9.10 Road Trip

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Title Road Trip
Episode # Season 9, Episode 10
First aired January 14, 2014
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Andrew Dabb
On IMDB Road Trip
Monster Gadreel
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
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  • "The Famous Final Scene" by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
(plays over Dean's opening montage)


Cecily: I mean human Castiel - meh. But feathered Castiel - phwoar!
Crowley: Your phallus on wheels just ran a red light in Somerset, Pennsylvania ten minutes ago.
Gadreel: I have Sam locked away in a dream right now. As far as he's concerned you're working a case. Something to do with ghouls and cheerleaders.
Dean: So you saying we're both a couple of dumbasses?
Castiel: I prefer the word trusting. Less dumb. Less ass.
Dean: This doesn't make us square. I see you again...
Crowley: I'm dead. Yes, I know. I love you too.
Crowley: The demons have a choice. Take orders from the world's angriest ginger, and that's saying something. Or join my team where everyone gets a say, a virgin, and all the entrails they can eat.
Dean: Alright, let me hear it.

Sam: What do you want me to say? I’m pissed? Okay I am, I’m pissed. You lied to me - again.
Dean: I didn't have a choice.
Sam: I was ready to die Dean.
Dean: I know. But I wouldn't let you, because that’s not in me.
Sam: So what, you decide to trick me into being possessed by some...psycho angel?
Dean: He saved your life.
Sam: So what. I was willing to die. And now...Kevin.
Dean: No, that is not on you. Kevin’s blood is on my hands. And that ain’t ever getting clean. I’ll burn for that. I will. But I’ll find Gadreel and I will end that son of a bitch. But I’ll do it alone.
Sam: What’s that supposed to mean?
Dean: Come on man, can’t you see, I’m poison. People get close to me they get killed, or worse. I tell myself I help more people than I hurt and I tell myself that I’m doing it all for the right reasons and I believe that. But I can’t -- I won’t drag anyone anybody into the muck with me - not anymore.
Sam: Go. I’m not going to stop you. But don’t go thinking that’s the problem because it’s not.
Dean: What’s that supposed to mean?

Sam: Just go.

Trivia & References

Live tweets from the cast and crew during the episode's West Coast Broadcast.
Dean burns Kevin's body on the traditional Hunter's Funeral Pyre.
Castiel: Do you remember Alfie?
Alfie was the name of the vessel of the angel Samandriel
Crowley: Go get Moose, Squirrel.
Two of Crowley's favourite Nicknames for Sam and Dean, referring to the cartoon duo of Bullwinkle (the moose) and Rocky (a squirrel).
Metatron: I filpped a switch upstair and now Kevin is gone there will be no more prophets.
Lore on Prophets said that when one dies another one will be called. Metatron has stopped this.
Metatron:: Gadreel, we are writing our own epic story here. Sometimes, to make that work, you have to kill your darlings.
Author William Faulkner once said "In writing, you must kill all your darlings." Also a possible meta reference to the Supernatural writers killing Kevin.
While Castiel has regained his angelic powers after stealing Theo's grace, his wings are still broken and he cannot teleport.
Crowley: The three amigos ride again.
Three Amigos was a 1986 western comedy starring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short.
Crowley: Laverne! Shirley! Get in here.
Laverne and Shirley was a 1970s sitcom about two roommates who worked in a Milwaukee Brewery.


The demon Cecily is named after Jeremy Carver's assistant, Cecily Schaefer.
Dan Payne who appears as Abner protrayed Cesar Divine in Divine: The Series
"Poughkeepsie" is Sam and Dean's code for "drop everything and run."
The car Castiel has stolen has the licence plate IA B2676.

Sides, Scripts & Transcripts


Countdown videos! This all contained a spoiler scene