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Title Alex Annie Alexis Ann
Episode # Season 9, Episode 19
First aired April 22, 2014
Directed by Stefan Pleszczynski
Written by Robert Berens
On IMDB Alex Annie Alexis Ann
Outline Sheriff Jody Mills calls on the Winchesters when she arrests a girl escaping a vampire nest.
Monster Vampires
Location(s) Sioux Falls, South Dakota
O'Neill, Nebraska
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Alex arrives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where she is arrested by Deputy Frank and thrown in jail. After getting a breaking and entering call, Frank leaves her alone and her vampire "brother" Cody arrives, having hunted her down. Scared, Annie cowers until Sheriff Jody Mills arrives and decapitates Cody with a fire axe. Annie refuses to thank Jody as Cody was her "brother."

Jody calls in Sam and Dean for help. While Sam and Dean check to see if the girl is a vampire, Jody does a DNA check on her and finds out that her name is Annie Jones and she was kidnapped eight years before. Annie, demanding to be called Alex, explains that her vampire "family" took her and that she ran away, but she refuses to help them hunt the vampires down. Sam and Dean figure out that the vampires are probably in O'Neill, Nebraska from a bus ticket Annie had, and ask Jody to take her someplace safe. Jody agrees to take Annie to her old family cabin in the woods.

After learning that Annie has run away, the head of the nest Celia and her "family" work to track her down, hunting down the two bus station workers who helped her flee town. Celia is angry when one insults her "family" and, after getting what they need from her, has her "sons" kill the woman. Celia, Connor and her other son leave for Sioux Falls, South Dakota where Annie fled to, leaving Dale to dispose of the bodies in a woodchipper near their nest.

At the cabin, Jody orders Annie not to run away and is annoyed by her cold attitude even when asking about Jody's dead family. Annie slowly warms up to Jody who tells her that her grandmother, her final relative, is dead. Later, Sam and Dean call her to warn her about the vampires coming after her and what they have learned about Annie, which they have discovered from interrogating Dale. However, the vampires arrive at that moment and attack the cabin. Jody tries to keep them from taking Annie, but is knocked out in the struggle. When Sam and Dean return in the morning, they inform Jody that they learned that Annie is used as a lure by the vampires and is not as innocent as she seems and tell her they intend to raid the nest with rescuing Annie being a secondary priority. Jody refuses to be left behind and joins them in hopes of rescuing Annie.

At the nest, the three split up and Jody hears moaning sounds from the basement where she finds Annie, turned into a vampire. Jody is horrified and, while she is distracted, "Mama" Celia knocks her out from behind. When Jody wakes up, Celia tries to get Annie to feed on her to finish her transformation, but Annie refuses as Jody was so nice to her. Jody realizes that Celia lost a daughter named Alex and kidnapped Annie and renamed her to fill that void in her life which she admits she's been trying to do too with the void created by the death of her family. Celia admits this, but then beats on Jody and goes to drain her of blood. Jody is saved when Annie injects Celia with dead man's blood, incapacitating her. Jody, telling Annie not to watch, decapitates Celia as Sam and Dean, having dispatched the other vampires, come to help her.

Afterwards, as Annie didn't drink human blood, Sam and Dean are able to use Celia's blood to cure her and Jody takes Annie back to her cabin to recover. Sam and Dean warn her that it will be a rough few days for Annie, but she should be fine and apologize for what they said about her. Jody admits that they were right about her trying to use Annie to fill the hole in her life and tells them that she intends to take care of her. Jody talks to Annie who is sick from the vampire cure and tells her that she will be there for her as she understands what it's like to lose your entire family.




  • "If You Wanna Get to Heaven" by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
(plays during the flashback where Alex lures a victim to the nest)


Sam: Yeah, that's a vamp all right.

Dean: I don't know Sammy, looks like Jody might not need our help anymore.
Sam: Ah, they grow up so fast.

Dean: Don't they?
Alex: I fed them, my choice. My brothers -- they brought me food when I was hungry, so when they struck out on a hunt I fed them. They're my family.
Alex: This your family?

Jody: Yes.
Alex: Where are they?
Jody: .....
Alex: Oh, dead.
Jody: You know there are about a thousand more polite ways to say that, I'll give you a pass on account of the whole being raised by monsters thing.
Alex: How'd they die?

Jody: Horribly.
Dean: You don't want to talk. No skin off my back. 'Cause you see, a blood-sucking, body-chipping vamp -- that's bad enough, but vamps that kidnap kids... Well, I'm going to enjoy putting you down.
Dale: Let me guess. You never had a teenage sister. Dragging her heels, whining, near constant, about everything, but more and more about the blood, like she's somehow above it, like she's better than us 'cause she don't feed on people.
Dean: She is better than you, dumbass.
Dean: Look at me. Look at me, bitch!
Sam: Dean...

Dean: Yeah, I know you wouldn't have done the same for me.

Sam: No, Jody.
Jody: Don't watch this sweetheart.
Sam: Nice work back there. 'Look at me, bitch'?
Dean: Well, hey, you got another snappy one-liner, I'm all ears.
Jody: You don't have to explain. I know. Whatever you want from me, I'll give it. If you want, I'm here. But what you've been through the last 48 alone, losing your entire family, everything you've ever known or loved -- no one can understand that.
Annie: You can.

Trivia & References

The episode title is a play on the title of the 2011 psychological thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene.
According to writer Robert Berens, the movies that inspired "Alex Annie Alexis Anne" were:
Sam and Dean's FBI aliases were Wilson and Fisher, a reference to either Ann or Nancy Wilson and Roger Fisher of Heart.
Alex: Wilson and Fisher? If you two are FBI, then I'm Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift is an American country pop singer.
Jody: Frank's still in the dark about what hit him last night, and the guy still has nightmares about the barn episode of Walking Dead.
A reference to the season 2 Walking Dead episode "Pretty Much Dead," in which it is revealed to the group of survivors that zombies are being kept in the barn on Hershel's farm. One of them is revealed to be Sophia, the daughter of one of the main characters, Carol.
Dean: And? Sorry for not putting on a hair shirt.
A hair shirt, also known as a cilice, is a garment made of coarse cloth or animal hair and typically worn in religious circles to cause pain and discomfort for the purposes of repentance and atonement.


The original title for the episode was "I Know My First Name is Alex" -- a reference to the 1989 miniseries "I Know My First Name is Steven," based on the true story of Steven Stayner, who was kidnapped as a child and held for many years.
This is an “arena” document, a quick sketch of the episode written for studio and network approval. Arena documents precede (much more detailed) outline documents. Arenas are very general about the episode’s plot, but tend to have pretty detailed teaser sections.

A new version of the track "Dean's Dirty Organ" was used in this episode.
Jody: No. You were right -- about me. My judgment was clouded. You know, working this case, it brought...feelings back. Feelings I've been trying to bury for years, you know, buried it under work, religion...even dating. We know how that worked out.
Jody is referencing her blind date with Crowley in 8.23 Sacrifice, where she nearly ended up dead.
Dean: Well, speaking from experience, it'll be a rough couple of days, but... She should pull through.
Dean is referring to the time he was turned into a vampire in 6.05 Live Free or Twihard and was subsequently cured through the same method as Alex.
Live tweets from writer Robert Berens, Kim Rhodes, Katherine Ramdeen, Orlando Jones and others during the airing of this episode.

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