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{{TriviaQuote |Text=
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1340738/ Jessica Harmon] previously played [[Lily]] in [[2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1]].
[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1340738/ Jessica Harmon] previously played [[Lily]] in [[2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One]].
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
{{TriviaQuote |Text=

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Title Dog Dean Afternoon
Episode # Season 9, Episode 5
First aired November 5, 2013
Directed by Tim Andrew
Written by Eric Charmelo
Nicole Snyder
On IMDB Dog Dean Afternoon
Monster Shaman
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
Enid, Oklahoma
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  • "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner
(plays while Dean has his first conversation with the Colonel)


Dean: Hey. You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people. And douchebags.
Dylan Camrose: His business is fronted by hunters, and you know how hunters are. They're selfish dicks who define themselves by what they kill.
The Colonel: You call this classic rock? Heh, next thing you know, they'll be playing Styx. And Dennis DeYoung, a punk.
Dean: Dennis DeYoung is not a punk. He's Mr. Roboto, bitch!
The Colonel: Where're we headed?

Dean: Back to the shelter.
The Colonel: To sniff out more clues? Maybe dig up something we missed?
Dean: All right, one more doggy pun and I'm gonna have your nuts clipped.

The Colonel: I hate to break it to you, hoss, but my sack's emptier than Santa's after Christmas.
[A pigeon takes a crap on the Impala]

Dean: Oh, are you kidding me? Dick move pigeon!
Pigeon: Screw you asshat!
Dean: Wait a minute. Can I hear all animals?
The Colonel: Yup. Animals have a universal language like Esperanto. But this one actually caught on.
Pigeon: And I'm just getting started too. Brewing a real big one, ha! Bet your ride is going to look sweet in white.
Sam: What's he saying?
Dean: He's being a douchebag!
Pigeon: Who you calling douchebag? Douchebag.
Dean: Oh shut it you winged rat!
Sam: Dude. Just calm down, get in the car.
Pigeon: Heh heh! That's right Sally, go cry to mama!
[Dean pulls out his gun]

Dean: Oh that's it you son of bitch!
Dean: Always knew we'd find the source of all evil in a vegan bakery.

Sam: What's that smell?

Dean: Patchouli. And depression. From meat deprivation.

Trivia & References

Both writer Eric Charmelo and Jared live tweeted during the broadcast: Storified tweets here.
Dean: Ruh-roh!
Ruh-roh is the signature phrase of Astro and Scooby-Doo, two famous talking cartoon dogs.
Sam and Dean introduce themselves as Agents Michaels and DeVille, a reference to Brett Michaels and C.C. DeVille - the singer and lead guitarist, respectively of the '80s glam metal band Poison.
According to writer Eric Charmelo, the gay Yorkie was originally meant to be played by a Papillion, but the Yorkie won out at the audition (Source).
The episode title "Dog Dean Afternoon" is a play on the name of the 1975 film Dog Day Afternoon.
The taxidermist Max Alexander was dressing rodents as characters from Game of Thrones.
Chef Leo: Oh, screw the sharktopus. You're my main course.
Sharktopus is a 2010 Syfy Channel Original Movie about a genetically engineered half-shark, half-octopus.


The taxidermy business run by Max Alexander is called Mounted Treasures.
Jessica Harmon who played Lydia also appeared as Lily in 2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

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