9.08 Rock and a Hard Place (transcript)

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9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

Written by: Jenny Klein

Directed by: Johnny MacCarthy

Air Date: November 26, 2013


[Late at night a young girl is seen leaving the Casey's Great Plains Diner carrying a to-go box. She locks the door behind her.

She walks around the corner and sets the to-go box next to a homeless man who is asleep leaning against the wall.]

GIRL Nighty night, Slim.

[She walks down the sidewalk and then pauses as she hears a low breathing behind her. She walks quicker and then looks behind her again.

She rushes to her car and in her nervousness drops her keys. She crawls under her car to reach them. As she does she hears footsteps and decides to crawl all the way under. She pulls out her taser and turns it on. The electric light illuminates her frightened face. Suddenly the car is lifted up above her and a shadow of a person lights up in a hot blue fire.]

[The unconscious girl is seen being dragged across a dirty floor. A trap door is open and she is dropped in as the hatch is slammed behind her.]



[SAM is fast asleep lying over the table. He is snoring. DEAN enters and pours himself coffee. He grabs a bowl and slams it on the table, waking SAM up.]


SAM Hey.

DEAN You okay?

SAM Yeah...uh...yeah. Just, uh...resting my head for a second. Um, how's Kevin? He, uh -- he find anything?

DEAN Uh, Jack. On about four days no sleep. He looks worse than you.

SAM Huh. What about Crowley? Um, do you think he might be lying about the whole, uh, "Metatron's spell being irreversible" thing?

DEAN Oh, Crowley lie? I do know one thing. Next time that junkie's jonesing for a hit of blood, we got leverage.

[SAM still looks half asleep and yawns loudly]

DEAN Seriously, you want a pillow?

SAM No, I'm fine.

DEAN You're sick.

SAM No, I'm not sick. I'm just, um -- I feel like my battery can't recharge.

[DEAN'S cell phone rings. He pulls it out of his pocket and answers.]

DEAN Hello?

[Flashes to JODY MILLS in her sheriff's uniform]

JODY Hey, Dean. Jody Mills.

[Back in the BUNKER]

DEAN Sheriff Mills.

[puts the phone on speaker]

Hang on. Sam's here, too.

SAM Hey, Jody.

JODY Hey, Sam.

JODY Uh...I got a bit of an oddball to pitch your direction.

DEAN Shoot.

JODY A small town I cover outside of Sioux Falls -- only crime to speak of being the occasional cow tipping. Then last week...four people go missing.

DEAN All right, so, what makes you think this is our kind of weird?

JODY I've got a witness who says he saw someone lift an S.U.V. to nab a girl last night.

[Wide shot of the IMPALA driving down a country road. The IMPALA pulls up to Casey's Great Plains Diner and parks next to Sheriff Mills truck. The boys get out and both hug the sheriff.]

DEAN Sheriff. Laying off the blind dates, I hope.

JODY Yeah. You bite your tongue, boy.

SAM Hey. So?

JODY So. Car was right over there, ass over teakettle. Now, normally, if somebody would tell me that one guy lifted an S.U.V., I'd tell him to take a flying leap, but after what I've seen...

SAM Nothing's impossible.

JODY Uh-huh.

DEAN And this matches up with the other missing how?

JODY Well, four abductions, strong evidence left at every scene -- literally.

SAM So, first vic was a pastor?

JODY Yeah. Door of his study was punched in. And then, the next two -- an engaged couple.

DEAN Locked bedroom window was ripped open.

JODY Mm-hmm. And then we have our waitress here with the topsy-turvy ride.

SAM Any other connection among them?

JODY Yeah. They were all members of Good Faith church here. My, uh, my church group back in Sioux Falls was in a tizzy over it.


JODY What?

DEAN I didn't peg you for churchy.

JODY Yeah. You know... Choking on the ladies' room floor 'cause of witchcraft kind of makes a higher power seem relevant.

DEAN Jody, are you sure you're, uh, to jump back in the fray?

JODY This wackadoo stuff keeps coming. More I know, better armed I'll be.

SAM Okay, so, we have, uh, missing church folk and super strength. Maybe angels harvesting vessels? Could be a Buddy Boyle type thing.

JODY Wh-- angels? You're joking.

DEAN Don't get your pants on fire. They suck.

SAM You said there was a witness.

JODY Yeah, well...more or less.

[SAM, DEAN are sitting at a restaurant booth and JODY and the homeless man SLIM join them.]

JODY Okay, Slim. My friends here want to talk to you about the missing girl.

SLIM Honor. Her name was Honor. Nice girl. Always left me meatloafs.


SAM Slim, why don't you tell us what you saw that night?

SLIM I heard a big noise, got woke, and there's somebody over there lifting a car up -- like this.

[SLIM lifts his hands above his head]

DEAN And did you happen to see who it was?

SLIM I was too far. But I saw a light go off.

SAM A white light?

SLIM Blue. Blue like fire. But not. Then she was -- she wasn't there.

DEAN Could you think of anything else?


DEAN Okay. Well...Slim, thank you for your time.

[DEAN takes out his wallet and hands SLIM a $20 bill. SLIM takes the money and leaves.]

SAM Okay. So, no white light.

DEAN No angel. Has anybody talked to the victims' families?

JODY It's next on my list.

DEAN Okay, and you said that they were all part of the same church?

JODY Mm-hmm.

DEAN [to SAM] Ready to get your worship on?

[Scene switches to a wide shot of a very tall and imposing white church with GOOD FAITH CHURCH in large letters on the front.]

[Camera switches to a lady, BONNIE FUTCHKO, sitting down at a large desk with DEAN and SAM on the other side.

BONNIE We hope you enjoyed the tour. Any questions before we get you boys registered?

SAM Uh, yeah, uh, look, um, Ms. Futchko --

BONNIE oh, please... Bonnie will do just fine.

SAM Bonnie. Okay, um, we...love the church. We do. But...Well, we've heard that a few members have gone missing, and, to be honest...that kind of scares us.

BONNIE Let me assure you, with our increased security, Good Faith has never been safer. And those people who have gone missing, well, they are front and center in our prayers.

DEAN What a relief. Now, you must have been, uh, close to them.

BONNIE Well, we do share the A.P.U. bond.

DEAN "The A.P.U."?

BONNIE Our chastity group... "Abstinence Purifies Us."

SAM Oh. W-wow. You mind if we sit in on that, maybe see if it's for us?

BONNIE I'm afraid it's members only. I'm sorry, but it can get pretty personal.

SAM Then count us in.

BONNIE Well. I'll be a squirrel in a skirt. I'll be back in a jiff with the papers.

[BONNIE leaves and we see her outside the office pulling papers from a large filing cabinet. Camera pulls back to DEAN as he leans over to SAM.]

DEAN A chastity group?

SAM Dean, listen, if all the members were in A.P.U., then maybe whatever took them is stalking virgins.

DEAN And that Slim guy said he thought he saw fire. So, what are you thinking, dragons?

SAM Mm. [SAM looks up to see BONNIE returning.] Shh.

BONNIE All righty. [She hands both of the boys clipboards.] You can just sign there, and your purification can begin.

SAM [reading] "Purity pledge"?

BONNIE It's a commitment to your virginity.

DEAN I don't think we can really un-ring that bell. You know what I mean?

BONNIE [A little taken aback] Oh. I see. Well... If you just ask for God's forgiveness for your sins and make a new vow of chastity, well, then, you'll be born again as a virgin in his eyes.

DEAN So, you just hit the "virginity do-over" button, and all is good with the man upstairs?

BONNIE [Looking shocked] It's not a button. And...this isn't just a piece of paper. I mean, this is your clean slate, your chance to be a virgin until marriage.

DEAN Well, you had me at "clean slate"" Let's do this.

[DEAN and then SAM both sign their real names to the bottom of their purity pledges. They then hand them back to BONNIE.]

BONNIE Congratulations, Sam and Dean Winchester. You are both virgins.

SAM and DEAN Ah.

[DEAN smiles sheepishly at SAM]

[Scene switches to a dark underground room with a few tiny candles burning high on ledges in the wall. Sounds of a girl crying. We hear the sound of a taser and HONOR's face lights up with the blue electric light.]

[HONOR walks around, limping, exploring her prison with the light of the taser. She sees a ledge with some Talcom Power and soap. She is then startled by movement behind her. She gasps in fright.]

HONOR Please. Stay away from me!



[The A.P.U. group sitting in a room. It is a circle of six women and DEAN and SAM. The group leader, SUZY, welcomes everyone.]

SUZY Good afternoon, everyone. I'm Suzy. I thought we'd begin with a silent prayer for our missing friends.

[Everyone closes their eyes in a silent prayer except for DEAN who is still watching everyone. SAM notices and clears his throat. DEAN quickly ducks his head.]

SUZY Amen. Now, does anyone have anything that they would like to share?

TAMMY I wrote a new piece of verse. It's called "Sex is a racket, and God's ball is in your court."

SUZY And we would love to hear that, Tammy -- later. Why don't we hear from our new friends? Sam, what brought you here to reclaim your virginity?

SAM Well, I guess because every woman I've...ever... had relations with, uh...it...hasn't ended well.

DEAN [chuckling] He ain't lying.

SUZY Thank you for being here, Sam. Stay strong. Stay pure.

ALL THE WOMEN Stay strong. Stay pure.

SUZY And you, Dean? What set you on the path away from sin?

DEAN Uh, hard to say, exactly. Yeah. Sex has always felt -- I don't know -- good, you know? I mean, really, really good.

[DEAN realizes who he is talking to]

Uh...But, uh... Sometimes, it just makes you feel bad, you know? You're drunk. You shack up.

[DEAN smiles]

Then, it's the whole morning thing. You know, "Hey, that was fun." And then, "adios," you know? Always the "adios."

[DEAN looks wistful.]

But, you know, when you get down to it, what's the big deal, right? I mean, sure, there's the touching and the feeling all of each other, my hands everywhere, tracing every inch of her body, the two of us moving together, pressing and pulling... Grinding.

[All the women start shift uncomfortably.]

Then you hit that sweet spot, and everything just builds and builds and builds until it all just...

[DEAN makes a exploding noise. TAMMY crushes her paper with the written verse in her lap.]

[SAM gives DEAN the bitchface and clears his throat again.]

DEAN Yeah. Uh...But the whole thing was just a little too, uh...sticky. So, uh, I got my "V" card back. [slaps his leg] The end.

[Scene switches to the end of the meeting and all the women are putting up the chairs.]

SAM Hm. So, um... Wee bit of an over-share, Dean?

DEAN I was purifying. Hey, she look familiar to you?

[SAM turns around and see that DEAN is looking at SUZY.]

SAM Suzy?

DEAN Yeah. Swear I know her from somewhere.

SAM [exasperated] Oh, good, Dean. 'Cause that line never fails.

DEAN Well, let's find out.

[DEAN leaves in pursuit of SUZY. BONNIE rushed up and taps SAM on the shoulder.]

SAM Hey.



BONNIE How did you like the meeting?

SAM Oh, I-I-I-I loved it. Yeah. Um, you know, I-I couldn't help but think of those who weren't here.

BONNIE Oh. Honor. She's my favorite.

[TAMMY overhears and gets angry. BONNIE notices another A.P.U. member stuffing cookies into a napkin for later.]

BONNIE Would you excuse me?

TAMMY [approaching SAM] Her favorite? She has no idea what kind of girl Honor is.

SAM You don't say. Uh, Tammy, right? The poet?

TAMMY Mm-hmm.

SAM Tammy, why -- why don't, um, why don't you tell me what kind of girl Honor is?

[Camera switches to DEAN talking to SUZY]

DEAN Are you sure we don't know each other?

SUZY Yeah, I-I'm pretty sure we've never met, Dean.


SUZY Wait, you're -- you're new in town, right?

DEAN Uh, yeah. New to town. New to this whole chastity thing.

SUZY Well, I provide individual counseling. If you ever need to talk --

DEAN So, everybody in the group, they dish to you?

SUZY They confide. Abstinence is -- it's really rough without support and education. Hey, you know what? I have some great books on the vow that really helped me. I-I live close. I'll just go grab them.

DEAN Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. With a, uh, with a kidnapper on the loose?

SUZY No, I'll be fine.

DEAN Tell you what -- why don't I walk with you just to be safe, okay? Just give me one second.

[Camera switches back to SAM listening in exasperated silence to TAMMY rambling about HONOR...]

TAMMY ...And I bake real cookies for the bake sale. Honor just brings Oreos!

SAM Oh. You know what? Excuse me.

DEAN [walking up *grinning*] Guess who's taking the teacher home. [gives a straight face] Research.

SAM You really think you're gonna hit that? Dean, she's the chastity counselor.

DEAN Yeah, I know. What about you? Any luck?

SAM You mean am I actually working? As a matter of fact, yes, I am.

DEAN All right, well, good luck with that.

[DEAN walks back to SUZY]

DEAN Okay. Lead the way.

SUZY Okay.

[SAM turns back to TAMMY with a resigned look.]

SAM Hey. Sorry. So, where were we?

TAMMY Honor is going to hell.

[Scene switches to JODY in a hotel room typing on a laptop. SAM enters.]

SAM Hey.

JODY How was church?

SAM Well, it turned into confessional. Apparently, two of our vics, Honor and Pastor Fred, did the dirty.

JODY Oh, well. They're not the only ones. Barb Blanton, our missing bride to be --

SAM Yeah?

JODY Her mom said she heard Barb and her fiancé in Barb's bedroom.

SAM Going at it?

JODY Well, she said she heard sex noises, then Barb crying, then Neil telling Barb it didn't count because it was under 30 seconds.

[SAM chuckles]

JODY And then, two hours later, she heard a smash and saw a flash of light under the door.

SAM Blue light?

JODY [nods] You know, I'm thinking whatever this thing is, it's not going after virgins, even born-again virgins.

SAM It's taking virgins who break their chastity vow. So dragons are off the list.

JODY I'm sor-- dragons? Those are a thing?

SAM Yeah. Too many things are things.

[Scene switches to SUZY and DEAN entering her apartment.]

SUZY Make yourself comfortable.

[DEAN watches SUZY take off her hoodie leaving her just wearing a camisole. She sits down on her couch with her back to DEAN. His cell phone rings and we see it is SAM. DEAN silences the call.]

DEAN Not now, Kato.

[DEAN approaches SUZY on the couch and notices that she is crying.]

SUZY I can't stop thinking about my friends. I'm so scared for them. Will you pray with me, Dean?

DEAN [looking uncomfortable] Sure.

[DEAN sits down next to SUZY]

[Scene switches to SAM in the hotel trying DEAN's other cell phone. He gets his voicemail.]

"This is Dean's other, other cell so you must know what to do."

[SAM leaves a message.] Dean. Come on, call me.

[JODY looks at SAM with a motherly face.]

JODY You know, for being born again today, you sure look like crap.

SAM Wait a second. Did you...get --

JODY Born again?

SAM Yeah.

JODY Oh, Sam. I don't make promises I can't keep. It's just...I enjoy church. I mean, after...after Bobby, Crowley...I needed something that made sense to me -- you know, comfort, I guess.

SAM Yeah, I guess we're all looking for that.

JODY Except those that got it.

[SAM looks puzzled.]

JODY Come on. You and Dean? That's something special, don't you think?

[SAM looks out the window and shrugs.]

[Scene switches back to DEAN and SUZY. SUZY is bending down to grab books off a shelf. Her shirt rids up baring her lower back. DEAN rolls his eyes and tries to look away. SUZY stands up and hands eight books to DEAN.]

SUZY Okay. So, why don't you breeze through these, and I'm gonna head to the little girls' room.

DEAN Mm, yeah.

[SUZY leaves and DEAN walks over to the entertainment center and sets the books down as his cell phone rings. He hits the answer button but before he can lift the phone to his ear he notices a cracked drawer with some DVDs in it. He opens the drawer wider and in shock pulls out two CASA EROTICA DVDs. He stares at them as Sam tries to get his attention from the phone.]

SAM Hey. Dean? Hey, Dean. Are you there?

[DEAN makes the connection that the naked girl on the front of the DVDs is SUZY.]

Hello? Dean? Dean?

[DEAN finally snaps out of his shock and raises his phone to his ear.]

DEAN Sammy! Hey.

SAM What's going on?

DEAN I found something big.

SAM Yeah. So did we. So, get this -- it's not a dragon.

DEAN [still reading the CASA EROTICA DVDs] Uh-huh. Uh-- ooh.

SAM Dean?

DEAN Copy that.

[DEAN quickly hangs up as he hears SUZY coming back. He tries to hide the DVDs behind his back as he swings around to face her.]

DEAN Hey. Or should I say... "Hola"?

SUZY [looking confused] Uh, why?

DEAN No reason. No reason.

SUZY A-are you okay?

DEAN Me? Ah -- I'm great. Why?

SUZY Uh, you seem... I-I don't know, nervous.

DEAN [Laughing nervously] Nervous? No. I'm not nervous... Carmelita.

SUZY [face falls in resignation] So, you've seen my...work. Listen, I don't blame you if you want to be assigned a new counselor. I-I get it.

DEAN No. No, no. Are you -- are you kidding me? I mean, you're -- you're a freaking legend.

SUZY [in a panic] No! I-I am -- I'm not that girl anymore. I moved here. I changed my name. That girl was -- was horrible. DEAN [interrupting her] Listen, uh, Suzy, I've seen a lot of awful things, stuff of nightmares, okay? But you -- you're the good dreams.

[SUZY smiles slightly]

DEAN And nobody in Hartford knows?

SUZY Yeah, what am I supposed to say? "Oh, yeah, hey, I used to be a porn star. Let's pray"?

DEAN Well... They do not appreciate you. I mean... the things you can do -- the scene with the tacos.

SUZY [smile getting wider] Yeah.

DEAN Made me want to join a mariachi band just to be near you.

SUZY [looking at DEAN enticingly] Well, you are now.

DEAN [suddenly comprehending what she is saying] I am, aren't I?

[SUZY moves in on DEAN]

SUZY You're not like... the other guys in town, are you? You're kind of a... a bad boy.

DEAN I don't know. Why don't you ask me that in Spanish?

SUZY ¿Eres un Chico malo?


[SUZY quickly closes the gap between them and kisses DEAN passionately. He pulls her head in and hungrily kisses her back. He lift her up on to his hips while they are still kissing and together they slowly fall out of the camera view.]

[Scene switches to HONOR in the dark underground room. HONOR hears strange noises and is petrified. She finds a cupboard with matches and a lamp. She lights the lamp.]

HONOR Aah! Oh. [HONOR sees a body on the floor. She bends over it.]

HONOR Pastor Fred.

[Pastor Fred's eyes fly open and it scares HONOR who jumps away right into the faces of two other people.]

HONOR Aah! Neil? Barb? What happened to him?

NEIL What do you think? He's starving to death. Just like we will if we don't get out of here.

HONOR Why didn't you tell me who you were? I was so scared.

BARB We were scared!

[A loud creaking sound is heard above them. NEIL, BARB and HONOR hide as there is a bright flash of blue fire. When it ends, they crawl out to see that PASTER FRED is nowhere to be seen.]

HONOR [in a panic] Where'd he go?

[Off in the distance above their heads they hear PASTOR FRED's bloodcurdling scream.]

[Scene switches to JODY typing on her laptop and she looks up to see SAM putting on his jacket.]

JODY What's up?

SAM This thing is taking people that break their vows, right?

JODY Yeah.

SAM Dean and Suzy -- been over an hour.

JODY [leaping up for her jacket] Right.

[Camera switches to SUZY and DEAN walking to her door putting their clothes back on.]

SUZY I got to say... I really missed that.

DEAN I miss it already.

[DEAN gently pulls her head toward him and kisses her again. SUZY wraps both arms around DEAN's neck and kisses him back. They pull away.]

DEAN Okaaaay.

[DEAN turns to open the door and when he does both him and SUZY are thrown back in the apartment in a blinding flash of blue light. The camera fades to black from a shot of their unconscious bodies.]



[BARB is dragging her broken and bleeding fingernails down the stone walls.]

HONOR What are you doing?

BARB [crying] I'm so thirsty. So thirsty! There has to be a way out!

[NEIL turns away and HONOR watches as BARB puts her bleeding fingers in her mouth to drink her own blood. They suddenly all hear the trap door being opened above them. They go to investigate. They see SUZY regaining consciousness next to a still unconscious DEAN.]

SUZY Hey. Dean. [she shakes him] Dean. Hey, come on. Dean. Dean.

[DEAN jerks awake.] DEAN Where are we?

NEIL Hell.

[Scene switches SAM in SUSY's apartment. He has found the CASA EROTICA DVD's and is starting to put things together. JODY walks into the apartment.]

SAM Hey.


SAM Neighbors see anything?

JODY Flash of blue.

SAM Huh.

JODY You sure Dean was here?

[SAM holds up the DVD's]

SAM Oh, yeah. And I think he crossed someone off his bucket list.

[Back in the dark underground room. DEAN is on the ladder trying to push open the tightly shut trap door.]

NEIL We tried. There's no escape.

SUZY Are we gonna run out of air?

NEIL I don't think so. Somebody wants us to die nice and slow.

HONOR And then it's gonna take us, just like it took Pastor Fred.

DEAN What took him?

HONOR We couldn't see, exactly. It -- it was so bright. I-it was like it was on fire.

[SAM and JODY back in the hotel room. JODY is back searching on the laptop.]

JODY Hey. Virgins, fire -- sound familiar?

SAM [reading over her shoulder] "Vesta, Roman Goddess of the Hearth"

JODY in ancient Rome, six virgins were dedicated to this chick every year. Their main duty was to tend Vesta's hearth.

SAM Wait, so, fire is connected to virginity?

JODY Yeah, the girls had to be pure because fire is the symbol of purity.

SAM Huh. Okay, as long as Vesta's fire was kept lit, Rome received a good harvest.

JODY The virgins had to stay celibate for 30 years. If they broke their vows, they were buried alive.

[Back in the dark underground room. DEAN tries once more to heave the trap door open but to no avail.]

DEAN Son of a bitch.

[DEAN climbs down the ladder.]

SUZY Dean. Maybe God wants us down here -- because of what we did.

DEAN Trust me -- this is not God's work.

DEAN Son of a --

[DEAN is franticly checking his pockets.]

SUZY What's wrong?

DEAN They took my phone. Luckily...

[DEAN pulls out a second phone.]

I keep a spare.

[DEAN holds the phone over his head.]

Come on, bars.

[HONOR watches DEAN attempt to use his phone and then catches NEIL staring at her suspiciously.]

[Camera switches to JODY and SAM in the hotel room.]

JODY [still reading from the laptop] Vesta was often enveloped in a blue halo of light, which she could control at will to disorient, to maim -- ohh -- or to kill.

SAM Okay, what about some way to kill her? A-a weapon or -- or something.

[JODY goes back to typing but is interrupted as SAM's phone rings loudly. SAM answers.]

SAM Dean?

DEAN Sam! Sammy!

SAM Dean. Hey.

DEAN [his voice full of static] Hey, listen to me. I'm --

SAM Dean, wh--

DEAN underground.

SAM Say it again. I can't hear you.

DEAN We're -- Some kind of --

SAM Dean! I lost him.

JODY What?

SAM Listen, is there some kind of train station around here or something? I-I could have sworn I heard a whistle.

[Back in the dark underground room. BARB and NEIL are whispering in the corner.]

BARB Don't, Neil. Please, don't.

NEIL Shh. Shh.

DEAN [overhearing them] Don't what, Neil?

NEIL Just mind your beeswax, pal.

DEAN [marching over to NEIL] Hey. Hey! Listen, we're all stuck down here together. So, you got something to say, you say it.

NEIL Okay, look, whatever that fireball thing was, it's taking the weakest, and I am not gonna be next. So, the way I see it, her leg's busted anyway. [NEIL motions to HONOR.] We serve her up. It could buy us some time.

HONOR Screw you, Neil.

[DEAN shoves NEIL to the wall.]

DEAN Busted leg? Try a sprained ankle, okay? Nobody's serving anybody up!

NEIL We are under the gallows, all of us. Give it Honor. It might save the rest of our necks, unless you have a better plan.

DEAN Maybe I do. Maybe we'll give him you. Oh, what, you don't like that idea? Then shut up!

[Back in the hotel room. SAM finds the train information on his laptop.]

SAM Here we go. 8:00 p.m. train out of Sioux Falls. 79 miles an hour. What's five miles east of Hartford -- anything?

JODY Uh... Pasture mostly. No -- the old Wimmer farm.

[They both jump up to leave.]

SAM Wait, anything on a weapon?

JODY [checking her laptop] Oak stained in virgin blood. Where are we gonna get a virgin?

SAM [suddenly realizing something] I'm a virgin!

JODY [smiling] I think we need the real McCoy here, Sam.

[Scene changes to TAMMY at a food bank looking at SAM and JODY in horror.]

TAMMY You need what?

SAM Your blood.

JODY Just a dab.

TAMMY But... Pagans use blood. Are you pagans?

SAM What? Pagan? No, look, it's for a weapon that --

TAMMY You are in a House of God. Your psycho rituals aren't gonna fly here.

SAM Okay, we don't have time for this.

TAMMY I don't have time for devil worshippers! I'm calling the cops.

[JODY punches TAMMY]

JODY I am the cops.

TAMMY [tries to stop her bleeding nose.] What the fudge, lady?!

[JODY wipes some blood off Tammy's face]

JODY Wipe your nose, dear.

[The IMPALA drives toward a country farm. Nighttime.]

[SAM and JODY walk into an abandoned barn with flashlights. They glance around.]

SAM [whispers] Jody.

[He motions her to go one way while he goes the other.]

[Camera switches to the underground room. HONOR and SUZY are sitting together. SUZY is spinning her purity ring on the table.]

HONOR You broke, too, huh?

SUZY Guess I'm not as strong as I thought I was.

[SAM is still looking in the barn. He sees the trap door and starts to clear the dirt and hay off of it.]

HONOR [laying her hand on SUZY's] God forgives. You told me that yourself.

[There is banging above DEAN's head]

NEIL [freaking out] Told you. It's back for one of us. What are you gonna do now? Right, you should have listened to me --

DEAN Shh! Shut up.

SAM Jody!


SAM Dean! We're here! We're gonna get you out!

Jody, I found it!

DEAN [hears SAM's voice and climbs the ladder to the trap door. He bangs in the door.] Sammy? Sammy! Sammy!

SAM Hey, Dean, we're here. We're gonna get you out.

[SAM tries to pry open the door but is suddenly flung away by an invisible force.

DEAN Sammy, are you still there?!

JODY [rushes in to see SAM unconscious on the floor of a stall.] Sam!

[JODY is grabbed by a shadow and it turns out to be BONNIE. BONNIE shoves JODY up against a post and yanks her left glove off her hand with her teeth.]

BONNIE Now, now. Shh.

[BONNIE's left pointer finger lights up a brilliant blue.]



JODY Really? This is how a goddess acts?


JODY I'm sort of new to this, but, you know, a Roman deity burying people alive in a barn? Sort of pathetic, don't you think?

VESTA [punches JODY] It only got pathetic when I started having to do it myself. Because of that hippie from Bethlehem -- before him, they practically threw virgins at me. And now --

JODY they let your fire go out. They forgot about you. Yeah, I know. Sucks to be Lindsay Lohan, doesn't it?

[VESTA punches JODY again]

VESTA Actually, I figured if you can't beat them, join them. That's right. [VESTA throws a tarp off a slaughter table covered in blood.] I adapted! Now I chew on the cud of prayer. Heck... I even got a sweater set.

[Underground. DEAN is running his fingers over the trap door. He finds a rusty screw.]

DEAN Screwdriver, anybody?

HONOR [finds scissors in the first-aid kit] Hey. From the first-aid kit.

[VESTA throws JODY onto the slaughter table and harshly starts tying her down.]


VESTA They used to beg to stay pure for me. And now I have to drag them kicking and screaming. And they're not even real virgins. They're born-again. You want to talk about pathetic?

JODY Yeah. You're a real charity case.

VESTA Oh, no, sweetheart. This isn't charity. I take what I deserve.

[DEAN works on screwing out the rusty screws in the trapdoor.]

When those trollops are about to die soaked in their juicy fear, I...eat...their...livers! Because that's the only part of them still working to purify the body that they've trashed. Now, normally, I like them weaker, but let's just call this a hunter's exception, shall we?

JODY Sure.

[JODY pulls out the oak stake dipped in virgin's blood. She tries to stab VESTA but VESTA pulls in out of her hands and holds it over JODY.

VESTA This is how a goddess acts!

[SAM attacks VESTA from behind and VESTA falls forward stabbing JODY in the chest. VESTA flings SAM back into the stall.]

DEAN [still working on the trap door's screws.] Come on, come on, come on, come on.

[VESTA powers up her blue finger and presses it to SAM's stomach. In the background, JODY painfully pulls the stake out of her chest/shoulder.]

SAM Aah!

VESTA What's wrong with you?

SAM [worried and surprised] What?

VESTA Your liver. It's -- it's no good. Dear boy, you're all duct tape and safety pins inside. How are you alive?

[JODY stabs VESTA with the virgin blooded oak stake from behind. VESTA evaporates in a brilliant blue light. SAM gets to his feet as DEAN finally pops the trap door open.]

DEAN [looking around] What did I miss?



[JODY's arm is in a sling as she packs up her things.]


SAM Heading out?

JODY Yeah. I'd tell you boys to stay out of trouble, but what's the point?

[SAM hugs JODY and squeezes her bad shoulder.]


DEAN [hugging JODY] Thanks for bailing me out.

JODY Oh, what can I say? I'm getting the hang of this.

SAM Drive safe.

JODY Thanks. [Headed out the door] Don't get the door for me or anything.

[SAM sighs heavily and sits on the bed.]

DEAN What's up?

SAM What if there is something wrong with me -- something...really wrong?

DEAN You're just crapped out, man. You need some rest.

SAM Oh, it's more than that. I mean, Vesta said I was practically dead inside.

DEAN Oh, and she's in the circle of trust now?

SAM Why would she lie?

DEAN It's probably the trials, okay? Probably some sort of a, you know, aftereffect. It's not like you're bouncing back from the flu here. I mean, you were glowing with freaking trial juice.

SAM I don't know.

DEAN Well, what else would it be?

SAM Why does it have to be something else? It's always something else. We're always scraping to find some other explanation when maybe it is... just me.

DEAN Oh, come on, Sam.

SAM I'm a mess, Dean. You know it. And sometimes, I feel like maybe I'm never gonna actually be all right.

DEAN You will. All right, 'cause whatever it is, we'll figure it out.

SAM Or this is... just the way I am.

[DEAN closes his eyes in resignation. He shakes his head and goes to sit next to his brother.]

DEAN I can't. I can't let you put this on yourself. Listen to me. It's not you, Sam.

[SAM's eyes glow bright blue and EZEKIEL starts to speak.]

EZEKIEL I wouldn't do that, Dean.

DEAN He deserves to know.

EZEKIEL Your brother is not ready. If he ejects me, he will not make it.

DEAN Damn it, Zeke! How much longer we got to keep playing this?

EZEKIEL Not much longer. I promise you that.

[EZEKIEL's eyes glow blue again and he is gone.]

SAM What?

DEAN [looking guilty and exhausted] What?

SAM What? What -- what's not me?

DEAN Nothing. I just -- I-I meant that...if there is something wrong...it's not your fault. We'll deal with it. But you got to have a little faith, Sammy.

[DEAN stands up and starts packing. SAM wearily picks up his bags and slowly walks out the door. DEAN's sad and guilty eyes watch him go.]