6.10 Caged Heat

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Caged heat Promo Still.jpg
Title Caged Heat
Episode # Season 6, Episode 10
First aired December 3, 2010
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by teleplay by Brett Matthews; story by Brett Matthews and Jenny Klein
On IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1627707/
Outline Sam makes Meg a deal – he and Dean will help her find Crowley if she promises to torture him for information about how to get Sam's soul back.
Monster Crowley
Location(s) Evergreen, MO (estimation)
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Crowley tortures and kills the Alpha Shapeshifter because he won't tell him the location of Purgatory. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam are still providing Crowley with monsters. They hand over a Rugaru to a few of Crowley's demons and head back to their base of operations, a dilapidated house, where Dean tells Sam that he's sick of working for Crowley because it doesn't seem to be getting them anywhere. While they argue, demons get the jump on them. When they wake up, they're tied to chairs and Meg is there. She wants them to tell her where Crowley is, but they don't know, and Sam just laughs at her when she threatens them. He tells Dean not to worry about Meg: she can't kill them because she needs them. She and other "Lucifer loyalists" are on the run from Crowley, who wants to be uncontested in his reign over Hell, and Meg wants to find Crowley so she can kill him with Ruby's Knife.

Sam makes a deal with Meg. He and Dean will help her find and kill Crowley if she'll help them get some information out of him. They don't tell her what it is they want to know, but Sam is hoping to find out to get his soul back. Dean is unhappy with the deal, but Sam tells him that they'll kill Meg and all the other demons once they're done with Crowley. Sam realizes that they'll need some help, though, so he tricks Castiel into appearing by making him think that they have found the Ark of the Covenant. When Castiel tells Sam that he's too busy with the war over Heaven to help, Sam reminds Castiel that he owes him and tells him that if he doesn't help, he'll hunt Castiel down and kill him. Castiel eventually capitulates and tries to locate Crowley with a ritual. The ritual fails, and so the three of them go to the Campbell Compound to look for information on Crowley's location.

At the compound they encounter Samuel, who refuses to help them find Crowley. Dean asks him why he won't help them and why he's been working for Crowley, and they discover that Crowley promised Samuel that he would resurrect Mary. Dean tells him that it's a bad idea to bring her back from the dead, and Samuel calls Dean a hypocrite. Eventually, though, Samuel comes around, and he tells them where he's been bringing creatures to Crowley. Sam, Dean, and Castiel meet up with Meg and her demons so that they can go to Crowley's prison together. As they get ready to leave, Castiel tells Dean that he's not sure they should return Sam's soul to his body. His soul has been in Lucifer's Cage with Lucifer and Michael for over a year, and they have no idea what sort of torture he's suffered. Castiel tells Dean that Sam may be broken if he gets his soul back, and Sam overhears their conversation.

Using Samuel's information, they find Crowley's prison and Castiel helps them break inside, where they see various monsters, including the Djinn Brigitta, locked in cells. Eventually, they are pursued by the Hellhounds that guard the prison. Meg tries to leave her meat suit, but is trapped inside it, so she tells them to take Ruby's knife and find Crowley. She then kisses Castiel and takes his Angel Killing Sword to hold off the Hellhounds while they go on. Dean, Sam, and Castiel leave her behind, but are quickly attacked. Samuel uses an Angel Banishing Sigil to get rid of Castiel, and demons grab and imprison Dean and Sam. Dean is horrified by Samuel's betrayal, and he tells Samuel that once he escapes, he's going to find and kill him. Dean is then taken to a room to be fed to Ghouls while Sam is left in his cell. Dean fights off the ghouls long enough for Sam to escape his cell (using a devil's trap drawn in his own blood) and help kill them.

Meanwhile, Meg has been captured and is being tortured by Christian, whose body is still possessed by a demon. While Christian is distracted, Dean comes up behind him and kills him with Ruby's knife, and he and Sam free Meg. They then lure Crowley into the room and catch him in a devil's trap. Sam demands his soul back, and Meg tortures him until Crowley admits that he can't get it. He also tells Sam the same thing that Castiel said: Sam's soul is likely broken and will destroy him if he gets it back. Disgusted, Sam tells Meg to go ahead and kill Crowley, and Dean hands her Ruby's knife. She tries to kill Crowley, but he gets the knife from her and uses it to break the devil's trap. Before he can retaliate, however, Castiel appears holding a bag of bones that he says belong to Crowley. He asks Crowley if he can restore Sam's soul, and, when Crowley admits that he can't, Castiel burns his bones without hesitation, killing him. While they are distracted, Meg flees.

Outside Crowley's prison, Dean thanks Castiel for his help. Castiel admits that the war in Heaven is not going well and that he'd rather be on Earth most of the time. He then tells Sam that they'll find another way to get his soul back before leaving to take care of the monsters still in the prison. Dean tries to reassure Sam, too, but Sam tells him that he doesn't think he wants his soul back after all.





Dean: Where's Crowley?
Demon: Banging a hooker in a sweet spot called None Of Your Business.
Demon: I'm sorry, I know you're speaking, I see your lips moving, but I can't understand what you're saying cause I don't speak 'Little Bitch.'
Dean: We have been going on these freaking Crowley runs, and it's not getting us anywhere.

Sam: Dean.
Dean: I mean, the only thing that's really changed is now I need a daily rape shower.

Sam: Okay, you're right. Let's go with Plan B. Oh yeah, we don't have one. So until we do, sorry dude, stock up on soap-on-a-rope.
Meg: OK, officially over the foreplay. [puts knife to Dean's throat] Satisfy me or I please myself.

Sam: [laughs]

Dean: Something funny, Sam?
Meg: It's a deal then. Hugs and puppies all around!

Dean: ... You gonna untie us?

Meg: Please. Don't pretend you don't enjoy it.
Dean: I'm telling you that this [resurrecting Mary] is wrong for so many reasons.

Samuel: You hypocrite.

Dean: I'm asking you to learn from our mistakes! Doing this? This how the bad guy gets us every time! It's our Achilles' heel! Apparently, it runs in the family.
Castiel: It's very complex.

Dean: Mmm-hmm.
Castiel: If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she's done something wrong.
Dean: You're watching porn? Why?
Castiel: It was there.

Dean: You don't watch porn in a room full of dudes. And you don't talk about it. Just turn it off! [Castiel looks down at his lap] Well, now he's got a boner.
Samuel: Is this what you boys do? Sit around watching pornos with angels?
Castiel: We're not supposed to talk about it.
Castiel: Why are we working with these abominations?
Meg: Keep talking dirty - it makes my meat suit all dewy.
Castiel: Sam's soul has been locked in the cage with Michael and Lucifer for more than a year. And they have nothing to do but take their frustrations out on him. Do you understand? If we try to force that mutilated thing down Sam's gullet, we have no idea what will happen. It could be catastrophic.

Dean: You mean he dies.

Castiel: I mean he doesn't. Paralysis. Insanity. Psychic pain so profound that he's locked inside himself for the rest of his life.
Dean: Sam?

Sam: Yeah?
Dean: I'm standing in pee!
Sam: Consider yourself lucky.

Dean: Yikes. That sucks.
Meg: Knock yourself out. It's a host body. Some girl from Cheboygan. Moved to L.A. to be an actress. It's probably not even the worst thing that ever happened to her.
Crowley: (to Meg)You don't know torture, you little insect.
Crowley: What's in the gift bag?
Castiel: (holding up a skull) You are.
Sam: You know what? When angels and demons agree on something, call me nuts, I pay attention.
Sam: I don't think I want it back.

Dean: You don't even know what you're saying.

Sam: No, I'm saying something you don't like. You obviously care, a lot, but I think maybe I'm better off without it.
Dean:If you want forgiveness, find a priest.

Samuel:I just want you to understand.
Dean:Oh, I understand. That you are a liar. You talk about putting blood first – which is funny ‘cause you sound just like my dad - difference is, he actually did!
Samuel:I am putting blood first.
Dean:Oh, give me a break.
Samuel:Mary is my blood, my daughter! Don’t look at me like I sold you out, Dean. You sold out your own mother! It was her or Sam and you chose Sam, plain and simple.
Dean:Oh, this is such crap. You wanna know what really happened? You chose a demon over your own grandsons!
Samuel:See it how you want. I don’t even know what Sam is. And you want e to protect him? And you? You are a stranger. No, really, tell me – what exactly are you supposed to be to me?
Dean:I’ll tell you who I am. I’m the guy you never wanna see again. ‘Cause I’m making it out of here, trust me. And the next time you see me, I’ll be there to kill you.
Samuel:Don’t think there’s gonna be a next time.

Dean:Whatever gets you though the night.