8.05 Blood Brother

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Title Blood Brother
Episode # Season 8, Episode 5
First aired October 31, 2012
Directed by Guy Bee
Written by Ben Edlund
On IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2323362/
Monster Vampires
Location(s) Eagle Harbor, Washington
Enid, Oregon
Prentis Island, Washington
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In the flashback in Purgatory, Benny whistles "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" from the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg. According to director Guy Bee, this was an homage to the Fritz Lang Movie "M", where the killer played by Peter Lorre whistles the same tune.


Castiel: It does present a curious curl in the metaphysics, doesn't it? If you murder a monster in monster heaven, where does it go?

Benny: And this is the crazy aunt I want to take on the road?
Castiel: I am not your aunt.
Benny: What? Really?
Castiel: I have no possible relationship to your sibling offspring.
Benny: Now you're kidding me.

Dean: Oh, you two are killing me.
Sam: So, you think I'm creepy?

Amelia: I think it's creepy that you buy all of your clothing at army surplus. White supremacists do that.
Sam: Yeah, but I'm not.
Amelia: Drifting serial killers do that.

Sam: Fair enough.
Dean: Hey the trail is dead but the the room is paid for. You've got some research to do and I've got some personal crap I got to take care of, that's all.

Sam: What does that mean - personal?

Dean: Did you have a stroke? Vocabularly! Personal. As in my own grown up personal, I don't know, crap!
Dean: Benny, what's going on?
Benny: You and that whole friend thing, man.
Dean: Vampire pirates. That's what you guys are. Vampirates!

Benny: You know all the years we ran together, I can't believe nobody ever thought of that.
Dean: What do you mean? it's like the third thing you say?

Benny: No, it's not.
Benny's Maker: You're right. I've been here so, so long, Benny, seen all the outcomes, all the patterns a trillion times. It all means so little. This universe is a pyramid of despair, nothing else.

Benny: A little dark.

Benny's Maker: I am evil, after all. At least I've had that much to keep me cold at night.
Benny's Maker: This is my story you gnat... it ends the way I choose, not you.

Trivia & References

Sam: Kid's like Rain Man.

Dean: He's like a crappy little credit-card-counting criminal prodigy Rain Man.
Sam: Well, he was in Advanced Placement.
Dean: Shut up.

Rain Man refers to the character played by Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 movie Rain Man, who was an autistic savant.
Sam: You are a wascally wabbit, Mr. Tran.

Cartoon hunter Elmer Fudd would refer to Bugs Bunny as a "wascally wabbit", when he was eluding him. At Salute To Supernatural Chicago 2012, Jared described how he didn't want to perform the line as written, so changed it. However later when called in to record some lines in the episode there was a note from producer Bob Singer asking him to redo it in the original form.
Castiel: I have to agree with the vampire Dean. the risk of crossing Purgatory with a seraph, it's less than strategic.

A seraph is a particular type of angel, described as a fiery six-winged creature and also used as a synonym for serpent in the Hebrew Bible.
Dean: I texted you my 20.

"20" meaning "location" comes from the original "10-20" 10-code used by United States law enforcement to verbally encode their radio transmissions. Source.
Dean: So, what is that? Like the vampire Zone diet?

The Zone Diet is a diet popularized in books by biochemist Barry Sears. It advocates consuming calories from carbohydrates, protein, and fat in a balanced ratio.
The boat Dean and Benny take to and from the island features the initial C & D painted on it. Destiel fans took this as a shout out to their Ship - Castiel/Dean, however director Guy Bee confirmed that it was a reference to the name that had been suggested that Jensen call the boat he bought in early 2012 - The Captain and Danneel. source.
Sam's expression in the final scene after he learns of Dean's relationship with Benny is a classic example of his Bitch Face.


Kevin leaves clues that lead (or mislead) Sam and Dean to the Paradise Motel, in Enid, Oregon.
Kevin's Princeton application form shows his date of birth as December 2, 1993, his planned courses Physics, Math and Neurology, his religion agnostic, and the fees $47,000.
Amelia's Texas driver's license shows her date of birth as April 20, 1980, her address 430 Heather Crescent, Kermit TX 79745, her height 5'7" and her eye color brown.

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