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“Oh my God, I love it when they talk at the same time!” Becky Rosen – 5.9. The Real Ghostbusters.

Dean and Sam will often speak or sing or act in unison. Below is a list of episodes where this happens with the time of the event included (in minutes and seconds – all times are approximate). Instances where outside forces cause the Boys to act in unison (i.e. being thrown against the wall by a demon) are not included.


1.01 Pilot: While trying to get information about local folklore, the Boys ask “What do they talk about?” at 22:33.

1.07 Hookman: The Boys decided that in destroying the hook, “We stop the Hook Man” at 31:17. The Boys also perform an impressive and simultaneous toss and catch – gun for necklace – at 36:54.

1.10 Asylum: After hearing 137 was the Ghost's clue, the Boys state: “Room number” at 27:02.

1.16 Shadow: The Boys are anxious to share their information: “Dude, I gotta talk to you” at 20:40. In response to John's inquiry, the Boys respond “Yes, sir” at 34:43.

1.18 Something Wicked: The Boys shoot at the Shtriga simultaneously at 36:23

1.19 Provenance: Upon entering their latest hotel room: “Huh” at 8:51.

1.20 Dead Man's Blood: In response to John's statement that they will work together: “Yes, sir” at 41:10.

1.21 Salvation: Can the Boys tell the guest stars of the week the truth: “Nah” at 26:18.


2.12 Nightshifter: The Boys show Ronald Resnick their FBI badges at 4:30.

2.17 Heart: The Boys play Rock, Paper, Scissors at 11:29 and 11:37.

[[2.19 Folsom Prison Blues]: Deacon tries to get the Boys' attention and they respond: “What?” at 31:44.


3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas: The Boys sing Silent Night (very badly and not really in harmony) at 11:50.

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me: The Boys wake up simultaneously twice at 23:21 and 36:21.

3.11 Mystery Spot: Sam knows what Dean is going to say: “Yeah, right. Nice guess.” (It wasn't a guess – by Sam) “Right, you're a mind reader. Cut it out Sam. Sam. You think you're being funny, but you're being really, really childish. Sam Winchester wears make-up. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by the bed and every morning, when he wakes up...” beginning at 20:06.

3.12 Jus In Bello: The Boys stand up simultaneously in the cell at 12:57 and the Boys show off their matching tattoos at 23:39.

3.13. Ghostfacers]]: The Boys, with matching expressions, look at each other and say “?!?shlsh?!?” at 39:30.

3.16. No Rest for The Wicked: The Boys sing Wanted: Dead or Alive at 20:45.


4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester: Bobby says it is sign, but the Boys want to know: “A sign of what?” at 25:32.

4.08 Wishful Thinking: The Boys don't think their lives are “easy?” at 31:25.

4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer: The Boys jump through a stained glass window at 20:02.

4.12. Criss Angel is a Douchebag: The Boys aim their guns at 24:24.

4.14. Sex and Violence: The Boys get into the Impala at 41:44.

4.17. It's a Terrible Life: The Boys take out the ghost with matching swings of their iron pokers at 31:10.

4.19. Jump the Shark: The Boys play Rock, Paper, Scissors at 13:27. When Adam wants a say about the family business, the Boys just say “No!” at 17:15.


5.01 Sympathy for the Devil: The Boys are locked and loaded at 26:26.

5.02 Good God, Y'All: The Boys determine that it isn't demons, “It's War” at 35:02.

5.08 Changing Channels: The Boys find themselves in a sitcom – the title sequence has several moments of simultaneous action: scary moment at 2:18, a bicycle built for two at 2:39, and falling down at 2:54. The Boys, as procedural cop show cops, put on sunglasses at 27:38.

5.9 The Real Ghostbusters: At Becky's insistence, the Boys ask: “See what?” at 2:20. In response to the LARPing conventioneers, the Boys say “I need a drink” at 10:16.

5.14 My Bloody Valentine: According to Cass, his hunger is a clue, but ”For what?” at 20:25.

5.16 The Dark Side of the Moon: The Boys keep an eye on Zachariah at 19:19.

5.17 99 Problems: The Boys toast the victory at 12:26.

5.20 The Devil You Know: When Bobby tells them to head East, the Boys respond: “East!?!” at 4:25. The Boys tell Brady to “shut up” at 33:23.


6.15 The French Mistake: In an attempt to return to their universe, the Boys jump through the window on the set of Bobby's house at 25:22.

6.16 ...And Then There Were None: To help Bobby and Rufus, the Boys kick in the door at 30:33.

6.17 My Heart Will Go On: The Boys play Rock, Paper, Scissors at 3:33.


7.20 The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo: In order to help Charlie, the Boys crash through the window front of Dick Roman's office building at 38:00.


NOTE: Times are approximate and may include “commercial” time. When the dvds come out, the times can be revised.

8.8 Hunter Heroici: When Cass asks if he can ride in the front seat, the Boys respond: “No!” at 5:00.

8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler: The Boys fire simultaneously at the Nazi Necromancer at 49:00.

8.17 Goodbye Stranger: When Cass disappears, the Boys shout in frustration: “Cass!?!” at 18:00. The Boys are arguing and Meg keeps interrupting, so the Boys tell her “shut up Meg” (TWICE within a minute) at 31:00.

8.19 Taxi Driver: To put Kevin's fears to rest regarding Crowley, the Boys tell him: “OK, he is not in your head” at 2:00.

8.20 Pac-Man Fever: The Boys are brainstorming to find a way to help Charlie and the solution: “African Dream Root” at 36:00.


On occasion, the Boys will speak in unison with another character, as noted below:

4.18 The Monster at the End of this Book: In response to Cas's statement about the Winchester Gospel, Dean and Chuck respond: “You gotta be kidding me” at 26:46.

5.7 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester: “old” Dean and Bobby tell Sam to “Shut up Sam!” at 13:55.

7.02 Hello, Cruel World: Sam and Lucifer explain to Dean: “You can't torture someone who has nothing left for you to take away” at 9:33.

8.11 LARP and The Real Girl: After Sam announces the victims were killed by Belladonna, Dean and Charlie respond: “the porn star?” at 22:00.