses Nora, kills Trevor and then takes off to claim Dean.

The demon tells Gary he will get his reward but he must meet with Lucifer first and say 'yes' to his question, intending to hand over Sam's body to be used as Lucifer's Vessel. Gary, regretting everything tries to exorcise the demon but it attacks him. Eventually, Gary and Dean team up and exorcise the demon together.

After Gary reverses the spell, Sam leaves him with a stern warning to stop using magic and that his life really isn't that bad.




Rock and Roll Never Forgets by Bob Seger


Gary (as Sam): Crystal, I would love to have the sex with you.
Dean: Oh you shake it up baby.
Sam (as Gary): [finds AP school textbooks] Smart kid. [finds Star Wars t-shirt] Virgin. [finds porno magazine] Frustrated virgin.
Sam (as Gary): Witchcraft, huh Gary? You little Satanic bastard.
Sam (as Gary): Oh, no Gary. This is a very, very bad book.
Gary (as Sam): Boo yah... Master Chief in the house, bizatches.
Gary (as Sam): I have a gun, I'm getting drunk, and I look like this."
Trevor: Everybody knows Dean. He's Hell's most wanted.
Sam (as Gary): Oh, no. Have you idiots been talking to demons?
Trevor: I wouldn't exactly call praying to our Dark Overlord goofing around.
Trevor: I'm calling one of these bad boys, turning these punks over, and getting paid. Dolla dolla bills y'all!
Dean: Alright pal, either you start talking or I start waterboarding.
Nora (Possesed): Yep, tastes like moron.
Dean: Adios, bitch.
Gary (as Sam): It's 'audi nos.'
Sam: She doesn't like Satan, moron. She likes you.

Trivia & References

Dean: Oh you shake it up baby
This may be a reference to the lyric from the song Twist and Shout
Sam discovers a number of Star Wars t-shirts in Gary's wardrobe. One of the writers of this episode Julie Siege used to write for the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars
as Gary repeatedly revs the engine

Dean: You wanna get the lead out, Andretti?

A reference to renowned racecar driver Mario Andretti.
When Dean replays the voice mail messages left by Sam, he hears Sam's voice. But as Sam was in Gary's body, it should be Gary's voice that recorded.
Dean: Welcome back, Kotter.
This is a reference to the 1970s sitcom Welcome back Kotter, which was set in a Brooklyn High School.
Writer Rebecca Dessertine is a co-author with Peter Johnson of Rising Son - the second series of Supernatural comics and co-author of the upcoming novel Supernatural: War Of The Sons. This is her first episode of Supernatural.
Some plot similarities to the movies "Freaky Friday" and "Like Father Like Son", in which parents swap bodies with their children.
Dean: Alright pal, either you start talking or I start waterboarding.
Waterboarding is a controversial torture/interrogation technique in which water is poured into a person's respiratory passages to simulate the sensation of drowning.
When Sam opens Gary's school locker, inside the door there is a painting/drawing of a hand showing the sign of horns. In some cases, particularly in the context of heavy metal or rock music, people think it is a sign of the Devil, with the thumb, index, and pinky fingers combined forming the shape of three sixes (666).


This Episode filmed between the 6th and 18th of November.

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