6.16 ...And Then There Were None

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Title And Then There Were None
Episode # Season 6, Episode 16
First aired March 4, 2011
Directed by Mike Rohl
Written by Brett Matthews
On IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1627713/
Outline When Sam, Dean and Bobby run into Rufus, and the Campbells all hunting the cause of an upsurge in supernatural activity, tensions erupt into violence.
Monster Eve, Khan Worm
Location(s) Sandusky, Ohio
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Bobby tells Sam and Dean about the numerous reports of monster activity that he's been getting from other hunters. All of the monsters seem to be springing up along I-80 leading to Sandusky, Ohio, where Rick, a trucker for Starlight Cannery, recently murdered his whole family with a hammer. Bobby, Sam, and Dean go to question the man, but he has no memory of the event. His last memory is of a young woman asking him for a ride at a gas station. At the police station, they watch the footage from the gas station's security camera, and they see the young woman. Static runs across the screen, obscuring most of her face, but what they can see looks like a monster, and Bobby speculates that they're dealing with the "Mother of All."

While they are at the police station, a call comes in that a man has gone postal at the Starlight Cannery, and Bobby goes along with the responders while Sam and Dean stay behind. At the cannery, Bobby meets Rufus, who is on the same case, and learns that a worker came to the cannery with a hunting rifle and killed six others before being shot by police. Rufus partners up with him and they go to the morgue, where they examine the man's body. They find black ooze in one of his ears, but it isn't ectoplasm, and they're stumped as to the cause.

They decide to investigate the cannery, and all four men break in at night. There, they encounter Samuel and Gwen Campbell, who are on the same case. Dean wants to kill Samuel, as he promised he would in 6.10 Caged Heat, but Sam persuades him that Samuel might be useful in the hunt. Dean leaves, angry, and Samuel reveals to the others that the case they're on involves the Mother of All, also known as Eve, and that she is the creator of all the monsters they hunt. As they talk, Bobby mentions Samuel's betrayal of Sam and Dean, and Gwen is shocked and leaves to talk to Dean. She tells Dean that she didn't know about Samuel betraying Sam and Dean to Crowley, and Dean shoots her. The others rush into the room and find Gwen dying. They assume that Dean has been infected like the other two men who went postal, and they search for him. When they find Dean, he tells them that something worm-like crawled out of his ear. They dub the creature "the Khan Worm," and together the hunters try and work out a way to find and kill it.

Bobby has them give up their guns and locks them in a locker. When Samuel leaves the room, Sam and Dean follow and confront him about what happened with Crowley, but Samuel is not apologetic. He then pulls an extra gun he had hidden and tries to shoot them, as he is infected with the worm. They stop him and he escapes. Eventually, Sam finds and confronts him alone. Samuel says he will tell Sam about the things he did without a soul, but he advances on Sam and Sam is forced to shoot him. When the others find them, they are uncertain whether the worm was in Samuel or if it is in Sam, so they tie Sam up and resolve to cut open Samuel's head and check for the Khan Worm.

Sam and Dean leave the room and, as Rufus and Bobby prepare to cut open Samuel's skull, they discuss an unfortunate hunt they were on together in Omaha. It can be inferred that Bobby messed up on the hunt and caused the death of someone that Rufus cared for, and Rufus says that he will never forgive Bobby for what happened. When they begin cutting into Samuel's skull, the Khan Worm animates Samuel's dead body and attacks them. During the struggle, Samuel is electrocuted and the worm leaves his body and infects Bobby, who then stabs and kills Rufus while he is possessed.

Sam and Dean overpower Bobby and tie him up. They electrocute him as they question the Khan Worm inside him, and they learn that the worm is a new creation that Eve cooked up to lead them to Sandusky. She has a message for them that the worm relates: "She's pissed, she's here, and it's going to be nothing but pain for you from here on in." Sam and Dean tape over Bobby's ears and electrocute him until the worm slithers out of his ear and dies.

After the creature is killed, Bobby, Sam, and Dean bury Rufus. As cremation is not undertaken in the Jewish tradition, Rufus is buried, in what is obviously a Jewish cemetery, rather than given a Hunter's Funeral Pyre. Bobby pours some of Rufus' favourite drink—Johnny Walker Blue Label—on the grave before taking a drink himself.





Eve: God doesn't care about you.

Rick: Sure he does.

Eve: Your father made you and then abandoned you, so you pray. You see signs where there's nothing, but truth is: your Apocalypse came and went, and you didn't even notice. A mother would never abandon her children like he did. You'll see.
Bobby: I've been getting blasts from hunters all week. Nest of vamps. Werewolf dance party. Shifters—six of 'em. Two hunters died taking 'em out. Ghouls. Ghouls. Ghoul-wraith smorgasbord...

Dean: Is it just me, or is that a straight kickline down I-80?
Bobby: Exactly.

Dean: Looks to me like it's a Sherman March monster mash.
Bobby: All those vamps and ghouls out on I-80? Maybe they're coming in for Mother's Day.
Dean: Well, hey there, you little herpe.

Sam: Why do you keep talking about herpes?

Dean: What? I don't! Shut up!
Rufus: I take it you know each other.

Dean: He's our grandfather.

Rufus: Oh- somebody needs a hug.
Bobby: So, you're Samuel.

Samuel: You must be the guy pretending to be their father.

Bobby: Well, somebody ought to.
Dean: I mean, at the end of the day, you two are family. Life's short, and ours are shorter than most. We're gonna spend it wringing our hands? Something's gonna get us eventually, and when my guts get ripped out, just so you two know, we're good. Blanket apology for all the crap that anybody's done all the way around.

Trivia & References

The episode title “And Then There Were None” is a reference to a 1939 Agatha Christie crime novel in which ten people are lured to a remote island and then stranded. Each person was involved in the deaths of other people, though they were never found out, and found guilty by whoever orchestrated their arrival on the island. Although there appears to be no one else on the island, each of them dies by a method described in the Ten Little Indians nursery rhyme until they are all dead. The TV Show Harper's Island was also in part modeled after the story as well. Harper's Island starred at least 32 actors that have also been on Supernatural, including Jim Beaver and Katie Cassidy
Dean: Looks to me like it's a Sherman March monster mash.

Sherman's March to the Sea is the name commonly given to the Savannah Campaign conducted by Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman of the Union Army in the American Civil War. The campaign began with Sherman's troops leaving the captured city of Atlanta, Georgia, on November 15, 1864, and ended with the capture of the port of Savannah on December 21. It inflicted significant damage. There have been two documentaries about the march, in 1986 and 2007.

"Monster Mash" is a 1962 novelty song and the best-known song by Bobby "Boris" Pickett. The song is narrated by a mad scientist whose monster, late one evening, rises from a slab to perform a new dance. The dance becomes "the hit of the land" when the scientist throws a party for other monsters.
Rufus: Tracking 31 flavors of crazy which led us both smack into the middle of this.
The Baskin Robbins chain of ice cream shops is known for its "31 flavors" slogan.
Dean: It's like a Khan worm on steroids.
The Khan Worm is reminiscent of the Ceti eel from the Star Trek movie The Wrath Of Khan, which, after entering through the ear, wrapped itself around a person's brain stem making them susceptible to suggestion and eventually causing madness. It was referenced also in the reboot Star Trek movie in the form of the Centaurian slug, which also entered through the ear canal, though it made people speak the truth.
Dean: It's not in me!
The same line was used by victims of the Croatoan virus in 2.09 Croatoan.
The use of electricity to detect the presence of the Khan Worm may be a reference to the 1982 John Carpenter film The Thing, which is a remake of 1951's The Thing from Another World. In the 1982 film, scientists in a remote outpost turn on each other when a hostile alien being transforms into members of the crew. To determine which of them is alien, they use electricity. In the 1951 film, the alien is destroyed using electric current.
As cremation is not undertaken in the Jewish tradition, Rufus is buried, in what is obviously a Jewish cemetery, rather than given a Hunter's Funeral Pyre. Bobby pours some of Rufus' favourite drink—Johnny Walker Blue Label—on the grave.


Most of the cast and crew, except for Jared, suffered from terrible colds during the filming of this episode. Jim tweets about the epidemic. Filming took place around the weekend of Salute to Supernatural San Francisco 2011, and Jensen's cold was obvious at the event.
Brent Stait, who plays Rick, appeared in 1.11 Scarecrow as Scotty.
He also starred in the movie Stonehenge Apocalypse with Misha Collins.
In this episode there is a room with lockers, and they decide to lockup their weapons inside one of them, later on they force the padlock to open the locker. This Padlock is initially a generic one, then when they force the locker it has changed to the one actually used to lock the lockers.

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