7.17 The Born-Again Identity

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Title The Born-Again Identity
Episode # Season 7, Episode 17
First aired March 23, 2012
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Sera Gamble
On IMDB The Born-Again Identity
Outline Sam reaches his breaking point and Dean, desperate to save his brother, finds a healer with a very familiar face.
Monster Lucifer
Location(s) Colorado; Northern Indiana;
Whitefish, Montana
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Sam has been awake for five days, tormented by Hallucifer, who tells Sam he'll only survive another week without sleep. He tries in vain to use drugs to pass out and in his sleep-deprived state, is hit by a car. He winds up in the locked psychiatric ward at Northern Indiana State Hospital, being treated for a broken rib, lacerations, and what Dr Kadinsky tells Dean is a full-blown psychotic episode. The doctors have administered several sedatives, but Sam remains conscious. Dean goes to see Sam in his room, where Hallucifer sits playing cat's cradle, and tells Sam he'll find him help. Sam is skeptical, saying they always knew putting his soul back would end badly.

Dean leaves and heads to Rufus's Cabin, where he calls some of Bobby's contacts. He's getting nowhere, though, and he leaves Bobby's journal on the table and goes to the fridge for a beer. He's across the room when the journal topples to the ground and a card for Mackey's Taxidermy falls out. Dean calls the number and leaves a message.

Meanwhile, Sam is still awake because of Hallucifer, who comments that he and Sam being in a locked ward together is just like the Cage. Sam ignores him and later tries to eat a sandwich, but when he looks at it it's full of maggots. He drops it on the ground and backs away, then notices another patient watching from his door. She leaves without saying anything.

At the cabin, Dean is looking for information online when he receives a call from a hunter named Mackey. Mackey tells him about a healer named Emmanuel in Colorado. He claims that Emmanuel passed all of his monster tests and then healed his damaged eye with one touch. Encouraged, Dean goes to Emmanuel's house in Colorado. He meets a man who claims to be Emmanuel at the front door, but sees a woman tied up in the house. When he looks back, the man's eyes are black as he throws Dean into the front door. Dean reminds the demon about Crowley's "hands-off memo," but the demon laughs and says that because Dean hasn't managed to kill Dick Roman, Crowley will want Emmanuel more than he wants Dean. Dean quickly kills the demon with Ruby's knife, and then looks up to find Emmanuel, who is the spitting image of Castiel, watching him.

Emmanuel doesn't recognize Dean, has no knowledge of demons, and no memory of being an angel. He thanks Dean for saving his wife, Daphne, and then says that he saw the real face of the man Dean killed. Dean tells him that it was a demon and that he's there because he needs help for his brother.

Meanwhile in the locked ward, the patient who saw Sam's reaction to his sandwich brings him a stolen chocolate bar. Sam thanks her and learns her name, Marin, but can't get further than introductions because Hallucifer is tormenting him with a loudspeaker. Later, Hallucifer continues to torture Sam, lighting firecrackers in the ward. An orderly, Marcus, brings Sam his meal, and Sam asks Marcus about Marin. Marcus doesn't tell him much, only that unlike him, she wasn't brought to the psychiatric ward because of an accident.

Dean and Emmanuel talk in the car on the way to Indiana. Emmanuel tells him that a few months ago, Daphne found him by a river, "drenched, confused, and unclothed." He had no memory, and Daphne claimed God wanted her to find him. Dean mentions the possibility that Emmanuel was a bad guy, but Emmanuel says he doesn't feel like a bad person. Emmanuel tells Dean he can cure illnesses of a spiritual origin and should be able to help Sam. Dean goes on to tell him that he is unable to forgive his friend Cas, who betrayed him and caused Sam's illness. Emmanuel, who still has no memory, comments that Cas is an odd name.

That same night, Marin brings Sam another chocolate bar. She tells Sam that she's been in the ward for 5 weeks and that the doctors think she's suicidal. He asks her for the truth, and she tells him that she hears her dead brother's voice. He wants her to kill herself to be with him, and if she doesn't, he'll do it for her. He's already started a fire to try to kill her. After confessing, she leaves, upset.

The next morning, Dean goes into a convenience store and is confronted by three demons. He kills one and then is knocked back, losing Ruby's knife. Thankfully, Meg shows up and kills one demon while the other flees. Dean is surprised to see her, and she tells him that she's there because of rumors about a wandering healer, who she's shocked to learn is "poor dead Castiel." She has an ongoing feud with Crowley and, like Dean, doesn't want him to know about Cas. Although they don't trust each other, they both need friends, so Dean agrees to let her come with them to Indiana as long as she doesn't remind Castiel of his true identity yet. The three of them leave together.

Back in the locked ward, Sam apologizes to Marin for upsetting her. Then he tells her that he believes her about her brother and wants to help. From his questions, Sam learns that Marin feels cold before her brother talks to her, and that she's heard him in more than one place despite the fact that he's cremated. Sure that he's a ghost, Sam tells her that he can put her brother to rest, and then asks her if she has anything of his. She wears a bracelet he made for her with an injured hand - it's likely he bled on it. Sam tells her what they need, and she brings back salt and a lighter she stole from Marcus. They make a ring of salt and stand inside it, and when Sam asks her for her bracelet, the ghost of Marin's brother appears. He breaks the lights in the room and pleads with Marin not to do it. She gives Sam the bracelet and he burns it, causing her brother to go up in flames. Marin thanks Sam, and he tells her to go. She leaves quickly just before orderlies enter the ward to restrain Sam. Dizzy, Sam looks up to see Hallucifer standing over Dr Kadinsky's shoulder as the doc explains to Sam that they cannot give him any more medication and should try surgery instead.

Dean, Meg, and Emmanuel finally arrive at Northern Indiana State Hospital that night. They can't get inside, though, because it's surrounded by demons. Meg and Dean retreat to talk in private, and Meg insists that they remind Cas who he is so he can destroy the demons. Dean warns her that after what Cas did, he could snap and disappear. Emmanuel overhears Dean and tells him that he wants to know who he is. Dean is hesitant, but Meg tells him he's an angel and that he and Dean were best friends who used to fight together. Emmanuel realizes that he must be the "Cas" that Dean told him about, and he apologizes. Then he resolves to fight the demons in front of the hospital, even though he doesn't remember how.

He approaches the demons, who are shocked to see him alive. Before they can do anything, Castiel puts his hand on one of them and kills it with a blast of light. As he slays the rest of them, his memories come back to him, assaulting him with images of his partnership with Crowley and his betrayal of Dean. Once the demons are taken care of, Meg and Dean approach him. He tells them that he remembers them—he remembers everything. He's disgusted with himself and moves to leave, but Dean chases after him. When it seems like he's trying to defend Castiel's past acts, Castiel tells him he deserved to die for the things he did. He doesn't think he can fix anything, but Dean believes he can. He reaches into the trunk of his car and pulls out Castiel's trench coat.

Meanwhile, Sam is strapped down and wheeled into electroshock therapy. He starts to panic and asks for his brother, but the orderly ignores him and sticks a rubber mouthguard between his teeth. He says that he's going to start Sam off on a high setting, just as his eyes flash black. Sam struggles, but can't escape, and the demon electrocutes him. He's about to turn up the setting again when Castiel appears behind him, trench coat on, and exorcises him. Castiel then unhooks Sam from the electroshock machine and reaches out to heal him, but it doesn't work. Sam still sees Hallucifer.

Back in Sam's room, Castiel tells Dean that he can't rebuild the wall in Sam's mind because it's completely crumbled. Dean is upset, and Castiel tells him that he can't make the problem disappear… but he might be able to shift it. Dean is confused, and Castiel approaches Sam's bedside, telling him that it's better this way. He apologizes to Sam and then puts his hand on his head. Red light emanates from around Sam's eyes and then runs up Castiel's arm and into his eyes.

When Castiel lets go of Sam, Sam becomes lucid. He sees Dean and then notices that Castiel is next to him. He says his name, but Castiel doesn't answer him because, instead of Sam, he sees Hallucifer laying on Sam's bed. He retreats in fear.

When Sam and Dean leave the hospital, they leave without Castiel, who is now a member of the locked psychiatric ward himself. The only demon who knows where he is Meg, who's insinuated herself onto the ward's staff as a nurse. Sam is reluctant to leave Cas in her hands, but Dean tells him that it's the only option they have.




  • "Wake Up Little Susie" by Everly Brothers
(plays when Hallucifer lights firecrackers in the ward)
  • "Turn into Earth" by The Yardbirds
(plays during Castiel's flashback montage)


Hallucifer: Tell the nice tweaker you’d be sleeping right now if the devil would leave you alone...
Dean: If I don't find something...

Sam: Then I'll die.

Hallucifer: Oh - you're upsetting me!
Emmanuel/Castiel: Your friend's name was Cas? That's an odd name.
Marin: I saw you yesterday, you didn’t look too happy with your in flight meal.
Meg: You're an angel.
Castiel: I'm sorry - is that a flirtation?
Dean: This ain’t going to go well.
Meg: I dunno, I believe in the little tree topper.

Trivia & References

The episode title "The Born-Again Identity" is a play on the 2002 spy thriller movie The Bourne Identity (which was based a novel of the same name by Robert Ludlum). In the film, the main character Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, finds himself suffering from amnesia, and attempts to discover who he is. Along the way he finds he has a number of skills – speaking multiple languages, proficiency in hand-to-hand combat – that give him clues to his identity. The film was previously referenced in 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much.
Hallucifer: Tell the nice tweaker...
Tweaker is a slang term for someone who is addicted to crystal meth.
The bar through the windscreen is reminiscent of the death scene in 2.13 Houses of the Holy where a pole bounces through a windscreen and impales a man.
Doctor: You're Sam Smith's brother?
Dean and Sam are using the aliases given to them by Frank in 7.06 Slash Fiction.
Dean: It's not like the guy's freaking Norman Bates.
Norman Bates was the serial killer in the Hitchcock movie Psycho, who killed his mother, kept her corpse in his house and assumed her identity. Previously mentioned in 5.19 Hammer of the Gods.
Dean: Quit being Dalai-friggin-Yoda about this. Get pissed!
Dean has mashed up the names of two individuals known for their equanimity in the face of challenges - the spiritual leader of Tibet Dalai Lama (whose name he mispronounces) and Jedi master Yoda.
Sam: It's all snake oil.
Snake oil is a derogatory term used to describe fraudulent medical practices.
Sam: Last faith healer we hooked up with had a reaper on a leash.
Sam is referring to the events of 1.12 Faith, in which he tried to find a faith healer for the stricken Dean.
Hallucifer: Narcissistic personality disorder. Okay, now this one I could have.
Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition characterized by egocentrism, arrogance, entitlement, a desire for control, and a lack of empathy. It is thought to be a way of compensating for a severe sense of personal imperfection and unworthiness. In 5.11 Sam, Interrupted which took place in a mental hospital, Dean's hallucinated doctor tells him he is "paranoid schizophrenic with a narcissistic personality disorder and religious psychosis".
While Dean is trying to find help for Sam, Bobby's journal inexplicably falls on the floor, and a card for "Mackey's Taxidermy" falls out. Mackey in turn leads Dean to Castiel. This is the third time such an event has occurred - a possible hint that Bobby's ghost is around. The other two events were Dean's beer disappearing in 7.11 Adventures in Babysitting and a helpful paper moving to the top of a pile in 7.13 The Slice Girls.
While running away from Hallucifer in his sleep-deprived state, Sam gets a phone call from Lars Ulrich. Lars Ulrich is the drummer for American heavy metal band, Metallica.
Emmanuel's wife Daphne may be a reference to Daphne, a nymph in Greek mythology who was unwillingly pursued by Apollo. Out of desperation, Daphne prayed to be turned into a laurel tree so as to escape his advances. As her "marriage" to Emmanuel is not referred to again after this episode, this could allude to it being entirely a ruse to ward off strangers and not draw attention.
Emmanuel: (about a demon) I saw his face. His real face.
In 3.16 No Rest for the Wicked, Dean, in the last 24 hours of the year he was given after his crossroads deal, could see demons' real faces:
Dean: I could see its face, its real face, under that one.
Meg: Dean, Dean, Dean. You got some 'splaining to do!
"Lucy, you've got some 'splainin to do!" was a catchphrase of Lucy's husband Ricky Ricardo in the 50/60s sitcom I Love Lucy starring Lucille Ball.
Luci is a fandom nickname for Lucifer, first used by Gabriel in 5.19 Hammer of the Gods.
Meg: You sure we wouldn't be safer travelling with a full-throttle angel?
A reference to the 2003 movie Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
One of Sam's hallucinations is that his sandwich is full of maggots. In 3.09 Malleus Maleficarum, a witch's target nearly chokes to death after discovering that his burger is full of maggots.
Marin, the patient who is being haunted by her brother, is played by Kacey Rohl, the daughter of Mike Rohl who had directed ten episodes of Supernatural at the time of airing.
Meg: (to Cas) That was beautiful, Clarence.
A reference to angel Clarence from It's A Wonderful Life. The name was previously used by Meg in 5.10 Abandon All Hope....
Hallucifer: (about "The Three Little Pigs") I see that third little pig was smart. Went out and got some bricks.
In 3.05 Bedtime Stories, a man survived an attack that killed his two brothers by hiding next to some concrete blocks in a violent recreation of the Three Little Pigs.
Doctor: Welcome to the team, Nurse Masters.
Meg is using the name of her Season 1 meatsuit, Meg Masters.
Tweets from producer Jim Michaels during the episode.


#WelcomehomeMisha trended on Twitter before the episode source
In the beginning of the episode, Hallucifer says that Sam has been awake for five days.
Dean's phone number is 785-555-0128.
Emmanuel lived in Colorado.
Emmanuel said he got his name from bouncingbabynames.com. Attempting to access the website will give you a 403 error from the Web Server at GISHWHES.

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