7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

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Title How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters
Episode # Season 7, Episode 9
First aired November 18, 2011
Directed by Guy Bee
Written by Ben Edlund
On IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1995124/
Monster Leviathans
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Dean: This is stupid. Our quality of life is crap. We've got Purgatory's least wanted everywhere and we're on our third "the world is screwed" issue in what, three years? And we've steered the bus away from the cliff twice already!

Sam: Someone's got to do it.

Dean: What if the bus wants to go over the cliff?
Dean: It's funny, I couldn't give two shakes of a rat's ass. Is that right? Do rats shake their asses or is it something else?.
Dean: I think you pissed off my sandwich.

Trivia & References

The episode title is a play on the famous book How to Win Friends And Influence People first published in 1936.
Bob Singer did the voice over on the 'Soothing Nature Sounds' recording Source.
The beer Dean drinks is called MargieKugel Beer. Made by the Art department it is named after Jerry Wanek's mother combined with a local Wisconsin beer Linenkugel. Source
A Turducken is a dish in which a chicken is stuffed inside a duck which is stuffed inside a turkey. Each bird is first boned, and then the entire thing is roasted.
Bobby: You don't shoot Bambi, jackass. You shoot Bambi's mother.
Bambi is a 1942 animated Disney movie about a young fawn called Bambi, who's mother is killed by hunters.


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