9.17 Mother's Little Helper

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Title Mother's Little Helper
Episode # Season 9, Episode 17
First aired March 25, 2014
Directed by Misha Collins
Written by Adam Glass
On IMDB Mother's Little Helper
Outline While Dean obsessively hunts Abaddon, Sam checks out a case of apparent demonic possession and learns about a similar case in 1958 investigated by Men of Letters Henry Winchester and Josie Sands.
Monster Demons
Location(s) Milton, Illinois
Lebanon, Kansas
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  • "It's Not Too Late" by The Bughouse 5
(playing in the diner Sam is eating at)
  • "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt
(playing in the bar while Crowley talks with Dean)


Crowley: You're lying to Sam like he's your wife. Which kinda makes me your mistress.
Julia: I'm an ex-nun sweetie. Complicated is my middle name.
Crowley: I’m going to go water the lily. Care to cross streams?
Dean: Demons don't take leaks, next time you want to shoot up why don't you find a better excuse.
Sam: You know, um, can I ask you something?
Julia: If it's for a date, sorry. I never see anyone under 65. Too much drama.
Julia: I had betrayed our flock, God, myself. It was and still is my greatest shame.

Sam: Well, what you shared with me saved lives, and I couldn't have done that with out you. Take care

Julia: You too Sam.

Trivia & References

"Mother's Little Helper" is a track from the Rolling Stone's 1966 album Aftermath. In the '60s the sedative Valium was known as "mother's little helper" due to its popularity amongst women.
Before the episode Misha answered questions on the official Supernatural Facebook page. Over 25,000 questions were posted! Here are his answers to some of them.
Sam travels to Milton, Illinois to investigate the case. Dean is seen at the Milton drinking and playing pool, suggesting he may have followed Sam.
Crowley: Actually, as long as I'm here, last time we chit-chatted we agreed you were going to light up Carrot Top.
Carrot Top is a famous prop comic, most noticeable for his tuft of red hair.
Crowley: Of course he saved me. We're besties... and now he's ready.
Besties is a slang term for best friend.
Sister Julia Wilkinson is named after the Supernatural Wiki admin, Jules Wilkinson.


The episode marked Misha's directorial debut. He joins Jensen Ackles, Jerry Wanek, Kevin Parks, Serge Ladouceur and Johnny MacCarthy as cast and crew of the show who have also directed.
It is revealed that Henry's wife and John's mother was named Millie.
It is a seven hour drive from Lebanon, Kansas to Milton, Illinois.
Henry and Abaddon are seen leaving in a black 1956 Imperial Limousine.
In 8.22 Clip Show, Abaddon says that she learned about Josie Sands from Father Max Thompson, and decided to use her to infiltrate the Men of Letters. In this episode her initial encounter with Josie appears to unplanned.
Henry and Abaddon are seen leaving in a black 1956 Imperial Limousine.

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