Abeline Walker

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Name Abeline Walker
Actor Molly Hagan
Location Austin, Texas
Episode(s) 1.01 Walker Pilot 1.02 Back in the Saddle 1.03 Bobble Head 1.04 Don’t Fence Me In 1.05 Duke 1.06 Bar None 1.07 Tracks 1.08 Fine is a Four Letter Word 1.09 Rule No. 17 1.11 Freedom 1.12 A Tale of Two Families 1.13 Defend The Ranch

Abeline Walker, is the mother to Cordell and Liam, wife to Bonham Walker and grandmother to Stella and August. Abeline is known also as "Mawline" or "Abby-Bear". She was originally engaged to Marv Davidson, but left him for a relationship with Bonham Walker.

Walker Season One=

Abby looks after her grandkids while Cordell was undercover for almost a year after Emily's murder. She is somewhat estranged from her husband Bonham and it is revealed she has had an affair with a guy called Gary, although it is now over. Abby has a close relationship with Walker's friend Hoyt, who was apparently instrumental in helping Cordell when they were younger.

Walker Season Two=

Abby reveals that the day before Marv Davidson died, he revealed to her that the child Gale had born which everyone thought had died, he had in fact given away because the thought they could care for the child financially as it had a heart condition. That child turns out to have been Geri, who is distraught that Abby kept this a secret from Gale. However, she does forgive Abby for her actions.