9.09 Holy Terror

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Title Holy Terror
Episode # Season 9, Episode 9
First aired December 3, 2013
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
On IMDB Holy Terror
Monster Angels
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas

Caribou, Wyoming

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  • "This Little Light of Mine"
(sung by the Melody Ministry Glee Club)
  • "Bad Luck" by Social Distortion
(plays in the bar during the angel battle between the bikers and the Melody Ministry Glee Club)


Sam: (to Castiel) Agent.

Castiel: Agent.

Dean: Cas, what the hell are you doing?
Castiel: Cas is back in town!
Dean: Seriously did you just... did he just say that?
Sam: (about the slaughtered bikers) They were a born-again biker gang.

Dean: Well that is not something you hear everyday!

Sam: No it is not.
Castiel: That's according to April.

Dean: The Reaper you banged.
Castiel: Yeah, and you stabbed.
Dean: Yeah. She was hot.
Castiel: So hot. And very nice.
Dean: Mm.
Castiel: Up to the point she started torturing me

Dean: Yeah. Well, not every hookup's perfect.
Metatron: Plan B. rebuild Heaven as the Rebuild Heaven as God envisoned it, with a handpicked few. No more anemic functionaries like Bartholomew. And no more stupid angels! [Pause] Maybe some funny ones.
Kevin: Now?
Dean: Yesterday, Cinderella.
Dean: Just trust me, okay?
Kevin: I always trust you, and I always end up screwed.

Trivia & References

Holy Terror was the name of a 2011 graphic novel by Frank Miller in which a superhero called the Fixer battles Muslim terrorists.


Farewell post from Osric after the episode.

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