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Episode # Season 9, Episode 15
First aired March 4, 2014
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc
Written by Jenny Klein
Monster Thinman
Timeline Six months since 8.23 Sacrifice
Location(s) Springdale, Washington
Lebanon, Kansas
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  • "This House Is a Hotel" by The Wind + The Wave
(playing in Casey Miles' bedroom before she is killed)
  • "Ghostfacers Theme Song" by Christopher Lennertz and Ben Edlund
(plays as Sam and Dean discover the Ghostfacers van; also played in 3.13 Ghostfacers)


Harry: Oh the Winchesters – yay!

Ed: Says nobody...

Harry: Ever!
Harry: Say hola to my little pistola.
Sam: Trust me here, secrets ruin relationships.
Sam: When did viral go from that baby chimp falling out of a tree to killer candid camera?
Harry: Quit raining on my rainbow.

Ed: Rainbows can't happen without rain.

Harry: Don't try to use science with me!
Harry: The lore said Thinman hangs out by trees, and the wood is where trees hang out.
Dean: You know what video would have gone viral, if we still had it? When you were five and you got dressed up as Batman and you jumped off the shed because you thought you could fly.

Sam: After you jumped first.
Dean: Hey I was nine and I was dressed up like superman, okay. Everybody knows that Batman can't fly.
Sam: Well I didn't know that. I broke my arm. Dean: I know you did. Then I drove you to the ER on my handlebars.... good times.

Sam: ...yeah they were.
Dean: So you’re Thinman? That would make sense if it didn’t look like you just ate a fat camp.
Ed: It’s Scooby-Doo time, douchebag. Take off the mask. I know you’re not Thinman. You’re just a me-me.

Harry: Ed, it’s pronounced meme.
Ed: It’s spelled M-E-M-E though.
Harry: The second E is silent.

Ed: You’re a me-me. A man meme. And I invented you.

Trivia & References

The title of the episode "#THINMAN" refers to the meme generally known as the "Slenderman," often called the internet's first urban legend. The meme was spawned by a "paranormal pictures" photoshop contest on the Something Awful (SA) Forums. The idea may have in turn been inspired by the German legend of the Tall Man. The hashtag in the title is used on twitter to help other users search for terms.
Dean: You two clowns are going to get into that Mystery Machine outside and you are going to leave town.
The Mystery Machine was the van which Scooby-Doo and his fellow supernatural hunters - Daphne, Velma, Fred and Shaggy - traveled around in.
Harry: Amazon me bitches!
A reference to the online retailer Amazon.com, where presumably Sam and Dean can purchase a copy of the book The Skinny on Thinman which Ed and Henry authored.
Harry: Fifty Shades of whey too much protein!
A reference to the erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey.
Harry: Oh my god Menudo!
Menudo was a successful Latino boy-band from the 19080s.
Dean: What about the rest of the Bad News Bears?
The Bad News Bears was a 1976 movie about a terrible Little League baseball team.
Sheriff: I figured it wouldn't hurt to go a little "Medium"?
Medium was a TV series about a medium who works to solve crime with the District Attorney's office.
Dean: Well, you know, people still see Elvis all over the damn place.
A reference to the purported sightings of Elvis all over the U.S. after his death.
Dean: This all sounds like "Sad Times at Bitchmont High."
Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a 1982 high school coming-of-age comedy. It is pretty much guaranteed to be one of Dean's favorite movies.
Harry: You crashed the Jenga tower of our life.
Jenga is a game that involves balancing wooden blocks to make a tower, and then removing blocks strategically to add to the top of the tower, without collapsing the structure.
Dean: So there was no teleporting, just a couple of douchebags doing a "Scream" thing.
In the Scream movie franchise, a masked person kills people in the manner of horror movies, with the usual twist being that there are two killers wearing the mask.


The manager Trey's name is a reference to writer Trey Callaway who invented the characters of Ed and Harry in 1.17 Hell House.
Jenny Klein, who wrote the episode, can be seen in the background of the motel hallway near the end of the episode.
This is the third time Dean has reiterated his views on dealing with people.
Dean: Well like I said, people are sick.

The first instance was in 1.15 The Benders:

Dean: Well, that’s the point. You know, with our usual playmates, there’s rules, there’s patterns. But with people, they’re just crazy.

The second was in 4.11 Family Remains:

Dean: Wow, a story ripped from an Austrian headline. Humans, man. So she's been locked up her whole life?

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